Sunday, March 17, 2013

Word Press

I've Moved... I hope you come visit.


My Blogs new addy:
(Little known fact: I've had a handful of gentlemen on numerous occasions ask me "what I'm jabbering about")

I'm still following all the bloggers (and friends) that I've come to know and love, and I hope you come see me too =D


I heard the song Changed, by Rascal Flatts, on my way to the gym this morning. I'm not a typical Sunday blogger, but I had to share the song with you. It spoke to me about some things I've really been struggling with lately.

My favorite part was the line where he says: "It didn't matter where I've been...because I'm not the same as I was then..." Wow

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Confessional

Well Hey There Pretty Ladies (and Gents)... Happy Friday. As always, I feel like Usher when I sing say this, but here it is: "These are my confessions..."

*I confess that I am putting myself on a spending freeze for 7-days, starting today. My idea (after seeing how this week goes) is to do a freeze on a monthly basis. I'm freaking out.

*I confess I did this for a workout this morning...and I'm doing it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next (actually for 7 days...notice a trend), and I'm really really sore already. 

*I confess that I've been in my pajamas since a little after 6.30 this evening.

*I confess that I don't miss soda...even though it's only been 7 weeks. I really thought I was going to go into huge Diet Coke withdrawals.

That's about it for today! TGIF and have a great weekend (:

Thursday, March 14, 2013


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The day to day functions of Social Media baffle me. I have a Twitter, which I rarely use.  I have a Pinterest which I love. I just got Instagram yesterday(follow me on either @Emme1022) to look at pictures of my perfect twin nephews, I (obviously) use blogger, and I use Facebook a lot less than I used to. 

This morning one of my girlfriends texted me regarding a recent conversation we had about a guy she's worked with on a couple projects. They communicate via email, in meetings, and the occasional work related text message. She asked whether she could add on Facebook him without being 'creepy.' (I'm assuming she texted me because I'm a huge enabler). 

My response was standard...she could only add him if she asked him to make-out when she added him...When she said no, I changed my conditions...she could only add him if she emailed him, texted him, and facebooked him simultaneously. Cause that wouldn't be weird at all. 

This got me to thinking as to why certain aspects of Social Media have become such a game, or require such an analytic thought process about pushing a button. My theory about social media is similar to my (slightly naive) theory on real life: you can never have too many friends. It shouldn't be a chess match or a cat and mouse game when adding or for that matter deleting someone. It shouldn't be thought of as weird or creepy to add someone you know (and have met more than once). In fact it shouldn't be a game at all, and it's too bad that's what it's turned into.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ballet Skirt

One of my favorite parts about working at Ann Taylor is "playing dress up." I love that I work in an environment with so many incredible women...and on top of that, I get paid to shop on a weekly basis. When trying on clothes, I make an effort to choose pieces I would never try on, or purchase... I force myself try them on, and then usually occasionally purchase said pieces. 

This skirt is one of my favorite SATC skirts... the skirt Carrie was wearing when she got completely doused by a city bus (and then most likely said something profound or iconic).

 I found this skirt at Ann Taylor this past weekend while I was working at our Chic Makeover Event. A ballet pink, silk, asymmetrical tulle, skirt. Reminiscent (but much more affordable) than the skirt Carrie wore. Not only did it make me feel like a Princess (yes, I was twirling around the store in it), but it made me believe that Spring and warm weather may actually be approaching (even with the 8 inches of snow on the ground).

Now I just need to find a Mr. Big to go with the skirt ;)
Happy Tuesday Friends. oxo

Snow Day

 Due to the large accumulation of snow, coupled with house/pet/kid sitting, along with my desire to stay off the roads... I'm working from "home" today, while Bella the snow bunny frolics outdoors.
I'm drinking Hot Cocoa out of a pretty mug instead of my normal black flavored coffee in a (boring) stainless steel tumbler that comes with me to work everyday. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast for myself and the kid I'm watching (but mostly for myself ;D)
I just emailed one project to an attorney, and am about to start on my second...and hopefully make a dent on a third by the end of my snow day. I'm wearing denim, flannel, and driving shoes, on a Monday.  I guess  this snow day thing isn't so bad.

Stay Warm Snow Bunnies!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

I was cranky yesterday. I tried to focus on the positive, and my day did get much better...  I kept repeating to myself one of my favorite mantras: "I pick pretty." Today is no different. Here are some "pretty" things I'm wishing for today:

This Tory Burch Kelsey E-tablet Sleeve

This dress by Judith March
This Lia Jacket by Lilly
These David Yurman Albion Sunglasses
And These Gilded Brocade Shorts from J.Crew

What pretties are you wishing for today?!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ninja Stars

I read an article this weekend about a man who in a fit of road rage followed another driver into a parking lot... Told him something along the lines of "Prepare to Meet Your Doom..." and started throwing Ninja Stars. He has yet to be apprehended, which leads to the obvious conclusion that my city has a secret sect of Ninjas. Awesome.  (It also leads me to ponder the obvious faux pas of their sect...why am I not a secret Ninja)

In all honesty, I'm in the type of mood that would lend to making it rain throwing Ninja Stars this morning. When walking to work, all I could think about was how I hated the sweater I put on over my button down, and maybe I should have worn wedges instead of heels...the fact my coffee was decaf instead of  regular (not by choice)...the ridges in my hair from wearing a bun directly on the top of my head that my straightener wouldn't take out....and Pandora shuffle is just killing me... #firstworldproblems, I get it.  Plus, like we discussed above: I'm still not a Ninja. 

On the bright side:
1) I have the walk through on my house today.
2) I'm meeting a girlfriend for drinks tonight, at a place that has the best spinart dip.
3) My $1.99 Wet and Wild Nail Polish hasn't chipped since I painted my nails on Saturday.
4) I've worked out 3 days in a row this week (after a 2ish month hiatus that's good)
5) I saw Silver Linings this weekend, and am still giggling about some of the lines....and day dreaming about Bradley Cooper. 

Thanks for Reading...and keep an eye out for Ninjas!

Monday, March 4, 2013

...In My Closet

I was the subject of a fashion intervention last Sunday.
It was our quarterly meeting at Ann, and I made the comment that Black, Navy, Gray, and an occasional white/cream are my colors. Aside from a general sense of shock and terror, I was then dressed and styled by a few friends I work with incorporating patterns and color. Really really bright colors. I demurred from purchasing anything at that point, but when I worked last night...I bought a few fun pieces:

 I'm kinda second guessing these pants, but at the same time, I'm kinda obsessed them. My mom's suggestion was a denim shirt on top. I was thinking a white v-neck and blazer.

Any suggestions on how to wear these without looking too puffy?
I also bought this...and I'm wearing it today. I love necklaces. This is no exception.

*I took this picture to send it to a couple girls I work with to prove that I'm wearing the necklace...and bright lipstick. Please disregard the ponytail and no face makeup aside from mascara*

I also bought a couple dresses (they're both black, although one is patterned). One, I just noticed Kate Hudson is wearing on the Spring 2012 Ann mailing... Clearly I wear it better. (ha) With all this being said, it's glaringly apparent why I never take home a paycheck from working at AT. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Flood. Kinda.

I came this close to a meltdown on Saturday Morning. I was in my new home, cleaning prior to closing (because I'm type a, and want everything to be sparkly and stuff before I move...and yes, I'll probably clean with the exact same routine once I move in, and prior to unpacking). 

I was wiping down the cabinets, cleaning the dishwasher, and jammin' to Pandora when I heard a rhythmic sound that was not part of the song. The washing machine (I was running a cycle without clothes) had flooded...that dripping noise--water coming through the ceiling to the main level (and into the garage). I turned off the water, started taking pictures, videos, and thought about crying. I didn't. Instead, I kept smiling, and learned where I hold my tension...lower neck and shoulders. 


Within minutes, I had called, texted, and emailed my real estate agent...called and texted my mother...called my dad (who thankfully picked up, and headed over to save the day)....and texted one of my best friends. Within a few hours, my frantic state had subsided and a plummer assessed the situation. It's not the pipes, or the washer, or the hose... Well it's kinda the hose... the hose that wasn't in the drain, but on the floor. So after putting the hose in the correct place, I should be able to wash clothes without wondering if I should build an ark. 

Once I got to thinking about everything logically, I'm so glad this happened prior to closing, and when so many people were available to help me...I'm also happy the carpet got a nice shampoo (kidding). I'm stressed about any damage to the carpets, ceilings, walls (which I should know more about by Monday). In all honesty, I need a massage to try and get some of the painful tension out of my neck and shoulders...however since I'm on a saving money kick, I'll probably paint my nails and grab a glass of vino...or two.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Bad

I feel as if I owe whomever reads my blog an apology. 

As of lately, I don't know if I would actually read my blog. It seems forced, stressed, like it's "trying." I'm sorry. Or if it doesn't actually come across that way...It certainly feels that way to me.

Blogging is now something I've come to check off my never ending to do list. Something that I feel like is a must instead of a want. And it shouldn't be that way. Blogging is something I started when I started law school as an outlet. A place to sound like myself (instead of always having to write like an attorney), a place to talk about whatever I wanted to...not planning forced posts like it's (another) part-time job. 

So, I suppose I want to apologize to all of you. I'm going to make an effort to make my blog less of a "have to", and more of a "get to." So if you notice an increase or decrease in posts, more of an array of topics, or a different tone, that's on purpose.

As always, Thank you for reading.

A Little Surprise

I've talked about my friend Morgan before.
I've also showcased this picture before...It's currently my iPhone background

Morgan is my longest friend (she's the blondie on the left I'm on the right). The friend who always let me be Barbie when we played barbies (she was a really good Skipper), the friend who I started a band with ("Reality"), my favorite friend to road trip with, one of the few people who actually calls me out on numerous things...and I don't mind it, the friend who I spent every summer at the pool/tennis/golf with from 8am-8pm almost every day, the friend who I mailed a journal back and forth with during college, so we could still have those real deep heart-to-heart conversations. 

Morgan is also the friend who has lived around 2000 miles (I checked on Google Maps) away since college. We've gotten used to the fact that we see each other a few times a year (usually during the summer/holiday season when she visits home), and then at least once when I go visit  her in wine country. Thanks to text messaging, FaceTime, and hand written (gasp) letters our friendship hasn't changed in the slightest.

So when I got this text on Saturday morning, I was thrilled:
*Regarding the "h" after "Emmy"...Morgan is the only person who can get away calling me by my middle name, and  Emmy
We met at our favorite restaurant this past Tuesday. It was the Best week night I've had in ages. We talked, and talked, and talked. We laughed just as much as we talked. We ate so much delicious Mexican food... Then we talked more. It was such a great surprise, and made the rest of my week incredible. 

This coming Monday is her 25th Birthday (and she'll be back home in NorCal). So to Morgan: Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you get everything you want, and MORE this year... You deserve it. I hope it's full of life, light, laughter, and love. You are one of the most Godly, kind, happy, stylish, and beautiful women I'm blessed to call a friend. Thank you for being real, for being my friend, for always being there for me no matter what, and teaching me that inner beauty will always surpass outer beauty. I Love You Morgie. Happy 25th. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coffee Table Style

I've always appreciated a well-styled room. To this day, my mother has each and every tables, desks, and the like in our home styled perfectly...which has made me annoyingly extremely taste-specific when it comes to decor. Keeping that in mind, I have been so stressed excited to buy all the fun pieces since I found out the house is mine. However, I've been reminded (more than once) that I have to buy actual furniture instead of only buying the fun things. Thanks to my mama I got some new tables from PB to style just perfectly (and have a great excuse to buy the aforementioned fun things). I've been looking to Pinterest for some table top inspiration, and to try and  discover what my coffee table style is. This is what I've found so far:


So what about my coffee table style? I don't like color. I like neutrals, earthy hues, and rich tones, but bright colors are a definite no. I don't like over the top when it comes to decor (my personality is a direct contrast to that). I love classic pieces, and I like the idea of incorporating little pieces of nature whether those be flowers, barks, moss, etc. Books are a must. Candles are a must. Pictures are an absolute. 

Do you have a coffee table style? Any tips of where to buy and what to buy?!
Happy Tuesday & Thanks for Reading!!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I was pet and house sitting, so my weekend was low-key. 

Friday Night I watched Rango...and 13 going on 30. I'm not kidding when I say that 13 on 30 put me in the best mood (isn't that weird how movies do that sometimes)...and it also made me want to learn the "Thriller" dance.

Saturday was productive: I grabbed coffee with my Mom, deep cleaned my car, ran a bunch of errands and made some yummy no bake cookies that I found on Pinterest. In the afternoon I did a bunch of studying, caught up on emails, and gave myself a deep cleansing mud mask...I also made my to-do list for the week (ugh!)

Saturday Night was spent with EH at one of our favorite restaurants eating pizza, drinking carafes of sangria, and eating creme brulee (with rumchata poured on top). EH is one of my favorite friends. The bartender put it perfectly--"every time I look over here, or come down here the two of you are laughing and seem to be having the best time in the place..." We were. 

The bartender, apparently got a kick out of us, and made us an amazing confection of jalapeno infused orange vodka, and it was pink, so it was a really good way to make our exit...
Following dinner, EH and I wandered up to a neighborhood bar where we  sang Ignition word for word, and gave R.Kelly a run for his money...we also got to see TP. On a geriatric side note, I was home snuggling with the puppies before I turned into a pumpkin. 

Sunday flew by. I spent some time with my sister-in-law and nephews (who are the most handsome, perfect, angelic twin boys in the whole wide world), had coffee with C in which we talked about everything but school, washed my makeup brushes, went to our quarterly meeting for AT (my shoes are on the left, and VTs are on the right), and studied while watching No Strings Attached. 

I also haven't been able to get this song out of my mind all weekend:

How was your weekend???

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birchbox Brag

I know I've shared with you how much I love my Birchbox Subscription...and this month's box was no exception. The theme was "red carpet ready" and each and every item I received made me feel like I definitely could strut out on a red carpet. 
Beauty Protector: Protect & Detangle
I normally dislike leave-in conditioner, it makes my hair feel so heavy and gross. However this product is the exception to my rule...I put it in before bed the other night and I woke up with shiny, soft, and yummy-smelling hair. Plus my hair was extremely manageable the following day. (Double Bonus)
Juicy Couture Couture La La
Juicy Fragrance has yet to disappoint me. Although I probably won't purchase this product, it's a young, summery, fun, scent, and a nice change to my normal "light blue."
My Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer
Great sample. I've used this every morning this week instead of my normal moisturizer. I noticed at the end of my 14 or so hour days, my make up isn't oily, and stays on just a little better. The one downfall with this product was the scent...It smells like fresh baked pastries, sweet and greasy.
Secret Agent Beauty Kiss Kiss Rendezvous 
I have an abnormal amount of lipgloss in my purse. About 13 or so that are my 'go to' colors. (The first step is always admittance, right?) The Secret Agent Gloss, is phenomonal, and could bring my lipgloss addiction to the single digits. It's not sticky, it goes on smoothly, and stays on. Plus it makes my lips look like they have fillers (for the record, they don't).
Showstoppers Designer Fashion Tape
This moved from the box directly into my "danger" bag I keep in my purse (tide wipes, clear polish, visene, aleve, etc.) and I wish I would have bought them sooner. That annoying gap in my button down...fixed. I can't wait to use them this summer with some scoops and v-necks.
Ghiradelli Milk & Caramel Squares
Bliss. Obviously. 
So that's my Birchbox Brag for the month of February... What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Do you use any of the products I got?

Happy Thursday & Thanks for Reading!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

I'm buying new tires today. (In all honesty, that may be the most depressing opening sentence to a blog I've ever written). My conversation with the owner of the tire place went like this: "You realize I could buy something really pretty with this a purse, or a margarita machine, or a raincoat I've been coveting..." "You realize none of those things will save your life?" So here's what I'm wishing I was purchasing instead of tires today:

ATiffany & Co. Infinity Pendant 

A Lulu Lemon Draft Dodger Jacket

Hunter Balmoral Leather Lady Sporting Boots

Some French Macarons from Williams-Sonoma

Tickets for Mumford & Sons at one of their stopover dates

So that is just an idea of what I'd buy instead of tires today.
Happy Wednesday...What are you wishing for?