Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House & Home

I alluded to a "big girl" purchase recently.
Emily from Blue Dog Belle guessed a Chanel Bag (sigh), one of my girlfriends texted me asking if it was a Porsche Cayenne (double sigh coupled with laughter), another one emailed me and asked if it was Europe (crossing my fingers on that). Clearly my friends think I have much better taste than I can actually afford at this point in my life... =D However, I have to hint say any and all of the above would be fabulous law school graduation presents. (Now I'm sure you're laughing).

I. Bought. A. House.

Like my very own, real life, I still can't believe it, house.
(The above picture is from Pinterest...definite dream house)
I signed my end of the Purchase Agreement and put my Ernst Money down on Thursday...and Friday afternoon, I found it it was Mine (!)

My calendar now has things including "Service One," "Home Inspection," "Deep Cleaning Day..." My to-do list suddenly includes "price furniture," "setting up a security system," and "bidding painters." My outings and shopping are now done with things like "mortgage," "utilities," "HOAs," and "taxes/insurance" in mind. 

With all of these new and unknown things, I have to tell you, I could not be any more happy, excited, or scared for this adventure to start. Initially, I was going to wait to buy a house and wait to move until after the Bar Exam at the end of July.  However, the timing, price, location, size, and rates were perfect. I truly believe my Realtor finding this place for me had to be directed by Divine Intervention.

(Another Pintrest Dream with all the wood floors)

I don't have any idea what I need to know, to buy, to do...and that's where you come in! What are your hints for moving, that must have item that you never thought of, and things to scrimp on and things to splurge on...

Can't wait to hear your tips, suggestions, & ideas!

Happy Hump Day & Thanks For Reading


  1. Okay. a house is a little more expensive than a channel bag. Go you girl. Do you have a guest room for me?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS sweetie!!!! That is SO exciting, and your house looks SO pretty!!! So happy for you!

  3. Congrats! What a great purchase to announce (although, Chanel bag would've been great too...)
    My advice: have a few of those knives that slide up and down (exacto?) for opening and breaking down boxes. And lots of pizza and booze for your helpers!
    Can't wait for all the decorating posts :)

  4. Congrats!!! Wonderful news!! Best of Luck!!

  5. Congrats. Hope you show us some pics of the process!

  6. How awesome! Congratulations!! I can't wait to see pics of how you decorate and everything!! :)

  7. Congrats Emily!!! That is so exciting!