Friday, June 29, 2012


I called my Grandma ("Gram") yesterday on my drive home from work.
We talked about her day and my day.
She informed me that a good portion of her day was spent shopping, because she and my Grandpa ("Ging") were serving as the hosts of the social hour following their church service this Sunday. Gram then told me they decided to be the hosts in honor of their anniversary.

Sixty-Four Years Today.
Gram told me that she and Ging were so proud of that... And Ging would usually inform people how long they had been married, then tell them how old they are, and then tell them how they're still still in love.
Pretty Incredible.
64 years. 6 children. 14 grandchildren. 2 great-grandchildren.
And still as in love as they were the day this picture was taken.

Happy Anniversary Gram and Ging.
Here's To Many More.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

I was clearing my search history on my phone last night:

A few that made me laugh...

"What do the pink elephants in Dumbo mean?"
(basically when they were flying around someone's head it meant that they were drunkie)
"Is it a felony/illegal to steal a cactus from the desert in Arizona?"
(Yes. Huge Fine and Jail Time)
"Where (Close to O-town) Can I Buy This 100 proof Little Bit Of Magic!?"
(Kansas City, Missouri... Sigh)

I found this old (like sophomore year of college) picture when one of my friends on Facebook commented about humidity and her hair.

Faux '80s hair volume beats definitely humidity frizz :) As do our expressions... (If my memory serves me correctly we were trying to imitate someone at the bar who was really cool)

My dad and I watched J. Edgar last night.

It was one (like the Iron Lady) that I wanted to see when it came out...but I never got around to it. I was definitely riveted (which never happens) the entire 2 hours and 17 minutes. Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Williams, and Armie Hammer (sigh) were all incredible--I almost forgot at times that I was watching a movie, but thought I was watching history happen. 

3 songs that played randomly (and in a row) during my 8mile run yesterday: "Europe" (The final countdown); N'Sync (It's gonna be me); and Bone Thugs and Harmony feat. Phil Collins (Home). 

And a song I listened to on my way to work:

Happy Monday Friends & Thanks For Reading!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be Nice.

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

-Mark Twain

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Olympic Swimming Trials Behind The Scenes Tour

What has seen 9 World Records Broken...
Is 2.5 Meters Deep...
And Kept at 80 Degrees?

Did this Picture help?

How about this one?

Last night I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the pools used for the Olympic Swim Trials. The pools (the one above and is for the actual races that you'll see on tv) were both built in 12 days. 

In the morning, the racing pool will host prelims, and for the first time--use all ten lanes--as there are over 1900 swimmers with qualifying times...and 7 days left for even more swimmers to qualify.

At night, the pool will only use 8 of the lanes. In some races only the first place qualifier will gain a spot on the Olympic other races, it will be the top two qualifiers. The 1900+ swimmers will be narrowed down to around 48 or 49 swimmers to represent the United States at the Olympics.

I couldn't resist having my picture taken on the pool deck... :) 

This pool is the "warm up" pool. It's a pool that only swimmers and coaches see. No press, no fans, no volunteers. 4 years ago, many of the Olympic swimmers commented on the caliber of this warm up pool, so I was really interested in seeing why.

This 13 lane pool is kept at 81 degrees. (1 degree warmer than the racing pool--most swimmers have 4% body fat--and can easily tell that 1 degree difference). 5 lanes are 25 meters for sprint work, 8 lanes are 50 meters...just like the pool the qualifiers will race in. (Another fun fact--each lane rope costs $1700)

It gave me chills to go on this tour, learn all about the event, the work that went into making the pools, but mostly just to realize that I was walking in the same place that some Olympic athletes (okay...Michael Phelps) would be walking. Way Cool.

Will You Be Watching the Swimming Trials?
What Is Your Favorite Summer Olympic Event?!

Thanks for Reading!!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Things

Happy Wednesday Friends!!! Where has this week gone? Here is a quick post with just a few... well precisely five things that are making my week just a little bit sweeter...

Burt's Bees "Aloe & Witch Hazel" Hand Sanitizer
I was so sick of the gel and foam sanitizers that left my hands feeling dirtier than before I used them, or the overwhelming perfume scent that most purse sized sanitizers seem to 'boast.' This purse sized spray is perfect. It lightly coats my hands, and leaves them feeling clean, and surprisingly soft...and the smell--a natural, fresh scent that is surprisingly soft as well. 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear "Bubblegum Pink"
I couldn't be more obsessed with this nail polish color. To me it is the perfect summer color, and at $2.49...It's the perfect price. The polish has stayed on my toes (flawlessly) for about 5-6 days, however within a day--it chips off my nails. But for the price, and the fabulous color (now only for my toes)--I can't complain too much.

Fogo de Chao
I don't normally comment on restaurants. However, I was out of town this past weekend, and had the chance to try some delicious food and drinks. One of my favorites: Fogo de Chao, an international chain, of authentic Brazilian Steakhouses was simply incredible--not only because of the food, but also due to their impeccable service and attentiveness to the patrons. We went in for 'just a drink',' which turned into a memorable food experience. My advice--go on a very empty stomach, and don't fill up on the salad bar (whoops!). I would definitely return, and wish that my city had one of these restaurants--though my waistline pry doesn't :)

Eccolo Journal 'World Traveler'
One of my favorite things to do, is write (obviously)... However some things I write, are just for me...Mostly those--oh my goodness I have to get this out of my head and on paper--type of things :) Regardless of the subject or the magnitude--I like writing my thoughts in a pretty place--and as of lately, my Eccolo Journal has become just that place... The best part of it for me (aside from the low price) is that it fits in my purses--so I can always write my thoughts down--no matter when or where they strike.

MBG is Coming Home
One of my longest/bestest friends comes home this weekend (and her hubby too--who is pretty awesome as well)...and I get to see her this coming Monday night!!! I couldn't be more excited. Seriously. I've never looked so forward to a Monday the way I am this week.

Hope each and every one of you has at least one fabulous thing getting you through this week!
Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
– G. K. Chesterton

I love this quote. 

Over the past few months, this quote has come to mean more to me than it did the first time I read it. I've always been known to those around me as an eternal optimist, always smiling, and just happy for the sake of being happy... And about 98% of the time I am those things... Where life from the outside would seem much like a fairy tale.  

Yet, life has felt far from the fairy tale. Instead vanquishing dragons became a new (very undesirable) hobby. However (as many of you probably already know), slaying dragons isn't easy to do alone... and even if you have someone to slay the dragons with--the dragons can still seem just as daunting, if not more.

Thankfully all fairy tales that I've read heard, or watched, have all ended with  "...and they/he/she lived happily ever after."

So here's to my happily ever after...your happily ever after...and all the dragons that seem to get in the way of that; but most likely make us appreciate our happily ever afters even more. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kiddin Around

Most of my weekend recaps focus on my entire weekend. But I’m going to switch it up (just this once) and dork out a little bit—and focus on my Saturday night—because it was So. Much. Fun.

I baby-sat 2 of my favorite kids “J” and “O”…

The Weather Was Perfect,
So We Played Outdoors For Hours (I have the bug bites to prove it)

We blew bubbles.
"J" just saw The Avengers, and pretended the bubbles were lasers...and that he was Captain America, saving the world from the bubble lasers.

I outlined "J" and "O" and they colored in their shapes.
"J" a soccer goalie, and "O" a runner

"J"s friend "E" came over, so I traced her as well.
I was amazed by her artistic talent at 7 years old!!!

We made edible artwork with Twizzlers Pull and Peel.
"J" made a picture of his favorite tie, "E" made a bowl, and "O" made a mermaid and a horse. 

The rest of my weekend involved working retail, margaritas, watching Star Trek & Super 8, catching up with some old friends, and sleeping...lots of sleeping.

Make It A Great Week & Thanks For Reading