Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Happy Hump Day!!! 

I've been enjoying posting about my "wish" list the past couple of Wednesdays, so I figured I'd continue the same song and dance til you, or I, get bored with it.  Since I've been furniture shopping (Anthro, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen) the last weekend or two this wishlist might be a little heavy on the interior design pieces that I'm coveting (and hoping that Target may replicate in the very near future).

These Rhodes Canisters from Pottery Barn. I stumbled on to these because I was searching for monograms instead of the practical things (couch, bed, barstools, etc.) and, I fell in love because Pottery Barn is able to monogram them (where the written words are in the picture). I love that! I also like the option to not monogram the canisters and use them for whatever treats I want (candy)...or even utilize them in different rooms (bathroom for cotton balls, etc., laundry room for...?)

This Kate Spade Spring Street bedding set in Cream and White. I stumbled onto it at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day, and fell in love with the neutral colors, (that can be complimented with fun accent pillows (or as the picture shows...SHOES!)). It also made my bed bath and beyond trip less terrifying overwhelming. 

A Steamworks Pro Steamer by Singer. Ironing, actually laundry in general, will never be described as a strong suit of mine. With that being said, wrinkled clothes, are a huge pet peeve for me. So, I figure a steamer would be the perfect edition to my laundry room, and if nothing else will make ironing foolproof (or really fun)!

And last but not least...Restoration Hardware's 1940s French Upholstered Barrel Back Counter Stools. These are exactly what I need on a Maslow hierarchy level, want. Like most pieces for the home that I like, they are neutral, classic, and I can use them forever (this is the point where I'm hoping my parents read my blog). 

So those few things are what I'm wishing for today... What are you wishing for?
Thanks for reading =D

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  1. That Kate Spade bedding! I love it!

    I am lusting after SHOES. Annnndddd, I literally just bought some 3 minutes ago. Anthro is having an awesome sale. oooops.