Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List

Making a wish list last Wednesday was like opening up a can of worms. I've been dreaming about $17,000 tufted couches from Restoration Hardware since...but on the plus side the shower curtain I was coveting from Anthro is on sale now!!! And it was so much fun to share with you the things that I've been drooling over (figuratively drooling, I swear), so I figured why not, I love wishful thinking, so I'll do it again :)

Le Creuset's Signature Collection 6-Piece Set in "Caribbean Blue." I absolutely love Le Creuset, they have so many fun pieces...and they last forever. I'm obsessed with this shade of blue, maybe because it's the middle of winter, or maybe because it would distract from my cooking. Who knows, but I LOVE it.

This is more of a "need" than a wish... I need a new gym bag, and I really want the Do It Up Duffel from Lulu Lemon. I love the quality of each and every Lulu product I own,  I appreciate the functionality and practicality of this bag, along with the fact that it can hold so much, and that it is in black  (although they have a couple others with really fun colors and prints). I also think that this would transition really well for a weekend getaway what am I waiting for, right?

During the winter and summer months, I use a sugar scrub almost religiously (I recently stocked up on some of my favorite at Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale). After seeing so many recipes for homemade scrubs on Pinterest, I've started to research different types of sugar scrubs. I've read really good reviews about the Trish McEvoy Body Polish Sugar Scrub... like you literally glow and it smells like heaven type of good things. So I think this would be really fun to try, and compare, to what I normally use!

Farouk Touch Screen Hair Dryer. Okay I'm sure you're laughing while reading this, and I'm almost embarrassed for posting that I want this... But, like the gym bag, I really need a new hair dryer. And this one seems like a robot,  dries hair in less than half of normal drying time (hello 5-7 minutes of extra sleep)...and is super quiet. I can't quite figure out the cost, and I'm sure I don't want to...but seriously--a robot hair dryer--amazing!

I realize Valentine Candy just came out...and that I'm writing this post at 8 in the morning. But I really really really would love some of the Reeses Pieces Eggs. 

What are you Wishing for today?

Happy Hump Day & Thanks for reading =D


  1. I don't even cook, but I've always loved the Le Creuset dishes, and that blue is gorgeous! Happy Wednesday!

  2. The Caribbean Blue is gorgeous!

  3. I have the Caribbean Blue in a couple of pieces. It totally doesn't match my kitchen, but I love the color!

  4. Those dishes are so pretty!! They would brighten up any kitchen!! I so need a new hair dryer and one that lasts!!

  5. I always buy cheap hair dryers and I vowed to upgrade once my latest dies but it just keeps living!!!
    I like this extra sleep reasoning of yours :)