Thursday, September 30, 2010


In various first-year law classes, the topic of intent is covered. It needs to be present in various areas of law in order to prove the defendant's or plaintiff's motives--whether that is the transfer of possession (property), making a promise (contracts), assault and battery (torts) or even how the constitution was intended to be interpreted to by the judicial branch (constitutional law).
When I looked at my blog today, I was so frustrated with my lack of blogging lately, however, that doesn't reflect my intent. Before making this entry, I looked back on 'drafts' that I had started--all in the past month--there were about 7. Which shows that I've had the intent to blog, however with my limited time and energy--I've chosen to exert my efforts elsewhere--Sorry friends :).
This is mainly an apology to let you know as far as my intentions go whether it be blogging, being a fun person, etc. It is still there, I do have the intent, which I'll hopefully be able to prove by doing some MAJOR blogging over fall break!