Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter E...

Euphoria:  I'm beginning to train for a half again.  And by train, I mean follow a program and run this time (novel idea, I know).  At the end of each run...I have such a sense of euphoria (otherwise known as a Runner's High)--which comes from the endorphins (double e-words, I'm totally dorking out right now)!
Emotional:  Mom and I went to Starbucks (twice) yesterday, and (the first time) I started crying.  I have a lot going on right now and it hit me when I began to play the 'what if' game with my mom.  I definitely don't need the 'what ifs' but instead focus on the positive in my life and the peaceful feeling I have.

Exceptional:  I was cleaning out some CDs in my car the other day.  One was a high school graduation present from a teacher.  Written on the CD: "Emily is for Exceptional.  I can't wait to see all the incredible things you WILL accomplish."  I promise I'm not bragging, because I'm not that cool, but this was a nice reminder, that I can and will do something exceptional someday!

Ellie Goulding:  She sang this song for Prince William and Kate's first dance...nuff said.  (her other songs are pretty awesome as well--a lot more up tempo--something I'd pry use for a workout).

Hope your Tuesday is Extremely Effervescent, Elegant, and Enchanting!
Thanks for Reading!!!

Even Numbers:  I love (in kinda an obsessive manner) even numbers when it comes to food.  If I have grapes, almonds, m & m's, etc.--I have to make sure I have an even amount--If not, I toss the extra piece.  Another even number making me happy: 4 days in the work week this week (whoopie!).

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

When I was a lot younger (read grade school aged) my understanding of Memorial Day was that Mom and Dad would visit the cemetery, Dad would hang our flag outdoors, school was cancelled and the pool opened.

Last May when I was substitute teaching, some members of our Armed Forces visited the classroom around Memorial Day to talk about what Memorial Day meant to them; Answer questions about their jobs, the war, Memorial Day; And receive "Thank You" cards from this group of students.

It was around this time I fully fathomed the immeasurable sacrifice the members of our armed forces are prepared to give, and often do give.  It's something I know I wouldn't be able to do, but it gives me chills trying to understand the why, the how, and the who.  So let to day not only be a day of remembering those who died keeping our great country but also thanking those who do.

God Bless America.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Faves

TGIF friends, readers, friendly readers...I'm so enjoying being on a set work schedule for the summer--it makes my Type-A personality so happy :D.  Even though I'm doing a 40 hr/work week, plus some tutoring on the side...I have had much more time to enjoy myself this week, actually just more time in general--so I hope this makes up for the last couple 'Friday' posts--that in my mind weren't quite up to snuff (and then the lack of one from the past Friday when blogger was down)...So hopefully with today's post you find a new fave :)  I have an exciting weekend ahead, and I hope you do too. Thanks for reading.

Biolage Hydratherapie Daily Leave-In Tonic:  I'm not too proud to admit my hair makes me want to pull out my hair...especially during the summer.  Between the glorious sunshine, biking, running, the pool, and then the sweat, dirt, chlorine, humidity, everything that comes with the season--my hair never fares well during the summer.  I was lamenting about this recently to a stylist who suggested using a leave in conditioner while doing these activities--it would protect my hair, give it some much needed moisture, and hopefully make it more manageable.  I ended up purchasing this product, and have used it over the past few weeks (usually prior to a long run/bike ride) when the sun is shining.  I have noticed my hair feeling less dry (although I'll give you a full update at the end of the summer), my hair smells amazing while I'm working out (#winning!) and the cost of this is so much less than the numerous deep conditioning treatments I'd need to repair my hair at the end of the summer.  What are your summer hair tricks?  Do you have a favorite leave-in conditioner?

TRESemme Fresh Start: I am forever grateful to KD and SV to letting me in on the little secret that is TRESemme Fresh Start.  This little bit of magic, (yes, I really believe there is Harry Potter type magic in the can), allows my hair to look fabulous not one, but two days after washing, straightening, and using product in my hair.  Not only that, but my hair looks clean and voluminous, smells delicious, has an amazing shine (and not that shiny oily look where you just want to say ‘oh honey’ and hand that person a baseball cap), and I get to sleep 10-20 extra minutes in the morning.   I got Fresh Start at my neighborhood Walgreens, but you can check it out here!

Emergen-C Super Orange:  Did any of you drink Tang as a kid?  When David and I were little we would go to Dad's office every once in a blue moon on a Saturday.  If we were good he would make us Tang!   Emergen-C recently sent me a ton of samples (which I've been loving...and sharing like crazy) and I have to say out of all the flavors, Super Orange is my favorite.  It tastes like tang, but is a much healthier but just as tasty alternative, the fun orange color, and fizzy--which is pretty awesome.  Here are some pretty sweet facts about Emergen-C: 1,000mg vitamin C per serving, 7 B vitamins--so no caffeine, just natural energy, and it is filled with electrolytes.  What's your favorite flavor of emergen-c?!

MyPanera Card:  I know I've mentioned my obsession propensity to go to Panera at least one time a week...but I don't think I've ever blogged about it.  I know I've tweeted about it :)  Basically a mypanera card is swiped every purchase, from a $1.74 coffee refill to a $6.59 you pick two.   And then based on your purchases you get rewards.  I currently have (saved up) a free pastry, a free speciality coffee drink, and $2 off a you pick two...and that doesn't even cover all the other awesome rewards that I've received.  Its free to sign up, plus when you register your card you get a free reward, and you get a surprise on your birthday (my friend TH got a free smoothie, I got a free specialty coffee, and my friend CH got a free you pick two).  Bottom line--if you're a panera lover, or a once in a blue moon panera patron--this card is a must have!

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel:  I first became aware of my eyebrows when I saw Lauren Bush's fabulous natural eyebrows...yesterday one of my friends mentioned how she adores Kate Middleton's brows.   Unfortunately having natural, albeit groomed brows without a professional makeup artist to help me take care of them, can sometime be a little out of control.  So when I was lamenting about my brows to a friend, who works at Sephora, she suggested I try this.  It's saved my brows, my morning routine, and made me look a little less Groucho and a little more Glamazon.  If you're going for the Kate Middleton brow look--this is a must have.

Do you have any favorites from this past week?!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. TGIF friends :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

-Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day...Not gonna lie, even though this week is going really fast...I'm kinda excited that it's halfway over :)  Here is What I'm Lovin' today:

**My friend TA and I made plans to go to Lululemon's grand opening on Friday (late) afternoon!  I can't decide if I'm more excited to hang out with her or for my hometown to (finally) get a Lulu!!!

**AB and I are both done with our separate graduate programs for the year--she finished her program on the 13th!  So to celebrate and catch up on a TON of gossip we're going on a long walk then hitting up Ruby Tuesday for some Ruby Relaxers and the Salad Bar!

**I straightened my hair this morning, which is bimonthly accomplishment at the most.

**I've discovered when I use half the amount I normally use of coffeemate and skim milk for the other half...I can't tell a difference!!!

**I started using Google Chrome, and I'm almost kicking myself as to why I didn't start earlier.

*I'm going to eat my lunch outdoors to enjoy the breeze, sunshine and 70 degree weather.

What are you loving on this Wednesday?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter D...

Discernment- On Friday I called my dad, because I needed him.  I needed to feel loved, valuable, and special--and I knew talking to my dad would make me feel just that.  After I explained why I was calling, he told me he had been praying for discernment in a certain situation that I was in...I'm not anymore.  His prayers were answered, and I'm okay.

David Grey-  I first learned of David Grey with his song "Babylon."  There was something about his voice, the lyrics, and the haunting beauty of the music.  My new favorite song of his is "This Year's Love," I hope you enjoy it too :)

Dreams-  I write down realistic dreams.  They're my 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year plans.  Yes, I also have goals for each day, week, month.   Something in my 1 year plan--pass the MPRE in the Fall of 2011.  5 year plan--pass the BAR, have a job, own a house and be debt free.  10 year plan--fall head over heels, get married, and have kids (yes I know this is kinda difficult to plan--but that's why they're dreams, right ;).

Dresses-  I love wearing dresses in the summer time.  Lately a large percentage of my shopping has involved dresses...some for work, some for play, some for the beach, and some for church.  This past Saturday was no different on the dress front...I got a couple (super cute) solid color maxi dresses--I'm curious if I'll be able to pull the look off.  And in case you were wondering--I am wearing a dress today ;)

Depressing- I had to get on the scale at the doctor yesterday...wuff.

Drink- My go to drink lately:  Ketel One Citroen on the rocks with 2 lemon slices.  Refreshing, strong enough where I only need one the entire night, and classy in the sense that mom is okay with me ordering this in public :)

I hope you have the most delightful, dazzling, and divine week!  Thanks for Reading :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  Everytime I say "Happy Monday" (usually every Monday) I feel as if it is such a conundrum...because what is so happy about a Monday?  Luckily, I'm really looking forward to the week ahead!  Along with working, I have some tutoring lined up, a few fun evenings planned, a trip or two to the driving range, and hopefully a lot of outdoor workouts!!! 

*Remember how I was lamenting last Monday about not having a phone!?  Thanks to a similar lament on facebook, a classmate (DD) of mine gave me his old blackberry that is in perfect condition.  So now I have a phone, and I also didn't have to go spend an arm and a leg on a new phone.  I feel so undeserving, but blessed by DD's selflessness and friendship. 

Image Credit

 *Speaking of facebook...it always makes me wonder/really annoys me when people blatantly misspell certain words--if that also annoys you--or just makes you laugh, you have to read this: Funny Misspellings on Facebook.  I read this with a couple friends, and we were laughing so hard we had tears (it's mostly the responses to the misspellings that are hysterical)!!!

 *Okay I'm gonna dork out for a hot minute.  One of the attorneys in the office where I clerk is also a Harry Potter Fan (she goes on the Harry Potter Fan Trips, she's been on two and is going on anther one this summer)--Friday she gave me all of the British Edition Harry Potter Books to read this summer.  I don't think they'll be too different, but I want to read them prior to July 15th when the final Harry Potter Movie comes out!

*I've been catching up on a few tv shows (total guilty pleasures) that I wasn't able to watch, much less enjoy because of school.  My favorites: Glee, Gossip Girl (I drool over the clothes), Grey's Anatomy (I drool over some of the hot docs), Modern Family and The Biggest Loser.  What are your tv guilty pleasures?!

Hope you all have the best Monday possible! Thanks for Reading.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #16 (Guest Post)

You know how on Grey's Anatomy Meredith and Christina are each other's person?  I've been lucky enough to have a few of those type of friendships in my life...one of those friendships is with my law school 'person': Laurel.  We bonded over Starbucks during our first month of law school and by the end of that excursion we already had about 50 inside jokes.   I honestly don't know what I would have done without her my first year--but enough of the sappy stuff on my part.  Laurel is guest posting Mr. Wrong today--I hope you enjoy !!  As Always, Happy Wednesday...and I'm still looking for my Mr. Right. xoxo -EA

Laurel and Emily

It’s been both a blessing and a curse no matter where I go,  there is always a new love interest to be found. When I embarked on my journey in DC as a White House intern, things were no different. I was enthusiastic about meeting people who approached life so differently than I. On my first day of orientation, I met the group of interns who I would spend the next few months working with. Of course, one in particular caught my eye. We will call him Chris. Chris is beautiful. He is built like an athlete but poised like a politician. He has a smile that streams confidence, and hair like JFK. When we all took a seat, he sat down right beside me. We begin chatting. We quickly found a common thread in his highschool football days with a guy who then played for the Huskers (I had the athlete part pegged.) Even though I found him slightly more cocky than anyone I was used to, I was intrigued. As the weeks went on, we both became very busy with our jobs, but managed some flirting via e-mail, as well as occasionally on Thursday nights when we both volunteered at a soup kitchen. Chris would always walk in late on those evenings we volunteered. Usually he would snag some low key job, and I would admire him across the room while I was busy serving food or talking to the men and women who came for their meals. (I loved these Thursday nights. They were some of my favorite in DC.)
One of the flirtatious emails I got from Chris one afternoon asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him. I was always pretty slammed with work and rarely took a lunch break because I felt guilty, but I decided I couldn’t say no. I was casual about leaving the office, and walked outside the gates to go meet him. He was late—maybe 20 minutes. I remember I was talking to the secret service guy outside when Chris finally showed up. He interrupted my conversation like I wasn’t talking to anyone, and proceeded to tell me how busy he was. I just listened as we walked down the street to buy sandwiches. It was a beautiful Spring day, so we decided to eat in Lafayette park, right across from the White House. I thought this was romantic and cultured; maybe we would talk about what was going on all around us in the political haze,  where we were from, or what we were interested in. He, apparently, thought it was a great opportunity to talk about his college frat boys, and how crazy his weekends are. In an attempt to change the subject, I later asked him about what he studied in college and what he wanted to do. He mumbled something about political science and how he had enough connections in this city that he wasn’t worried about the future too much. He asked me about my major, but as I started talking, I found it odd that he seemed like he hadn’t asked me anything at all. If you know me at all, you know that I am beyond passionate about social work, and obviously that was shining through. I talked about some of my aspirations for combining law and social work, and some of the areas I would like to work. In the midst of this, he stood up and started walking towards the trash can to throw away the bag his sandwich was in. He literally left me sitting there with my mouth open, blabbing on about something we couldn’t care less about. I realized he was not going to sit back down, so I grabbed my trash and trailed behind him, as it appeared we were now returning to work. I thanked him for asking me to have lunch with him. He kind of chuckled, and waved as he walked in the opposite direction back to his office. I walked back feeling both amused at his behavior, and disappointed.
I didn’t hear from Chris from there on out. I thought it was very odd how our “date” had ended up, and that it appeared to have concluded our short lived fling. Chris didn’t show up on Thursday nights anymore, either. A couple weeks later, when I got off work at a decent time, I went to happy hour with a few other interns. One of my very favorite people to work with, we will call him Jake, came along. He and I walked together to the bar, and out of the blue he asked (with a goofy smile on his face,) if I had gone on any awkward lunch dates lately. Jake worked in the same office as Chris (although that’s about all they had in common… demeanors are completely different,) and immediately I knew Chris had said something to him. I asked Jake how he knew that and he replied by telling me that he was 100% positive Chris was not my type. I was pretty curious at this point. After some coaxing by me, Jake told me that Chris had reported to him that he asked me to lunch, only to find out that I was not the kind of girl he dates. Jake asked him why. Chris told Jake that “as soon as I opened my mouth, he realized I was too opinionated, too passionate, and too intelligent.” He proceeded to explain to Jake that he wanted “a girl who would cook dinner for him each night, wearing high heels and pearls.” That was enough for me. I needed no further explanation for why Chris was not my type, or for why our communication had ceased so abruptly. Poor Jake, one of the most sincere guys I know, felt bad for even telling me that. “Take it as a compliment,” he assured me.
While I am not offended, I am reminded of how superficial dating can be, and for many, how superficial relationships can become. I laugh about it now, (but still think I should have known better.) As awful as it is, I know Chris will find that high heeled, pearl wearing, dinner baking girl who will suppress her intellect and passions for him. It won’t be me, though. I’m obviously still looking for Mr. Right.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brought To You By the Letter C...

David, Mom and Dad

Emily and Kathryn
Celebration:  We celebrated David's Birthday last night.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Birthdays are my FAVORITE HOLIDAY.  It was such a special memory going to Blue, eating a bunch of sushi and ice cream cake...and just spending time together!

Chuckles:  I was introduced to this Website yesterday...and I seriously think my friend Sarah (who introduced me to it) and I were close to crying because of some of the funny 'posts.'  Enjoy (warning--kinda inappropriate--but hysterical)...and don't blame me for the tears streaming down your face from the laughter: damn you autocorrect

Confuddled:  The high-school senior I tutor made up this word...or at least introduced me to it.  Our conversation went like this:  me: "All you do is graph the function after you solve the polynomial equation and then take the inverse..."  him: "I'm more confuddled than normal."  Apparently it is a mixture of confused and befuddled.  I like it.

Copious:  Laurel and I got Red Mango to celebrate being done with our first year of law school.  The picture above shows our Red Mango (mine has the rainbow sprinkles!!!)...I'd say copious is the nicest way to describe our amount of yogurt!

Caring:  I got a large amount of texts during finals asking how I was doing, how finals were going, giving well wishes, prayers, etc.  I can't tell you--if you texted, emailed, called, bbm'ed, commented on here how much that meant to me.  Those words were what got me through those two weeks.  Thank You.

I hope all of you have a Calm, Carefree and Classy Tuesday :)
Thanks for Reading.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings

*Happy Birthday to David who is 29 today.   More often than not people will recognize me as David's sister because of how much we look alike, I've even been asked if we're twins before (when I was younger I really thought this was the coolest thing ever).  I'm not here to ramble about how my big brother and I look alike, but rather some of his qualities that I wish to emulate.  David is one of the hardest working, successful, driven and intelligent people I know.  Normally the intelligence factor would make him anti-social, but instead he is gregarious, charismatic, and he can be really funny.  I think my favorite part about David is how he is extremely genuine to every person he encounters.  He inspires me to be a better, kinder, more genuine person every day...I couldn't ask for a better example.  I feel like I have the best-est big brother in the world.  Happy Birthday David.  I Love You.

*My Blackberry (my phone that is more like a vital appendage than an electronic) BROKE...by broke I mean died.  I was completely phone-less yesterday, which was a nice change of pace...and it will stay that way until late this afternoon/evening or even tomorrow--when I'm hoping to buy a phone off of Craigslist, and save a couple hundred dollars by doing so--then I'll be a texting/gmail-ing fiend again. 

*I start my 40 hour a week job (clerking) today!  I'm super excited...not only because it will be an incredible experience,  I'll be learning so much, and working in an area that I'm passionate about, and on a lighter note...I'm also more than a little schedule obsessed.   Sure, I've had a set schedule with school--but it was extremely flexible.  Now I have a set (daily) schedule--and I couldn't be happier!!!  Plus I'm kinda excited about wearing dress clothes (I'm sure this feeling will wear off by Thursday)! 

*One of my favorite things about the church I attend is the worship.  I love the songs, the meaning of the words, the music, and the worship leader--you can visit his website here :) (I did not realize he even had a website until about 5 minutes ago--oops).  Anyway, he (Tim) is releasing (another) CD this coming Friday... I thought I'd share with you what I get to enjoy on Sunday Mornings--I'm sorry it's a link--but watch it if you have a moment--it's pretty awesome: http://vimeo.com/22103552!

Happiest Monday and Thanks for Reading.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Faves

Hi Frinds,  I'm sorry I didn't post one of these last week.  To say I was a level above stressed would be an understatement (the final I took the the day before was 47 pages of Multiple Choice Questions (there were only 85 questions for that much reading) plus an Essay.  But today is my last final for my first year of law school...(and then I won't complain about finals until next December).   The past two weeks have been jam packed with studying, stressing, stress-eating, sleepless nights, and well...repeat that cycle daily.  I have had the chance to enjoy a few things over the past two weeks that I've been dying to share with you!  I hope you'll find them just a fabulous, fun, and favorite-worthy as I do!

1. GuEnergy Gel--Did I mention I ran a half-marathon last Sunday?  One of my favorite things to eat about 10 minutes before the race starts--or I'm I'm going on a long run--is GU Energy Gel--the coffee flavor.  It is quite delicious, and for an energy gel that is saying something, it actually does what it promises delivers long lasting energy without the side effects of chugging an energy drink (think sloshing in your stomach and making you burp while running--gross) or the side effects of totally carb loading (side ache!).  I buy mine at Peak Performance...but you can get yours here!!!

Image Credit
2. My Rosary Ring --One of my Scooter's Customers gave me this Rosary Ring as a going away/please don't leave present on my last Saturday working.  In her sweet card she gave me a tribute card along with the rosary ring...I've used it as a tailsman (for lack of a better word) during my two weeeks of finals.  I think I've nervously played with it while studying before the test, and then superstitiously threw it on my necklace for each final.  There's just something so beautiful and special to me about having a reminder that it (being my finals in this instance) are in God's hands.

3. Too Faced Candlelight Eye Primer--I love getting mail.  Even better than just plain ol' snail mail is getting a package in the mail...and that's just what I got the other day.  My friends over at Too Faced sent me some Free Candlelight Eye Shadow Primer.  This goes absolutely perfect with the 'natural' (sans makeup) look that I've been rocking lately--it has golden undertones--which really brighten my eyes, and make my sheer shadow look pretty amazing and dare i say slightly sexy?!  You can buy this at Sephora (out at Village Pointe) or directly from Too Faced!!! I hope you love it as much as I do :)

4. Wishbone Salad Spritzers--Healthy eating may not always be my forte, but I love salads.  I also love salad dressing which usually ruins anything good about a salad, thanks to it's caloric, fat, and sodium value.  Luckily, I (and by I, I mean my mom) discovered these!  1 calorie per spray, the taste is phenomonal--without overpowering the entire salad, and they're inexpensive.  My favorite kind so far is the balsamic breeze--I've had the rasberry as well, but it's just too sweet for me.   Have you tried any of the other types?

5.  You Are Loved:  Those of you who know me, or are friends with me on facebook, twitter, or in real life may know that I have a slight crush on Josh Groban.  It all began when I used to watch Ally McBeal with my parents, and he would sing on the show...his voice: indescribable.  I know he's not the hottest person in the universe--but I think I'd like to marry him (cue laughter).  In all seriousness, this is one of my favorite songs of his--mainly because of the lyrics--they make everything seem okay...This is my song for all of you for this week--remember that You Are Loved!  (and if you have an "in" with Josh Groban...hook a sister up)!

Hope you all have the best weekend ahead.  I am so looking forward to doing nothing educational :) TGIF!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

At Least This List Doesn't Involve Studying!!!

This morning I got SO excited when I called my Dad (like he thought I was super weird because I was really excited) to tell him all the things I'm going to/want to do this weekend/this coming week--because finals are almost over (4.30 CST tomorrow I'll be DONE)... I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you (by ideas I  mean plans that are already set in stone in my type-a brain).   Feliz Cinco De Mayo Amigos!

*Biking (I'm finally buying a bike (730 on Saturday Morning)--and yes I will be wearing a helmet (I'm hoping to find one that has a color scheme involving pink, black, and sparkles)).

*Running outdoors without an 'ohmygosh I need to get back to studying' mindset--meaning longer paced runs.

*Driving Range (This could be potentially ugly, since I haven't touched my golf clubs since last fall).

*Tennis (Pry uglier than the driving range...it's such a great outlet, and incredible workout, and it used to make me really happy).

**Disclaimer**--I realize all of these activities will give me completely different and unattractive tan lines...**

*Going to the library and getting a trashy romance novel to read (or going through my stack of magazines (self, shape, cosmo, etc., for the past 3ish months)).

*Cleaning my car on the inside (vacuum, armoral, windex, change out my winter mats)
*Washing my car (I don't like when my black car looks like grey-ish).

*My Doctor and Dentist Appointments that I've waited to schedule so not to interfere with school (and I'm kinda excited (which is super nerdy) but my dentist still lets me pick from the treasure chest, and my doctor is one very attractive guy).

*Farmer's Market ('nuff said).

*Having 2 (or 3) glasses of wine with dinner, instead of the pithy 1 that I've indulged about once a month during this semester.

*Spending time with (insert friend or family member's name here) that I've neglected over the past couple months.

*Getting my nails and toes done...I have accomplished this but because of stress I've picked my nail polish off--which I know is unladylike, bad for my nails, and just gross...but still

*Going to movies (there are a bajillion I've wanted to see--and I finally get to see them), although I don't know if any of them will top "Never Say Never: The Justin Bieber Story."

*Tutoring and Baby-Sitting (Pry cause I tutor and/or baby-sit the most awesome (and cutest) kids in the world)

*I want to get featherlocks, my older brother told me this would not be a professional choice for my clerkship--so I'll pry get them prior to a vacation or something this summer.

For those of you just finishing up school for the semester, or those of you with little people doing just that--what are your 'fun' plans...what else (meaning what actual fun things) should I add to my list?!

Thursday Inspiration

"Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are."
-Anais Nin

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #15

Image Credit
I am a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage.  I've always believed that once I'm married--it's for life. (eg. Mr. Right won't be getting rid of me)!  I've talked about this belief with a good amount of my guy friends--and their sentiments of fidelity and the sanctity of marriage echo mine.  Not gonna lie--I was surprised but impressed that some of them felt so strongly--especially after seeing some of their dating paths of destruction.   Anyway, I digress.  Something that happened to me on a regular basis while working at the coffee shop was getting asked on dates... Here is one of my "favorites":
To set the scene a male coffee drinker pulls up to the window, left arm on the side of his car--he is clearly wearing a wedding ring.

Image Credit
Him:  I'd like to order a smoothie--it's for my wife--she liked the one you made last weekend when we came in together.
Me:  Ummm, I remember the two of you coming in--but you were in a different car--you'll have to jog my memory on the flavor.
Him: I don't know--yeah we were in a different car--good memory.  My wife gets the big one and lots of whip cream...I don't know the flavor...Do you remember her at all--she's pretty fat (yes he said that).
Me:  I'll just start naming flavors, and we'll go from there--((I name about 5 flavors) and thankfully one was her flavor)).  I quickly make the smoothie--and then ring him up.
Him:  Thanks so much--you're so nice.  Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  Thanks for the compliment... (I avoided that question, just like I avoid answering questions about my age and weight, ha ha).
Him:  Well I was thinking that I could take you on a date sometime...you're quite pretty.
Me:  No thanks, have a good day...I hope your WIFE enjoys her smoothie.
Him:  Well, we don't have to go on dates--how about you give me your number and we could be text buddies and then maybe start dating.
Me:  I don't give my number out...and I don't think your wife would appreciate that.
Him: (Winks)  She wouldn't have to know...I'll come back next week (Another wink) and drives off.

I would love to say that that was a very atypical happening, but it wasn't.   On the bright side it was an amusing story...but it made me really sad for his wife, especially when she would come in following this. 

Still looking for my Mr. Right....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter B...

Bugged:  That the Battery on my Blackberry keeps dying after 2 texts, or checking twitter, or facebook, or a quick call to my mom.  Techies out there--is this just something I grin and bear til my contract is up?

Blah:  Is this even word?  I think it could be an adjective...but I'm not gonna lie--it's what finals have done to my brain function--they've made it oh so Blah (which I promise is not a synonym for apathetic...really).
Bliss:  When I was a little girl and I couldn't sleep (and I didn't have a book to read), I would occasionally tiptoe down to either my bathroom and look out the window--up at the stars, the moon, and marvel at how quiet the world was.  Sometimes my mom would come in, or bring me in her bathroom--and sing me this:  "I see the moon...and the moon sees me...God Bless the Moon...and God Bless Me."  To me that is a beautiful memory of a blissful moment with my mom--and all the world seemed to be asleep but the two of us.

Bodacious:   Am I allowed to have a girl crush--cause I totally do--on Pippa Middleton--this girl is stunning!  Plus she is in ah-maz-ing shape, which is fabulous motivation with swimsuit season coming up (sorry for the reminder).

Blushing:  I substituted the other day for 7th grade social studies...And in more than one class a group of 7th grade girls told me I was pretty (and this was before they knew that I liked Justin Bieber).  This innocent reminder made me blush at the time, mostly because it was said so honestly--without wanting or expecting anything in return...it's easy to forget things like looks, health, relationships, etc. during law school...but being told that I was pretty the other day made me feel like all was right in the world.

Hope your Tuesday...and the rest of your week is Breathtaking, Blessed and Bright!!!
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Musings

How was everyone's weekend?  Hopefully filled with sunshine, relaxation, and fun.  Mine encompassed way too much studying (my brain hurts), stressing, and running a half-marathon!  I have three finals this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and then I'm DONE with my first year of law school!!!  Here are a few things on my mind this Monday Morning :)

* I feel so proud and lucky to be an American today.  To have the armed services fight and sometimes die for me, for you, for our freedom, for our country without even knowing me personally.  That sacerfice is insurmountable.  Listening to the news--and the breakdown of last night's mission gives me chills.  I've said more than a prayer of thanks for the Navy SEALS and CIA who killed Bin Laden.  God Bless America.

*I ran a half-marathon yesterday with Kathryn (my sister-in-law).  She kicked butt.  Not only was she super motivational for me, but also really positive, and stayed with me the entire time.  I on the other hand really struggled.  I figured having run this distance before it would be no big deal--so I didn't train like I should have, my eating has been awful lately (I'm blaming finals), and finals have made me crazy.  I can't wait to do the Lincoln Half again...there were tons of spectators cheering the entire way--I don't think we went 15feet without seeing cheering spectators, the course was very flat, running into Memorial Stadium (the finish line was on the 50 yard line) to the song the Huskers come out to (sirius) was surreal...and, I didn't perform like I had hoped--I finished and didn't die...but I'd like to do a lot better next time!!!   One of my favorite parts was our cheering section waiting for us at the end of the race: Tricia (Kathryn's sister and one of my bffs) and David (my brother and Kathryn's husband)!!!

*Have I mentioned that I kinda looooove Adele's Music!?  This song was recently suggested to me...and I have had it on repeat!!!  She is so talented...and the words to this song are beautiful!