Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I turned Twenty-Four this past Friday...and it was a wonderful birthday! I started my day off with a long and slow run outdoors. The weather was perfect (sunshine and a slight breeze) and seeing the fall colors put a big smile on my face (hard to imagine, I know). After my run I came home with the hope of a 20 minute nap, and ended up sleeping for 3 hours!!! Following that, mom and I went to TCBY for lunch--white chocolate mousse with lots and lots of cookie dough--and then did a bit of shopping. My day ended with dinner at Blue Sushi (on 144th and Maple) with my parents, David (my older brother) and Kathryn (my sister-in-law/friend). The picture is of Kathryn at I at Blue on Friday night, I think it turned out really cute!!! It was so nice being on fall break on my birthday, I didn't do any studying at all that day, and just relaxed!

On Sunday, I worked for two hours, went to church and then prepared oral arguments with a couple friends from my constitutional law class. Following that I ran around making party favors for my friends--Bath and Body hand sanitizer, Fall Colored Nail Polish (Purples, Silvers and Dark Blue), and Candy--and wrote each of them a note...Because I try to fit as much as possible in a day as I can, I met my 'mentor/2nd mom/parent's friend' Cheryl at Clancy's for a quick drink and snack for my birthday, and to tell her all about law school so far! She surprised me with some Godiva and a gift card to Von Maur =D.

The picture above is of Meg, myself , Ally and Rachel--we showed up a little early and had a nice drink/gossip session prior to dinner. I think the bartender didn't think our jokes were as funny as we did. 

One of the reasons I picked to go to Charlestons was the atmosphere, it is classy, warm and easy to hold a conversation--especially with a bigger group of people. Even more than that though, the food is delicious (especially their spinach artichoke dip). It was such a special memory sitting with this incredible group of girls and having wonderful conversation, great food, and lots of laughs. It was also fun seeing my friends (none really who knew each other too well prior to this) click with each other, and find some great commonalities.  I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, they are the most empathetic, kind, beautiful (inside and outside), intelligent, awesome women in the world! I really felt so special and lucky as I enjoyed their company on Sunday night.
(Back-Meg, Ally, Emily, Kathryn, Terah.
Front-Laurel, Rachel, Tricia)

Sadly it is back to school now, 6 weeks left in the semester until finals...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It really surprises people that I get a fall break. Not going to lie, it was quite a nice surprise for me. I had visions of sleeping until noon, and then taking naps, going out of town, going out on the town, and not giving school a second thought. I am laughing hysterically (as I hope you are if you are in law school) as I write this because fall break has been the exact opposite of that utopia I had imagined.

Instead of sleeping in I've been up early--one morning to get my oil changed, another to work, etc. Although napping would be nice, my break time has filled up with all of the errands that I haven't been able to get to since school started (oil change, dentist, tailor, bank, silent auction item pick-up...). But sadly those aren't the main part of my break, instead the main part is studying :s I am making the most of it--going to places with windows--you laugh, but there aren't windows in our classrooms, so I'm thoroughly enjoying it....Going to coffee shops that are out of the way of campus that I usually couldn't get to during the day, but this week I can...Or even sitting on the patio at home with a glass of Pinot Noir enjoy at the beautiful fall scenery with my con law book--which really added to the scenery, ha ha.

I'm sure this post sounds like a pity-party, or you'd like to offer me some cheese with my 'whine' but it isn't. I'm thankful for this chance to not only decompress, but to destress, and take a step away from the usual day-to-day law school, and refresh before the real stress sets in!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I thought this was fitting for the month of October...and for the way I've been acting and feeling lately--I'm sure this feeling will last at least all three years of law school. I'm turning into a zombie--not a Night of the Living Dead or Zombie Land type--but a law school zombie. I did some research on Zombies, and found out some surprisingly similar characteristics between a first-year law student, and a zombie. According to the (fantastically accurate and always factual) wikipedia, there are certain characteristics a zombie a zombie, we'll see how well they fit with me: A zombie of a first-year law student!

*Discolored Skin and Eyes--time in the library has led to this--not only am I pale, though the glow from my computer screen gives my pale skin a luminous finish, but my eyes are bloodshot from the lack of sleep and constant reading...not to mention the lovely purple bags under my eyes. 

*Non-Communicative--Absolutely. My friends outside of school can attest to this one, although it really is an unintentional on my part--I'm not sure if that makes me more or less of a zombie.

*Unaffected by injuries, as long as they don't hurt the brain too much--Does this not sum up the rampant cold/flu that is going around...at least I'm okay with feeling miserable (cold/sinus infection wise) as long as I can still study--and shamelessly plug how I feel =D.

*Last but not least-Contagious actions or characteristics--I feel as if this could be the aforementioned cold going through the first-year class...But even more, word of mouth within school is very contagious. Hearing other's study habits, organization skills, understanding of concepts--is enough to stress someone out, drive them crazy, or even turn them into a zombie.

So have I gone over to the dark side? Am I a zombie?! You can be the judge of that...Though I feel like one, and am acting like one (sorry)--There is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not just graduation in 3 years) but fall break in less than 2 weeks! Happy Monday fellow zombies and friends. xo