Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's the first Monday in the LAST week of January. (This month has been an absolute whirlwind--buying my house, starting school, pet/house/baby sitting almost every weekend--and I've loved every second of it... except the bleeding money part when it comes to the house).
My weekend was no exception to the whirlwind, although it was a more of a 'grown up' whirlwind that I'm used to. Studying on Friday and Saturday night til midnight or later, working on briefs and motions for work, drinking a tiny bit of Spanish wine, Jessup practice on Saturday and Sunday morning, and the pet/house/baby-sitting thing too.

I might be smiling so big in the picture with J & O because "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3" just finished... Or because we didn't make a huge mess finger painting.  On a side note, I think finger painting is an extremely underrated form of art, and I probably had just as much fun...if not more than J & O did finger painting. 

Along with baby-sitting on Saturday, I spent my weekend with sweet Bella (my favorite Golden to pet sit) Quick Soapbox: do not take dogs on long long long walks wearing Fryes (or any boot) that aren't broken in. My Texas Sized blister thanks you for listening. 

I got a replacement (new) iPhone, saw Zero Dark Thirty, drank copious amounts of coffee, did a little bit of part-time work, found the perfect coffee and end tables from Pottery Barn, and spent an hour last night trying to schedule my week. I gave up after Wednesday. 

Have a Great Monday & Thanks for Reading!
How was your weekend?


  1. How was Zero Dark Thirty? I want to see it.
    I think I'm going to need a venti on this Monday morning....

    1. True Story, I'm on my 4th mug of the day. It's not helping. Oh Monday. I really enjoyed Zero Dark 30, but it wasn't what I expected after seeing "The Hurt Locker." Regardless, after seeing it, I would say that it is a must see in the theater.

  2. How is January almost over? Seriously? My weekend was far less busy than yours, but it was wonderful. I slept about 30 hours starting about 9:30 pm on friday, and it was WONDERFUL.

  3. Ok, work has left me so behind on blog reading. YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE?! In law school?! Howwww did you do that? I sort of bought a house in law school, without all of that added stress of actually owning a house. But you know, I'll still be paying it off when I'm 50 so there's that.

    But in all seriousness, that is awesome. I have NO idea how you pulled that off but congrats to you, lady! I can't wait to see some pictures after you get settled in.

  4. waaaaiiit, I'm with Rebeka. I know I haven't been reading blogs much lately, but you have a house!!? CONGRATULATIONS! That is so awesome and adult! :)

  5. I totally missed the house thing! Belated congrats! I just added you to my side links b/c I have been the biggest blog slacker EVER in the past month or so. I won't miss any updates now. :) I blame being totally entrenched in work projects and not wanting to dive deeply into the internet at home. You have made me want to go finger paint. I think it'd be kind of awesome to just do it all over a wall. Oh and I saw a pin on pinterest with Twister/paint style. ha! Awesome.