Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday and Martin Luther King Jr. day. Which means my weekend isn't quite over yet, although with an early morning oil change, personal training, home inspection, classes, and an evening Jessup practice. Today (coupled with the weekend) doesn't quite feel like the relaxing long weekend I was hoping for. Regardless, here is a quick recap of a low-key, albeit productive, weekend.

Saturday Morning was spent at Jessup practice formulating and outlining oral arguments.

The rest of Saturday was spent studying and working out...all done under the supervision of Sweet Bella (one of my favorite puppies to spend the weekend with).

I made 3-step Double Chocolate Caramel Truffles...
and then had a mini spa night, treating my hair to a shine treatment (more on that later this week), nails to a manicure, legs to some sunless tanner, and face to a deep cleansing orange bergamot mud mask. Bliss

I grabbed coffee with a girlfriend Sunday morning, worked retail, studied, and then had some "friend therapy" as one of my girlfriends so aptly called it.
We went to pitch...where we had Brussel Sprouts and the craziest pizza (we told our serve to use his imagination) that turned out to so delicious that we almost ordered another one, b ut decided against it, which was probably a good thing since we had some Creme Brulee with rumchata stirred in--ohmygoodness. 

I think our laughter and conversation may have amused the entire bar... especially with the sangria (dragon fruit, passion fruit, pear, and mango) flowing! (I think one of my favorite lines was in regards to one of my friend's relationship, where her mama recently told her, "Honey, even Lance Armstrong apologizes...")

Happy Monday Friends & Thanks For Reading =D


  1. It sounds like you had a busy weekend, but it sounds like you ended it perfectly with a girl's night! Have a wonderful week, bloggy friend!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Dying to know about this hair treatment....