Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last May, I had one of the worst experiences of my life, and it was all my fault. (If you know me, your jaw pry hit the floor with that last statement). I'm still embarrassed about this, so up to today, I didn't really want to post about it. 

I ran a half marathon with my Sister-in-law last May. It was our second one together. To say I was unprepared would be an understatement...I was almost in tears by the end of the experience. By mile 6, I was thinking of creative ways to break my leg, sprain my ankle, or fall in a way that would stop the madness. 

I signed up for that same half back in December, it was completely full by 12/27...and I'm running it again on May 6th. I'm following the Hal Higdon program (I've successfully stuck to weeks 1 and 2, which my parents would tell you is a rarity), I'm going pescartarian until the race is over, and I'm doing it by myself. (*I do have quite a few friends running and we're all celebrating together after the race)...

I'm not going to make this blog a running or healthy person blog, since candy, popcorn and potatoes are my favorite foods...pickles too...but I will keep you guys updated on the training, the race, and of course the party after :)

I'd love any thoughts or advice about this!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Call Me Waldo

A glimpse at my casual (meaning not work) wardrobe from this past week leads me to a few conclusions:

1) I need to start wearing makeup

2) I clearly celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday all last week and might need to find a new striped shirt to wear on his real birthday (Friday, March 2nd)

3) I should probably be a character in a "Where's Waldo?" book

4) I like my hair color (I usually plan to dye it on a daily basis)

5) I need to get a new pose...although I think I've got the left hand on the left hip one down.

Happy Monday Friends!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I honestly have no idea why this is one of my most, if not my most favorite pictures. But it is...and that's the theme of today's "photo" theme.
**I showed my parents the preview of this post the other day--and the both agreed that I used to be quite a babe ;)**

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!!!
Did all of you have a good weekend?

Friday my mom and I had big plans for the night...we ended up spending the afternoon together...and then I went to bed at 6pm and slept for 15 hours.

Saturday I studied all day...(and washed my car--side note--it's raining today).

I worked at Ann Taylor, and tried on so many fun things...(and I'm only going to limit myself to sharing two with you)

I'm planning on buying the LBD...the pink dress is super cute but a little more 'hussy' than I normally go :)

I went out with my cousin CAM after work...

We were both embarrassed about our lack of makeup and 2nd day hair...thankfully our fishbowl (pictured below) made us feel a little better ;)

CAM's friend was working that night and she introduced us to Purple Drank (Dave Chapelle anyone?) Shots. De-Lish.

Sunday I went on a long run, studied all day, did some work on an appellate brief for work, and got motivated for this coming week!!! (Oh and I slept 13 hours that night--win).

Let's Make It A Great Week!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


It was my sweet lil mama's birthday on Wednesday the 15th.
I had a goal to post that day...but well life has got a bit obnoxious...so here it is.

Happy Birthday Mama.

Thank you for your strength, your honesty, showing me how you find the good in everyone (especially when I don't want to), and emphasizing never to let the sun go down on my anger. Thank you for being my Room Mom, my Jr. Great Books Leader, and my Sunday School Teacher.  Thank you for showing me that it is important not only to give money but also time to those in need.

Thank you for teaching me the best accessory I can have is a smile. Thank you for staying up with me when I have a broken heart, going to village inn in the middle of the night to get coffee when I need to talk (or vent), and letting me sleep on the floor when I don't feel good.  Thank you for emphasizing that inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty, and no matter what I do...You love me...and Jesus loves me.

Thank you for being the type of woman and the type of mother I can only dream of being one day. I love you.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Everyone Is A Genius.
But If You Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb A Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing That It Is Stupid..."
-Albert Einstein

I needed this quote today...just thought I'd share it with all of you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope today each and every one of you:

Single...Head Over Heels
And Everywhere In Between

Feel Special, Loved, and Happy...
Cause that's what today is about--Loving ourselves and loving each other.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink Swap Link Up

I participated in the ever-fabulous Kappa Prep's "Pink Swap..." 

And I didn't think I could have any more fun that I did shopping for CJC's package, but I did:
When I recieved the incredible package she sent me.  Spoiled would be an understatment!!!

I opened my package to reveal:
I'm a stickler when it comes to always reading the card before I open any sort of present or package--I feel like otherwise I won't appreciate the words inside the card as much because I'm too focused on what was in the package. 

Once I opened my package, and saw all the goodies CJC had sent my way...I was glad I opened her sweet card first :)
I seriously wish I knew her in real life...or lived in South Carolina (where she's from) so I could give her a really big hug!!! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world :)

Okay...I'm done teasing you...here are some of the FUN things CJC sent my way:

Essie Nail Polish in "Mod Square", a Pink Fairy Wand--I'm brainstorming occasions to use this (none of them are Halloween--they're everyday occurrences), and a Jim Thompson silk cosmetic bag.

I also got some hot pink plastic straws (I drink everything out of a straw), and some cupcake toothpaste--which I'm excited to try--but nervous it make me me hungry for cupcakes or frosting after brushing :)

And there is more.  Can you see why I felt so spoiled by Miss CJC?!
A Lilly "Latte A Day Mug," An Eccolo "Capture the Day" Lined Journal, and another special treat: my very own Monogrammed Accessory.
Thank you so much CJC for making me feel like a very special/spoiled/lucky girl. I hope you loved your package as much as I loved mine :) oxo


"Dinutton...?" You muse. Cautiously wondering if that term describes  (1) an uncomfortable yoga pose; (2) some sort of foreplay; or (3) the new hip fashion trend where all shirts are worn unbuttoned.  Though, you, my blog reader are brighter, better looking and more awesome than all non-readers, none of those answers are correct. Sorry.

I made some partial words for this blog, but before I get to that...Sidebar (I just started laughing when I typed that, fyi).  For those of you who aren't familiar with the fun you can have with partial words--here are a few of my favorites: "Obvi" for "Obviously," "Shuttie" for "Shut Up...," "Hangsies" for "Hungover," and of course "Fave" for "Favorite."

Unfortunately I didn't get to use any of my day-to-day lingo that I could never use in a professional environment instead "Dinutton" was a combination of two words: Dinner and Button.  Day 6 and Day 7 from the #Febphotoaday Challenge.

Day 6: Dinner

Leftover Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...So good! (My mom makes the best soup!!!)
(The veggies in the soup are veggies my Gram cans throughout the year)
I had one cup of broth, because I was so so so COLD...and then a cup of soup full of veggies!
Day 7: Button

Not to be super original or anything...but my pea coat buttons weren't exciting enough to warrant a picture on here, neither were the buttons on my pajamas.

So I took a picture of the "button" I use every day (usually a couple times a day) to park in the garage at school...My favorite part of this button?! I'm a huge germphobe--so I don't have to touch it!!!

Thank you all for listening to, loving, and now utilizing the term soon to be most popular word ever "Dinutton."

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Night wasn't necessarily thrilling, but it was productive...at least in the retail world.

Since a storm was on the way I think everyone was at home or (as PCS told me via text: the grocery store was a zoo) stocking up at the store, we were super slow.  Clothing wise, I layered up to stay warm, on a side note, I am currently in love with this red-orange color...and cobalt blue.

We dressed mannequins, put out new artwork in the store, tried on clothes, and board folded shirts...

I also made some depressing (subject matter wise), but colorful and informative artwork for our back room.

Saturday was super lame. Mostly because it was a winter wonderland... I drove to the gym,(on a side note I was the only car aside from the City Snow Plows on the road) worked Out, then got some gas (second side note--I was the only SUV at the gas station without a plow attached to the front of my SUV)...Got to school and spent some quality time with my Jessup Friends (our competition is this coming weekend--positive thoughts my way Please).  I got home and took a 4 hour nap, got up and went to church with my parents, came home and ate some spicy chicken chili and went to bed by 7.30. Lame.

Sunday was spent studying at Panera with RKW (for like 7 hours).

If you'd like to see exactly what I was studying yesterday morning--you can read about that right here.  After our marathon study sesh--I watched Grey's from last week on Hulu...watched the first half of the super bowl, and went to bed by 8. 

How was your weekend?
Thanks For Reading. oxo

Sunday, February 5, 2012

At 10am...

Day 5: 10am
My Phone Alarm Went Off At 10am to remind me to take a picture.
I'm at Panera working on Business Associations, Witness Exam Skills, and an Appellate Brief For Work...

What's in the tupperware? (Pineapple)...
In the coffee mug? (Half Decaf/Half Hazelnut, Black, with Cinnamon Powder)
And what was I listening to on Pandora? (My "Wicked" Station...)
At 10am--this song was on:

Happy Sunday Friends!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hold My Hand


"And it's still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it's best to hold hands and stick together..."

I couldn't end a Friday post without some music...
Hand Music. Hootie and the Blowfish Stylee.

TGIF Friends.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Words

Today's Challenge: Words.

I have this box in my closet filled with cards and letters from some of my closest friends, grandparents and my mom and dad. 

I pulled out two distinct piles--one from my friend from college EB (mini) and one from my childhood friend MBG....I spread the letters and cards on the floor, and I began to read.

What surprised me the most was the message both girls repeated over and over... "You are Beautiful...Inside AND Outside."

(Disclaimer: I have never and would never physically describe myself that way... In fact blogging about it makes me slightly uncomfortable because I don't want anyone to think I come across vain or anything like that.)

However, these words had a profound impact on me.  When I read their letters I started crying. I don't think those words really resonated with me in the past, (pry why each letter echoed the sentiment) but for some reason they did while I was reading the letters.

 Even if it was just for a minute, because of their words.
I felt beautiful.
And it was incredible.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My View Today

I've been at a loss of what to write about lately, so when I stumbled upon this challenge, I was thrilled. Day #1 "Your View Today..."

What I'm looking at this afternoon:

Nothing super exciting...studying in the library, reading up on the most recent ICJ decision Germany v. Italy; Greece Intervening...Trying to memorize an oral argument, writing my never-ending to-do list for the rest of the day, and reading for Crim Pro Tomorrow.  On the bright side (pardon the pun) I'm sitting by a window loving the sunshine streaming streaming in...and wishing I could be outside enjoying the 62 degree weather.

Honestly though, today is a good day...and I'm glad I could share a little bit of my day with all of you :) So fill me in friends, tell me about your day.