Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faves

It's that time again...Friday. I'm going to try to be much more regimented with my blogging (at least for this month).  Here are my favorite things from this week--I hope that they're already a favorite of yours or quickly become one of your new favorites!!! Have a fun, safe, and wonderful weekend friends. Be blessed!!! oxo

1.) Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub:  I swear this is probably one of the best parts...if not the best part of my post-workout routine in the morning.  It smells amazing, the scrub part doesn't irritate my skin, and my skin is noticeably brighter after using (yes...I've actually gone sans makeup a few times because of how refreshed my skin looks).  I bought mine on a whim at Walgreens when I was in a pinch and I'll definitely be a regular consumer of this from now can get yours (or learn more about it) right here!!!


2.) Vick's VapoInhaler:  I don't know about you; but when the temperature starts to change--hot to warm; warm to cool; cool to cold; and vice-versa my sinuses/allergies are out of control.  Like sneezing, sniffling, drainage, sore throat and pounding headache.  Unfortunately I'm not sick, it's just that I don't feel very good.  A few years ago my friend SS introduced me to this miracle!!!  I haven't looked back since.  It's basically a tiny nasal inhaler that is super inexpensive, smells great, and helps give some relief with congestion and stuffy noses.  I picked up mine at Walgreens on Tuesday Morning after blowing my nose through my boot camp class; and the relief was immediate!!!  Plus with my regular use of this product--I really am breathing a lot easier...and didn't have to blow my nose through my Friday Morning Barbell Class ;)

3. Revenge: Hello new tv guilty pleasure that I watch on hulu in about 10 minute increments when I have time.   (and I'm always annoyed when its over because I have to wait for the next episode-gross). I'm not sure what about this show makes me so happy--maybe because it deviates from the stereotypical gossip girl-esq story line that makes me 'yawn' now...or maybe because the fashion is East Coast/Hampton Chic...or maybe because the main character's name is Emily ;)  Have any of you watched this yet...? What are your thoughts!?

Happy Weekend Friends!!! Fill me in on your faves from this week :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nor Cal Trip Day 3...Bodega Bay & Sonoma

When Morgan and I were little we both read the Christie Miller Series...and we totally recreated a Christy Miller Momentby having Breakfast on the Beach in Bodgea Bay and watching the surfers. I absolutely LOVE this picture (as in Morgan may be getting it in a frame for Christmas)!!!
Had to do the Standard Picture to show off my ups and the FREEZING COLD, albelit beautiful, ocean (thank you boot camp for my vertical)
We met a very nice surfer who took our picture--capturing my laughter--which was pretty standard for the entire trip.
3 years ago in Balboa Morgan and I discovered our shared love for saltwater taffy... luckily Bodega had a fabulous saltwater taffy shop which was the perfect snack for Sunday :)

We ended up at a fabulous tasting room (Roessler Cellars) in Sonoma and were there for about 4 hours (equating to 2-3 bottles of wine each). Whoops.  We made SO MANY friends...had control of the music on the iPad--Morgan was playing a lot of old school country...and shared our saltwater taffy...It was the type of place that I'll 120% return to because the people who worked there were incredbile, the wine was phenomonal, and I wouldn't mind a repeat performance ;)

We ended the night back in Marin eating Rotissrie Chicken (one of our shared favorite foods), potato salad and cookie dough ice cream.  We polished off a bottle of Port we got at Coppola...and then some Sofia Sparkling Wine we also got at Coppola while playing "whoonu" a really fun question game.

I'm already Nostalgic Missing Morgie and the Incredible Trip we had...but definitely planning a repeat performance sometime soon. (Or crossing my fingers that for our family vacay we'll do wine country next summer since we went out of the country this summer).

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

**Fabulous 5 mile Run This Morning**

**Spending some Quality Time with some of my favorite kids this weekend**

**Facial this Afternoon**

**This Super Funny Video that JS told me about**

**I was driving with TG the other day with the windows down...and not only were the leaves changing, but it smelled like fall**

**I ate frozen yogurt (from Costco) for dinner last night and it was fantastic**

**Lunch with GMH tomorrow**

**Jeremiah 29:11**

**This Song that my Spin Instructor Played on Monday Morning**

What are you loving today!?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Boyfriend

I'm currently taking applications/actively searching for a Sunday Boyfriend.   This may sound a little amusing, ridiculous, or (like it does to me...) amazing (pry depending on your gender, relationship status, and views on the opposite sex). 

I first learned of a Sunday Boyfriend when my frind BH told me he wanted a Sunday Girlfriend--someone who would hang out all day Sunday (in his words) usually in bed post hangover: movies, eating, copulating...and then come Monday they wouldn't see each other or hear from each other until that next Sunday. Bliss.

Thanks to BH I've decided that I want a Sunday Boyfriend.  Someone who I don't have to deal with during the week, someone who doesn't want to/need to/or care to know where I am and what I do with my time (i.e. not calling and texting to hang out/ask who I'm with/what I'm doing--how I'm thinking and feeling, how I'm feeling about what I'm thinking--just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate), someone that I don't have to expend time, effort, emotion, money and energy on, (because trust me law school has zapped all of that and more) and someone who wants the exact same thing--who of course meets up with my (I've been told ridiculous) standards*.

So how do I go about finding a Sunday Boyfriend?  Is this idea even feasible?  That's where you come in dear readers--have I just reached crazy level already this semester...? Or is it a stroke of genius? (I'm clearly leaning toward the latter).  Do any of you have a Sunday Boyfriend? And of course all of you gentleman readers, who normally secretly give me feedback, are any of your friends single and looking for a Sunday Girlfriend?

*Standards might need an entirely seperate post but include and are not limited to: taller than me, good teeth, loves Jesus, thinks I'm entirely adorable, highly motivated, educated, funny, golfer, I prefer dark hair, good manners, loves his family., athletic, likes food and booze, laughs at my jokes..(tolda ya--this isn't even the tip of the iceburg).

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nor Cal Trip Day 2...(Healdsburg)

I thought I would have had this post up or at least written by yesterday morning... Unfortunately (haha) law school and clerking took a little bit of precedence to this--and I turned in two huge papers...and got 90minutes of sleep in two nights--enough of my whine-ing (no pun intended) :)

Our First Stop was Ferrari Carano...the vineyards and landscaping were picturesque

Our First Stop...Tasting at Ferrari Carano
Our Third Stop was Bella where Morgan is a member of their wine club--they were having a wine club Circus Bella party complete with performers, a boardwalk with games, yummy circus food, and of course Wine

Goofing off in the Bella Caves with our Circus "attire" :)

Made a quick pitstop for some yummy snacks/light lunch..then on to the next winery :)
 Francis Ford Coppola was seriously ridiculous I think that colorful excess would be one of the best phrases to describe the winery as a whole
Taking a picture when we're almost done with our tasting--I think we tried a good 12-15 types of wine at Coppola

Sitting poolside at Coppola enjoying the scenery, people watching, and most delicious Honey Agave Margs and "grown up" Cherry Limeades...

 On our way out we took a picture with the 'famous' desk from "The Godfather" (one of my favorite movies)...I'm glad it's sorta blurry because I think I looked EXHAUSTED :)

 We Wrapped up our Healdsburg Adventure...and stayed in Sebastapol instead of driving the long trip back to Marin at Morgan's In-Laws House :) 

TGIF Friends--Hope Y'all have FABULOUS Weekend Plans!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nor Cal Trip... Day 1 (Napa)

One of my favorite parts of Friday was early that morning after Morgan and I went on a walk to a coffee shop in Marin County where she and her hubby live :) I had just finished showering and was wandering around her room in a robe and towel in my hair (we've been friends for about 22 she's seen this look before)...and Morgan was like Emmy (the only person other than the kids I baby-sit and my family who can call me this) is it weird that it seems like you wandering around my room like this is the most normal thing in it feels like you've always been here, in the sense we picked up where we last left off (analyzing my lack of a love life, gossiping, singing, and laughing hysterically). 
After we heated up my coffee (I only drink scalding hot coffee) on her stove we were off to day #1 of our wine tasting adventure!!!
We began at Domain Chandon in Napa...starting our day with champange around 10am was perfect (and the easiest way to ease into a few days of drinking)...small chance we contemplated buying a Magnum, we somehow refrained.
We then made our way to Paraduxx, who also makes Duckhorn...lounged in the sun, played bags (I dominated...sorry Morgan), and tasted some fabulous reds!!!

From there it was on to a tour and tasting at Robert Mondavi...I wanted to take all these barrels found in the cellar home with me :) (on a side note they buy these barrels for I believe 20,000 and sell them for 10)

After the tour of the some of the Mondavi vineyards and some of the cellars...we learned how to properly taste wine... The one thing I don't like about the proper way is that it turns my teeth and lips PURPLE.
After Mondavi we ended up at Alpha Omega where Morgan locked her keys in the car...thanks to AAA we enjoyed the scenery and some wine for a half hour before they came to the rescue!!!

We ended our wine tasting at sprinting through the vineyards at Cakebread Cellars (to get to our tasting on time)  their wine was fantastic--I'm already planning a repeat visit to Cakebread the next time I'm in Napa

We had dinner in the town of Napa at Michael Chiarello's "Bottega." We both ordered seperate entrees--morgan had the Pan Roasted Potato Gnocchi summer pole beans, root vegetables, golden squash pesto, 11 month Valley Ford Montasio  I had the Spice Fulton Valley Chicken Breast “Panzanella” tomato, cucumber, red onion, capers, confit potato, Olive oil croutons, arugula, sherry vinegar pan sauce and we split the most amazing truffle fries!!!
We then made our wan to Auberge du Soleil for some more drinks and dessert...and the most breathtaking view (yes, I realize it's pitch black in this picture--but there is a reason this place is so 'pricey' for lack of a better term)
Our server set this down in front of the two of us... looks back and forth, shakes his head, and goes "it's gonna be like Man versus Food...isn't it?" Thankfully because we had been drinking since 10am we found that statement amusing.

Needless to say, I had sweet dreams...and slept like a baby :)
I'll tell you about our Healdsburg Adventure Tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Pearl Jam

20 years old?
Well for your're looking pretty good...yes, I'm talking to you Eddie Vedder :)

Here are two of my favorites

"Just Breathe"

"Better Man"

Can't wait for the next 20 years...

Monday, September 19, 2011

See Ya Soon!

Sorry for the Blog Silence the past few days...

I'm currently sitting at SFO waiting for a flight to Midway then HOME.

I had an incredible and much needed mini-vacay to Northern California that I can't wait to share with each and every one of you...

But first...I better play some catch up with Law School, Laundry and that never-ending "to-do" list :)

Happy Monday Friends!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bonjour, Girl

My Friend RCM sent me this...OHMYGOODNESS, I died laughing. 
It's cool and rainy where I am this morning, definitely feeling like fall, so hopefully this brightens your day (like it did mine).

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whatever Happened To...(90s Edition)

Garth Brooks
Seriously.  This is something I've been pondering to the level of do I call the country radio station so they can maybe explain to me where in the world he went...?!

Jolt Soda
David and I used to get this when we would go to our grandparents lakehouse.  This was prior to the realization that high levels of caffeine for kids might not be one of the best life choices ever...

Jennifer Capriati
We would go to the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indian Wells Tennis Tournament(s) on a regular basis. One of the first autographs I got was Jennifer Capriati's... I know she had some personal 'issues' but she sure did fall off the face of the earth, or at least the tennis circut (on a completely seperate note hellooooooo Djokovic ;D)

There is a small chance I wore coupious a good amount of this brand growing up...and thought it was basically the coolest thing EVER.
R.E.M. "Nightswimming"

The Cranberries "Linger"

Soul Aslyum.The Proclaimers.Blackstreet.Coolio.Alanis.Arrested Development.R.E.M..The Cranberries...Ya know, just your typical 90s Music  groups?!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Never Wanna Leave This Bed...

Even without Adam Levine in it...I apparently "never wanna leave my bed."
After a refreshing couple hours of sleep last night...Waking up honestly felt like the worst thing in the world. 

All I thought about on my way to school ...when I was getting home this evening so I could figure out when I could go back to bed.

oh and to add insult to injury:
I was supposed to have a date last night... I slept through it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

I was in my Second Period Freshman Honors Biology with Mr. Caffey. 
 My older brother was a Sophomore at St. Louis University, so he was back in St. Louis. My mom and dad were on a plane to Vegas with some friends; with a changeover in Denver.

A classmate burst into our classroom a couple minutes after the bell rang exclaiming that a plane had slammed into the world trade center.  Chaos ensued.  Mr. Caffey chuckled nervouly asking if that was supposed to be a joke; without waiting for an answer he chastised this student for joking about something so insensitive and then passed out a pop quiz. 

Within 2 minutes the Dean of Students came over the intercom explaining that another plane had crashed into the second tower...and that classroom teachers might want to turn on their tvs.
Instead of chaos that came with the first student's proclamation, there was only stunned silence.

That day was unproductive in the sense that televisions were set up in our IMC's, and students and teachers alike clustered around them to watch the horrific replays on loop of the planes crashing into the towers, and then the towers tumbling...then the plane flying into the Pentagon, and the destruction coming from that.

We were all wondering about those who had loved ones in NYC and D.C.; We were wondering if Omaha was next with our AFB--would that make us a target? 

I was confused--who would do this?  Why would someone do this?  I was scared--my parent's on a plane--was their plane going to fly into a building?  Would someone come after Offut next?  I was angry about the senseless loss of life, the evil people who did this--who killed so many innocent people, and about people using their God as a reason that it was okay to do this.

I think this evil act made me more patriotic.  Watching the footage of the selfless and honorable NYPD and NYFD heroes die trying to save so many other innocent victims.  Hearing and Seeing this "War on Terror" drag on because of this catalyst...and having so many other Heroic men and women die for me--for our country.  It has made me grateful.  I won't ever be in the military; I won't fight fires or be a police woman; But I won't ever heart will continue to swell when I hear "God Bless America"; and I pray that God continues to do just that.

God Bless America.

Where Were You on 9/11?
What Were You Feeling?
How Will You Never Forget...?

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Proud Of You

I was studying at Panera on Monday (great way to spend my Labor Day afternoon if you ask me).  I was approached by someone about my mom's age named Roz.  She explained to me that she was a non-traditional student getting a degree in business and communication from University of Phoenix. 

She apologized for interrupting me but explained exuberantly she recently started school again and because I looked like a focused and motivated student she wanted to ask me where the best places to study are...and what were the best times to study at this Panera.

I briefly summarized some good hours to study at Panera (i.e. basically anytime but the breakfast/lunch/dinner hour) and a few quiet Starbucks near her neighborhood.  She noticed my Evidence book and Moot Court Materials spread out in my booth and asked me what year I was in school; and what I was studying.  I told her where I went to school; and explained I was a second year law student.

What she did next amazed me (and inspired me to write this).  She gave me a huge hug, looked me in the eye, and said: 'I'm so proud of you honey.'  Mind you, I've never met or seen Roz before today.   Her sentiment brought me back to Abileene's words to babygirl in The Help "You are smart, You are Kind, You are Important..."  Thanks to Roz, I held my head a little bit higher as I continued to study... 

Thanks to her, I kept repeating something that I don't let myself hear at all from myself or from others...I'm proud of me too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

"Say Something Silly
Laugh 'Til It Hurts
Take A Risk
Tell A Secret
Sing Out Loud
Rock The Boat
Shake Things Up
Flirt With Disaster
Buy Something Frivolous
Color Outside The Lines
Cause A Scene
Order Dessert
Make Waves
Get Carried Away
Have A Great Day..."

I found this on Pinterest via MBG...and absolutely loved thinking about all the simple phrases I'm used to hearing or seeing without (normally) giving them a second thought.  So today I'm going to actually give a couple of these a chance :)  Who knows what will happen...

Which Phrase Is Going to Inspire YOU today!? oxo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Check Yes or No

You know those relationships?  Not quite a friendship...not quite a relationship?  That statement question sums up my track record...for forever the past few (okay 5 or 6...or 24) years.

I'm in a constant balancing act, lately with a certain person, where I'm precariously teetering between you're my closest (guy) friend...and I like (like really like) you.

It's exhausting.  Just when I make a decision to be this person's best (girl) friend; their actions or their words throw me completely off balance, and I'm second guessing everything I thought I knew in regards to us.  Or when I decide, after I incorrectly assume their feelings are crystal clear in a wanna be more than friends way, that I'm ready to like them more than a friend... I get a dose of reality from them about our friendship.

I don't want to lose this person; I'm the best version of me when I'm with them.  But I can't keep up this this everchanging line drawn in the sand.  

Why can't we go back to elementary school with the Notes that made everything so much simpler (but at the time seemed like a hugggge deal):
I like you.  Do you like me too? (Check Yes/No)

I know this might seem like a silly post...I don't know if I'm looking for a concrete answer (a lightening bolt from God would be nice) or just a place to vent... Thanks for reading.
Be Blessed. oxo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Airbrush Spray Tan Review

3 Days Before PCH Got Married...My Tan Lines Looked Just Like This:

No that is not a line of Zinc Oxide--it's my skin, which is definitely a Cardinal Sin if your bridesmaid dress (like mine was) is Strapless!!!

After hearing numerous recommendations from friends about what to do, where to go, how to wear my hair to cover up the tan lines... I decided on Shine Day Spa (for you Omaha friends out there it's located out at Legacy or on 78th and Dodge)

I can't say enough positive about my experience at Shine... The atmosphere as shown in the pictures above was pretty calming while at the same time slightly sophisticated... I'd never had an airbrush tan prior to this--first I selected  (with my aesthetician's input) either light/medium/ dark for the color of my tan (considering my base tan I went with dark)--stripped down to my boy shorts and had an aesthetician spray me!!! 
The mist smelled almost perfume-y (not like the greasy tan in a bottle smell I was bracing myself for), and it was so much fun seeing almost immediate results.  Afterward I couldn't shower for 8-12 hours, and if I wasn't pleased I could come back for a complimentary touch up.
I wasn't 100% satisfied, so I came back the next day and had the same girl go over just my tan lines...the finished product?!
I would 100% return to Shine.  My airbrush tan lasted for over a week, I got so many compliments on how natural my tan looked, and the price was extremely reasonable ($28 plus tip)!!! I just need a reason to go back :)

Have you been airbrush tanned before?! What did you think of your results?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

I'm not sure if I should be as embarrassed as I am to admit this:  Prior to writing this post I wikipedia'ed "Labor Day" because I wasn't altogether sure as to why I don't have class today, what I am supposed to be celebrating, and of course if I'll commit a fashion faux pas by wearing white after today.  Clearly some big thoughts about today ;)

Labor Day Originated in 1882 by the Central Labor Union of New York...but was not recognized as a federal holiday until 1894.  It came about by tragedy as numerous workers participating in the Pullman Strike were killed by U.S. Marshalls and Military...

President Cleveland reconciled with the labor union and fearing further conflict he, and other law makers rushed this through congress, making Labor Day a recognized federal holiday in a mere 6 days.  Declaring the first Monday in September a statutory holiday. Pretty Interesting stuff if you ask me!!!

So what am I doing to celebrate  today!?  Spending time with family (going to see The Help with my mom (maybe some shopping too), bbq with my parents), friends, and of course being the laborious person that I am: working and studying...although I may do the latter part laying poolside--since it closes after today!!!

Happy Labor Day Friends...How are you Celebrating today!?

Friday, September 2, 2011

True Statement

I found this on Pinterest...such a true statement, and one of those annoying wake-up calls that God sometimes decides that I need.

Sometimes I get really frustrated (seriously, this is something that I'll vent about or wax eloquent on because other people's love languages that aren't compatible or similar to mine baffle me). I'm lucky in that a lot of my friends love each other, their significant others and life in a way parallel to how I do...ya know that 110%, whirlwind, generous, drop everything, let you know how incredible you are way.  This quote was a much needed reminder, that I can't make someone (there are about4 names I could insert here) love me how I want them to, or how I think I deserve to be loved... Plus I think when I meet someone who loves me in a similar way to how I love it'll be all that more special :)