Friday, November 30, 2012

31 Day Challenge

I'm joining Emily at Blue Dog Belle for 31 Days of Blogging in the month of December.
I always say that I'm going to blog more...or that I want to blog more, and I think this is the perfect way to get me on the 'write track' (get it!?!?) before the new year!
Looking forward to this challenge :)

TGIF & Thanks For Reading!!! oxo

So here's the plan: 

day 1 – recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
day 2- the meaning behind your blog name
day 3- a picture of you as a child
day 4- a habit that you wish you didn't have
day 5- a picture of somewhere you've been
day 6- favorite super hero and why
day 7- what's in your bag
day 8- short term goals for this month and why
day 9- something you’re proud of in the past few days
day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
day 11- write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die
day 12- what I would find in your bag
day 13- your 5 favorite books and why
day 14- a picture of you and your family
day 15- put your iPod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
day 16- a picture of yourself
day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have
day 19- write about a sweet memory from your past
day 20- write a letter to someone
day 21-a picture of something that makes you happy
day 22- what makes you different from everyone else
day 23- something you crave a lot
day 24- post your favorite quote or verse of scripture and why
day 25- favorite holiday tradition and why
day 26- list 10 things that you are thankful for
day 27- my day job verses my passion
day 28- cruise a thesaurus and pick out 10 words you like the sound of
day 29 – favorite TV shows and why you like them
day 30 – movies you can watch again and again.

day 31 – what is your wish for the new year?

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Love This.
With finals beginning next week, the less complicated the better.
After reading this, I feel like I do a pretty good job with most of these, although there are a few that I could definitely improve on.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

L Boutique

To say I appreciate sparkles, shiny things, or bling might be an understatement.
When the bedazzler was all the rage, I tried to convince my mom to buy me one... (She didn't). With my lack of artistic talent she made the right choice.

My cousin Lindsey, started L Boutique when her niece wanted a cute shirt to support her big brother's football team. Lindsey made the shirt...and then started getting requests for pro teams, college teams, pictures of states, slogans, etc. (the timing was perfect, as the economy changed her job this has turned into her full time job). 

Lindsey was in town (from Texas) for Thanksgiving, and she made me a Husker Shirt! I'm pictured with her mom (who also got a husker shirt). I love that each and every jewel is put on by hand, and that a quality t-shirt is used, that she takes custom orders (how cute would  custom shirts be for sorority or a girls weekend or bridesmaids!?) and I love knowing how much time and effort is put into my product. (Lindsey said on my shirt alone she spent 10 hours). 

Go Check Out Her Shop Here: L Boutique
And Use This Code to Save 15% Thorough December 24 (HOLIDAY2012)

Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012


What I love about Thanksgiving is the fact that it's all about counting your blessings, being thankful for where you've been or what you've been through, and grateful for what you have. 

I'm thankful for so much. I can honestly say that (most days) I feel like I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, because I have so many blessings in my life. 
So today I'm especially thankful for:

Having 2 Loving Parents Who Always Love Me and Support Me, (and all my matter how crazy).

An incredible older brother, and amazing sister-in-law...who are soon (any day now) to be phenomenal parents to twin boys!!!

I have an incredible group of friends. They're kind, beautiful, intelligent, loving, classy, fun women. Any of them I could call day or night and no matter what they would be here. In Grey's...Meredith has a person: Christina... I'm lucky because each of my friends really are my person. (On a side note this picture is only a portion of my close girlfriends).

It's a pretty amazing concept...and even more of an amazing feeling. 

When it comes down to it, thanksgiving really should be a state of mind instead of one day a year that we remember to be even more grateful than normal. This is something that I need to remember to do on a regular basis--count my blessings, there sure are a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends. oxo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy 3 Day Week!!!!
I just got so excited typing that. 
My weekend was pretty uneventful...with the end of the semester coming up, most of it was spent working on a final paper, and studying for finals. However, I was able to fit a few fun things in!

Friday Night SS and I went out for a bit.
Until about 10 we were some of the youngest in the bar, and then we were definitely some of the oldest. And the whole time we were probably the 'funnest...' 

Saturday I had a study date with RW.
Went to Church with my parents...
Caught up on some tv (Scandal and a Lifetime Movie)
Went to bed early and slept 13 or 14 hours.

Sunday I studied.
Painted my nails while studying (the other patrons at Panera did not seem to appreciate that one bit!)
Watched the Chargers v. Broncos game
Enjoyed ayummy Rasberry Mojito and convinced the bartender to send some rock candy home with me.
Hung Out with some girlfriends...where we contemplated why the Steelers looked like bumblebees last night.

Enjoy your short week!
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Birchbox

I've never written a review about my monthly birchbox before.
Actually last month when I opted for the 'goop' birchbox, I almost wrote a review for the first time, but it wouldn't have been very nice =D  Thankfully, this month's box warranted a much happier review (that I could actually write) from me!

I love getting snail mail, and getting a package from Birchbox filled with goodies, every month is so exciting! 

This month's package was all about giving. Instead of the normal tissue paper wrapping, Birchbox gave me a fun gift box. I also loved the Holiday gift guide included in this box... It gave me some perfect stocking stuffer ideas for some special people on my list!

This month I got some really fun goodies:

*A Chuao Candy Bar (milk chocolate potato chip)...there is a very good chance that it's the first thing I used from November's box! (I tried to buy a set last night because they were so yummy and only 60cals/bar, but they were already sold out).
*Stila Liquid Luminizer...I really like this product, especially because I can use it on my eyes, lips, and face. It's a little too sparkly for work, but it's perfect for a night out, and the upcoming holidays!
*Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray aside from the chemical smell and the waxy texture, this spray is fantastic. It made my second day hair voluminousness, full, and shiny. Although I love the sample, based on my first two complaints, I probably won't purchase the full size of this product. 
*Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Vanish--This claims to make blemishes, dark spots, imperfections disappear...and it does! This product is a must buy for me. I wore this by it's lonesome (after I put on my moisturized and toner) the other day--and due to the results was comfortable enough to go out without anything on (my face that is).
*$15 off at
*Atlier Cologne Rose Anonyme--I don't really like wearing scents other than ones that are tried and being completely honest--I gave this sample to my mom :) 

Anyway, just thought this would be fun to share with you...
Happy Sunday & Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Faves (a day late!)

It's finally Friday. (and since I'm posting this on SATURDAY...I wish it still was Friday)
Even though it was a 4 day week, this week just felt extra long...but that might have been since I had the flu for a good portion of the week. Ick!

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've done one of my Saturday Friday Faves I thought I'd share with you a few of my latest and greatest discoveries:


I started using fresh Sugar lip care this fall. Normally by this time, my lips are dry, chapped, and kinda ick. However this "ultra-nourishing" tinted lip care line has kept my lips in great shape this season. Though they are a little pricier than chap stick  I think they are worth every penny! My favorite colors are the Rose and Honey!
My cousin's wife (who is also my friend) did my hair the other night. I never buy products when I go to the salon (which I'm sure is really annoying to my stylist), but I have to say: this product changed my life. It made my hair look ah-maz-ing (and my hair does not ever look ah-maz-ing)! The volume, lift, yummy scent, oh and all night hold--made me a believer of hair miracles in a can.  What are your tips and tricks for teasing your hair?

I've always loved the look of Longchamp bags. They're classic and structured, without being too grown up. I finally broke down and (thanks to a birthday gift card from my brother and sister-in-law) bought the Planetes bag. It's similar to the classic le pilage, but is slightly larger, has thicker material, and is more structured. I honestly think a bag like this was a fantastic purchase as longchamp has proven to be timeless.

I recently found this shampoo and conditioner at target. I was on my way to the gym when I realized: I don't have shampoo, conditioner, or socks. Awesome. I bought the Brazilian Keratin Therapy set by Organix because they were on sale, and because I have very wavy unmanageable hair when I don't style it. It couldn't have been a better purchase, this product works wonders on my hair: It's manageable when it isn't styled, it dries straight, and it holds the straightness for a day or two! I'm absolutely sold on this brand and can't wait to buy and try more of their products!

And of course my latest guilty pleasure "Nashville." Mindless television, over the top drama, and country music... I never thought a Wednesday night could be so magical.
I'll leave you with a song ("Telescope") from the show:

Enjoy your weekend friends & Thanks for reading.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winning Hedoe

I was recently introduced to Hedoe Paper when I won a monogrammed kraft paper notepad from my sweet friend NA over at Miss Southern Prep (side note--she is doing a fabulous 14 days of giveaways...go meet her...I'm dying to win the monogrammed raincoat giveaway from today)!

Heather and Tiffany, from Hedoe, emailed me immediately and invited me to check out their etsy shop, and gave me a few styles of monogram to choose from.

I feel in love with almost everything in their etsy shop...but wanted to show you a few of my favorite things (before I showed you my new notepad):
With the Holiday season coming up, these would be perfect to throw on a bottle of wine for a hostess gift, a gift that didn't need a personalized card, or even as party favors (on the wine) for your Holiday party!
I love handwriting notes, and receiving handwritten notes. I think this stationary with the famous quote form "The Help," would be such a fun change of pace from my normal stationary!

I don't know why, but I absolutely fell in love with this personalized hedgehog stationary. I think it is so unique and cute, plus it would work in a variety of note writing situations!!!
And this... is my prize! 
(you can see all the other styles or order one here!!!)
I love my initials in the corner, and how Tiffany and Heather made it so easy to get a style and color (navy) that I loved...even though it wasn't on the website.

Happy Thursday Friends & Thanks for Reading!!! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!
I hope some of you get to enjoy an extra long weekend.

On Friday, it was LB's (far right) last day working at the law our little group went out to celebrate her new job!

This past week my sweet Ging turned most of my maternal side of the family came to town this weekend to celebrate his birthday on Saturday.

We had a family party with lots of yummy food (and wine), went to the Saturday night church service, and just enjoyed being together. (The above picture is with my 86 year old Grammy and my cousin C).

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my cousin's little guy. After singing happy birthday, this picture was snapped was when we were both sooo excited for cake =D

Late Saturday Night, I went out with some family and friends...which was the perfect way to end such a wonderful day.

Sunday was  laid back. I saw Skyfall, which was really good. (Especially because of how well Daniel Craig wears a tailored suit...and because I love Javier Bardem). I got a lot of studying done, oh and I got this picture from the previous evening (actually a handful of pictures) sent to me...

Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm not going to soapbox about my politics. 

But I am going to wax poetic about what an honor and privilege it is that we the people are given the right to vote.

I went to my polling place this morning between my juvenile law and criminal law classes. I was so proud to be a part of an extremely important decision, excited that my voice would be heard, and nervous about the outcome hours (or weeks) away. 

I'll leave you with a quote from FDR: 
Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting."

Go Vote...and God Bless America

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's a grey and rainy Monday where I am today, but I'm looking on the bright side: it's not snowing; I slept 12 hours last night; oh and Starbucks has their Christmas cups out!!!

Friday was a pretty lazy day for me involving a lot of studying, some grilled cheese and tomato soup, watching Undercover Boss with S, and a nice long nap...
Oh, and I found out I won a blog giveaway--which was pretty exciting!

Saturday and Sunday were spent with my friend Bella!
(who is just as cute and sweet as she looks smiling for this picture!!!)
Grabbing coffee with my friend Ems,
and getting a lot of cleaning and studying done.

I also wrote a lot of thank you notes to judges from this years moot court competition.

After watching the Huskers pull out a win on Saturday afternoon, I met some girlfriends at a wine bar...

I also bought the new Taylor Swift CD and found a few new favorite songs
I love her duet with Gary from Snow Patrol entitled "The Last Time"
and this song--"Begin Again."

Hope everyone in blogworld (and real life) is having a wonderful Monday.
Remember to VOTE tomorrow!
Thanks for reading :)