Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

(Christopher Robin to Pooh)

-A.A. Milne

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #11

There's something about a guy who can cook (or grill) really well.  I get slightly flustered seeing Bobby Flay on the cooking channel--I usually hope that he'll get picked on "Iron Chef", or that super sexy Curtis Stone when he appears on the "Biggest Loser".  I've had my fair share of gentlemen cook for me.  Some have been gourmet meals--that I've had the pleasure of watching them do so--hopefully gained some cooking skills by observing.  Others have purchased takeout, but gone to the trouble of having pots and pans out--only for me to discover the takeout boxes in the trash (I honestly think it's cute--because it's pry what I would do).  And some have just been terrible, awful, no-good, very bad...and that's me being nice.

One thing I appreciated about this Mr. Wrong was some awesome restaurants we would go to...he would always order interesting, albeit delicious, menu items that I would never think to order myself--and they always turned out to be way more awesome than what I would order.  I was pretty excited when this Mr. Wrong asked if he could cook for me--because I assumed his cooking standards would be similar to his restauranting skills.

Unfortunately I haven't quite grasped that these grandiose assumptions I make about all these Mr. Wrong's are normally Wrong...and this one was no different. 

This Mr. Wrong made Indian Food for us.  I love Chicken Tikka Korma or Chicken Tikka Masala  if I'm going to eat Indian...but that night I was adventerous and tried so enjoy what he had worked so hard at preparing.  The food was alright--my favorite part the naan (the yummy bread)...and then we watched a scary movie--not my choice.  I hate scary movies because I get so scared--but I digress.  I drove home, and had to stop a few times to vomit--yes you read that right vomit.  By the time I got home I laid in fetal position` on my floor because I was in so much pain...why? Food Poisoning.

After a few days, a doctor visit, lots of bland food, and finally subsiding nausea--I texted Mr. Wrong--letting him know what happened and asking if he got sick too...(he should have lied and said yes).  Instead he let me know that it could have been bad meat--he had left it sitting out (raw) when he went for a run and then running errands, or something along those lines.  Lovely. 

This Mr. Wrong and I went out a few more times--but he would make super snotty comments about oh I better order something bland...or hope you don't get sick from this.  That, in my mind, is just rude.  Plus it would have been brought up in a fight 15 years down the road "Honey, you didn't pick up the milk from the store...could you go back and get that?"  "NO! I will not run food related errands for you because you'll get sick from any food that comes in contact with me..."  See, just a messy Pandora's box that I'm keeping closed :)

Have you ever gotten sick from someone's cooking?!  Or has someone gotten sick from your cooking?!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Por Que

Why Haven't I Posted This Week:

*I've felt super blah and just kinda sick lately--my tummy hurts, my head hurts, my brain hurts.

*Weird Al has a twitter and has more followers than me...I was flabbergasted by that too.

*I just turned in a draft of a brief that is 80% of a grade in one of our classes...that I worked hard on...and now I have to work even harder on it...and I'm not sure what to fix...aaaggghhhh

*I'm craving really unhealthy food. It's super gross. And my unanswered cravings are making me feel like a chunk.

*I'm tired. I'll go to bed at a good time--and then just lay there til about 3 or 4.

*I have some pictures to upload from this weekend that I wanted to include in my post(s), so I need to do that--and picasa them--and facebook them.  It's Never Simple with me.

*I haven't been inspired.  I swear I wrote about 4 blogs that were just 'so-so' or 'blah' on Sunday and I deleted them.

*Prince William is Getting Married...and it's not to me (yes I went through denial, now I'm on a very sad acceptance).

I do have a Mr. Wrong up my sleeve for tomorrow.

Thanks For Reading


Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Faves

Happy Friday Friends!  I hope your week has been simply divine...I know mine has... I'm not sure if it's because there are 5 weeks left in my first year of law school, getting to spend time with friends, or the snow on the ground when I woke up this morning!  Here are some of my latest and greatest FAVORITES--if you have some time this coming weekend, give them a try!

1. The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.  When I was first given this book, I scoffed at the non-fiction premise of a little boy (Alex) who spent time in Heaven while he laid in a coma for two months after a devastating car wreck. However, once I began reading it, I couldn't put it down.  Not only is it an incredible, and very moving, true story--but it's one that really refreshed my perspective.  Definitely a must read.  Here is the website that explains a little more about the book and Alex's Journey (the coma, his health issues, being the first child to have the Christopher Reeve surgery, and his miraculous time in heaven).

2. Clarisonic.  I know I've twittered about my clarisonic, but I've never blogged about it.  I purchased mine this past August-ish... And I still love it.  The Clarisonic removes 6x's more makeup than normal washing, reduces oily areas, dry patches and blemishes, annnnnd minimizes pores.  It's portable (read easy to take in your gym bag or on a trip), it actually works--I love how SOFT my skin is after I use it, and i love how clean my skin gets when I use it--that way my Obagi Products (Vitamin C Serum/The Blender) seem to 'sink in' to my skin a lot better.  I got mine at Sephora, I know they sell them at Von Maur, but you can learn all about the Clarisonic right here :)

Image Credit:

3.  Red Mango.  I love Red Mango, I almost feel like I have a relationship with it--but when I say relationship I mean the "honeymoon phase" of a relationship where everything is PERFECT.  There are currently 2 in my city.  The first in One Pac (105th and Pacific) and the other in Legacy (168th-ish and Center)--and I have to say that One Pac is my favorite--mainly because the people who work there are AWESOME and my friend Laurel and I got a shout out on their facebook fan page : "I can honestly say with all truth & sincerity that Red Mango has the best costumers in the whole world! In 1 shift, we made friends (hollering to you Laurel & Emily if you're reading this!) who were so nice & made us laugh w/their March photo entry(ya'll have competition now)"--I'll post our photo entry next week!  Along with the fantastic people who work there--the yogurt is like the best thing ever.  It's healthy (until you put toppings on!), kosher, gluten free, 30ish calories/oz, and it is a level above delicious.  If I could afford this for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner--I WOULD--and I would NEVER get sick of it!!! So, if you haven't checked it out...CHECK IT OUT and let me know what you think--I can't wait to hear :)

4. Frye Boots.  If you know me you know that I am completely fascinated with cowboy boots...Why? I'm a Midwest girl, I don't have a horse (I would like one if anyone (hint, hint DAD) is looking for present ideas), and if there isn't snow on the ground (and I have a pedicure) I'm in flip flops.  But there is just something so sexy to me about the right pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots with the right outfit, or with the right person wearing them... eg if Josh Groban wore them, I'd be drooling.  I've been coveting a pair of Frye's for quite awhile, and I finally bought some.  They are so comfortable, they are the perfect brownish blackish color, and, well, they're Fryes... I decided on the Harness Style because I felt they were more versatile and 'midwestern' than some of the other styles, plus they're a piece I know I'll have forever.  :)

5. Turning Heads.  I love getting my hair cut--I don't color it (gasp), I get it cut 3-4 times a year, and usually after the sun damage I get in the summer (if I'm not faithful about wearing my baseball cap when I run or go to the pool) I'll get regular conditioning treatments.  A lot of people at school will ask where I get my hair done because they're not from Omaha, or where I would suggest for a facial, massage, shellac--and this is my go-to place for all things beauty.  I go to Nikki for my hair who co-owns the salon with her mom, but I would trust anyone there, as would mom and dad (they've tried a few of the stylists)!!!  One of my favorite things about Turning Heads are the monthly specials--these have allowed me to try so many of their great services at a fraction of the cost!  Their newest endeavor is a tooth whitening system--which is what I want to try next.  Bottom line, if you're looking for a new salon--give Turning Heads a try*--you'll love it! (*if you do try Turning Heads--they have a referral program (which I PROMISE I just noticed via their website) and I would love it if you'd mention that I sent you in!!!

What are your thoughts on my faves from this week?  Any suggestions of places/things I should try for next week!?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

"We Tend To Forget That Happiness Doesn't Come As A Result Of Getting Something We Don't Have, But Rather Recognizing And Appreciating What We Do Have."

-Frederick Keonig

What do you already have that is making you happy today?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #10

There's that old phrase... "You don't marry the person...You marry their family."   This particular Mr. Wrong sent me running for the hills...and his family, well, his mother inspired me to see if I could change  my identity.

I knew this Mr. Wrong who we'll call Blue from Undergrad.  I had met him a few times at fraternity/sorority functions, seen him in the library, and beat him at beer pong.  Nothing ever transpired except the politely awkward small talk and my inward gloating that if I could take him at beer pong, I'd pry kick his butt at quarters

After we had both graduated, and I ran into him while I was working one day--and he asked me on a date.  Considering I was working--I didn't have my calendar on me, I was doing a million and one things, and I didn't know Blue well enough to know if I would want to date him.  I suggested he friend me on facebook, and then we could line something up...when I had my calendar, focus, and yes so I could learn a little more about him (eg facebook stalk).

Minutes later, my phone chirped with a facebook notification, a friend request from Blue.  Lucky for me, I suppose.  Why do I say lucky for me?  Cause Blue was really cool.  He still got super drunk on weekdays and bragged all about it on facebook, he used racial slurs on facebook (and if he was comfortable doing that in a public forum, I couldn't imagine what he would say 'off the record), and he thought he was way cool--eg reliving his college glory days every 15 minutes with super annoying inside jokes/status updates. Wuff.

Thankfully, none of my Mr. Wrong stories are resolved simply.  Blue facebooked messaged me a handful of times asking me out--which I politely declined--saying I had other plans, and then I actually started to see someone else (who was and still is pretty cool even though we're not seeing each other anymore)--and so I shared that with Blue.  I didn't hear from Blue anymore after that except for those way cool status updates...but I heard from someone else on Blue's behalf. 

She pulled up to Scooters when I was working, placed her order, and then when I began to make small talk with her--as I do all my customers--she interrupted me and asked me the million dollar question: "Why don't you want to date my son, Blue...What's wrong with him...Is he not good enough for you?"  Since I was rendered speechless...she took that as an invitation to go on:  "Why are you so special that you can decide not to date someone...what are you like the dating princess?"  She had a few other choice things to say that involved expletives, character assault, and then she went on to implore me to give Blue a chance--and told me how much he had going for him, what a great boy he was, how he wasn't a big drinker, he volunteered, he loved diversity...etc.  She reiterated that I needed to give Blue a chance, paid for her coffee, left me a (generous) tip and sped off.  To this day, she hasn't made a repeat appearance--maybe she got facebook and realized how cool Blue really is....

Have you ever been chewed out by a parent of someone you dated or someone who wanted you to date their child?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When I'm bummed out--I'll RAP (oh yes, full out RAP) the "Big Butts" Song to myself...and it will automatically put a smile on my face.

What Little thing do you do to make yourself smile?!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I went on a detox last week:  Sunday Night until late morning Thursday.  The purpose was to kick a cold (which it did) and feel more like myself (less like a law school zombie)--which it did.  I drank lots of hot tea, water, gatorade (g2) to get electrolytes, and apple juice to get calories.  I coupled that with Psyllium Powder from Whole Foods (the lemon flavor). 

Sometimes it's nice to get a 'clean slate', a 'second chance', or a 'fresh start.'  And that's what I got last week physically.  However, it can be difficult to give that to others--our friends, the people we love, even at times ourselves...It can be scary to allow someone to hurt you again, terrifying to open your heart again, and petrifying to set yourself up to fail again.  But maybe that's why a second chance is so great--it doesn't have to play out like the first time. 

Have you ever detoxed? 
Are you good at giving people second chances?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

State of My Blah-g

I'm taking this week off from blogging.  I'm tired, cranky, and most of my posts will come out sounding very 'emo' or like a 'pathetic pity party' (say that 10x's fast). I have some super fun posts lined up for next week though and am so excited to share them with all of you!!!

Hope to snap out of my blah mood soon :)



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Five Faves--Break Week

This past week we're (law students) on spring break. Aside from outlining, studying, working, and catching up on sleep--I've had a bit of fun--and wanted to share a few of my current favorites with you!

1. The Grey Plume:  I first went here for lunch with Morgan when she was in town from CA.  I had a bison burger and roasted fingerling potatoes, Morgie had the pulled pork pizette.  At the recommendation of Alex (the restaurant manager) we split a bottle of: Paolo Scavino: Dolcetto d'Alba (2009).  Then, this past week Andrew and I went there for dinner to celebrate his birthday (he said I could choose the restaurant--and about after 97minutes, I made a decision).  I had the Chicken Roulade, Andrew had the MajinolWagyu Beef feat. New York Strip.  Alex recommended an organic red (no headache) Willakenzie Estate: Pinot Meuiner (2008).  The food is a level above delicious, it is known as the "greenest" restaurant in America, the owner/chef: Clayton was a year older than me at WHS--and is a really nice and very talented person.  This is a MUST TRY--if you're watching your wallet definitely go for lunch, or if you do dinner--get wine by the glass or water :) Also, ask for Alex--he is simply wonderful!  You can look at their daily menu, wine menu and website right here!
2. Harajuku Lovers Sweat Pants: I am not a 'sweats' type of girl.  Every once in awhile, I'll wear my hardtail leggings, or patagonia running pants to school or to study--but they (for me) are pushing it... A few months ago I bought a pair of sweats at a local boutique (Roots and Wings)--they sat in my closet until a few days ago...and I've found it very difficult to take them off since.  Not only are the most comfortable pair of sweats that I've ever owned, but they're surprisingly flattering and super cute--they have the "sailor" type of buttons across the front--and a cute little saying down the leg (not on the bootay a la 'juicy' or 'pink').  So if you're like me, and need a 12-step program to get you into sweats, this brand would be a great first step.
3. Scentportable:  I found this gem at Bath and Body Works...I have the exact one in the link--my sister-in-law (Kathryn) who mentioned I might like it has the purple one, and I think her sister (Tricia) has a different color (green maybe?!).  I love how light the fragrance is, but how it is still noticeable in my the 'island margarita' scent I started with--reminds me of somewhere tropical, even with the Omaha weather isn't.
4. Camelbak:  It's not that I dislike plain water--it's just so...blah.  However thanks to this Fabulous Invention I've been drinking water (unflavored, no emergen c added, no crystal light added, etc) like it's my job.  Maybe it's the straw mechanism--oral fixation or something--or the spill proof bottle (my purse and backpack appreciate that) or just the awesomeness of the camelback bottle (yes, I know I'm late on the bandwagon)...Or the fact that the bottle was free at a research training at school.  Anyhow, I'm inspired to drink plain water--and I'm blaming the bottle for that!
5. KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray: I didn't go to the beach, or the pool, but with the smidgen of sun I got from running outdoors--and with this spray--I have that covetable beach hair look. (The cute kind, not the gross kind)...On dry hair--spray, scrunch, then thrown in a messy bun for a few minutes.  On wet hair, spray, scrunch, and then diffuse or just repeat the spray/scrunch process while it's drying--the texture is unbelievable.  I get this at Beauty Brands, but you can check it out right here :)

Thanks for Reading!!!


ps--what are your 'break'/'staycation' favorites?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

"You Have To Be Willing To Get Happy About Nothing..."-Andy Warhol

What is something (well a 'nothing') that makes you happy today?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mr. Wrong--ish.

One of my favorite things about my friend Erika is her positivity.  I had just elaborated to her about a couple Mr. Wrong's that I can't post about on my blog--because their identity would be easy to figure out--and furthermore that would be really mean on my part. 

It's never my intention to be mean or hurt feelings when I post about a Mr. Wrong--and if I do, I'm sorry. 

Anyway, back to my conversation with Erika.  We were both in fits of giggles with Erika promising me that the guy I had just described would not like ladies in a few years--and it definitely wasn't me--it was him.  When our giggles subsided, Erika got a little more serious and stated: "Em, I am SO EXCITED for when you will meet (and then blog about) your Mr. Right."

Me too

Getting that positive reinforcement from one of my most fabulous and favorite Law School Friends, was exactly what I needed at that moment--and I've carried it with me since she said it last Thursday. 

I know the old adage is that you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince--I think I'll stick with dating (not kissing) Mr. Wrongs with my optimism that Mr. Right could be the very next Mr. Wrong.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


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I snort (super embarrassing, I know) when I laugh really Dad is the only person (as of yet) who can make me laugh that hard!

(Sorry for the nerdy picture--law school humor maybe?!)

Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been throwing some huge parties for myself lately.  Pity Parties.  Why? Maybe it's the weather, stress from law school, stress from myself, or just because I can.  Sometimes I can snap myself out of those "funks," for lack of a better word--but sometimes it takes a higher power to put someone in front of me to reinforce how good life really is.

I had a conversation with our locker room attendant at the gym yesterday (Sunday), I was putting on my makeup and she asked me about my workout, we conversed in English and once she realized I knew some Spanish, we conversed in that as well.

She was curious how long I'd belonged to HHC (20ish years I believe), if I was married (no), had kids (no), where I worked, etc. 

When It was my turn to ask Gloria questions--I learned she is from Paraguay, she was married back home, but now that she is in Omaha she is no longer married, she loves candy, and isn't able to have kids.

The last one got my attention.  Months ago, her doctor found a cyst on her ovaries, but she wasn't able to afford surgery in the United States because of the cost--so she found a doctor in Paraguay, which would be much affordable for her, with the added benefit of being around her family during her recovery.  The bad news,  Gloria has to work all the time now to afford her airfare, her surgery, her expenses here, and money for her family back home.  Even worse news--because Gloria has to wait for the surgery (she's going in July), her doctor here has found many more cysts have grown--making Gloria completely unable to have children, and also putting her health/safety in jeopardy.

If that doesn't give you perspective, I don't know what sure put me back (mentally and emotionally) where God wanted me.  So, if you're the praying type maybe say a prayer for Gloria--if you're not the praying type--maybe send some positive thoughts/vibes her way.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Faves

Happy Friday Everyone!  Spring has sprung...or at least the fact that it is March (where did February go?) makes it feel a little more spring-like.  Once of the reasons I love spring is because it is so soft, pretty and natural.  It's when trees begin to bloom, I can wear a fleece instead of a down jacket, and there are just so many fun things to do: taco ride, patio at La Buvette, sand volleyball/softball leagues start, tennis courts, mini golf, and I really like Easter.

Because spring is so soft, pretty and natural--and that is the type of look I try to do (natural and soft) with my makeup--I figured I would share my five favorite pieces of makeup!

1. Obagi Professional C-Serum (20%). You can buy this at Lovely Skin (either out west--right by oakview) or online.  It is expensive, but it lasts for months.  It neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen production, provides sun protection and remains in the skin for 72 hours. I use it right after I wash my face every morning.  I then go make my bed, my coffee (decaf), and get ready for the day--and then apply moisturizer--just so I gave the serum time to sink in.  My mom has used this longer than I have--and I can truly see a difference with her skin--hopefully mine will look as youthful and glowing as her skin does.

2. MAC Medium Tinted Moisturizer. I love using tinted moisturizer--it feels so much less heavy than foundation, blends into my skin much better, and the sun protection is also a bonus...It also shaves a few minutes off my morning routine (yep, I set my alarm for about 4 minutes later when I use this).  You can go get this at MAC (Dillards at Oakview) from my cousin Cat--or you can get it online.  Out of all the moisturizers I've tried, this is by far my favorite--and you get so much in the 'tube', plus it is gentle enough where there are no impending breakouts when I use it.

3. Benefit High Beam. If I were stranded on a desert island, this would be something that I would almost have to have (aside from water, food, shelter, my blackberry, and a yacht to get off the island).  This is possibly one of my mosts favorite products--it works with or without makeup...It's a fabulous highlighter--I use it on my cheekbones--and I'm not even kidding every time I use at I always get compliments on my skin.  You can get it at Sephora (Village Pointe) or online.

4. Benefit CORALista.  They describe this product as a tropical flush--and that's exactly what it is.  I always swore that I would never wear blush because it was so 'old lady' until I found--and fell in love with this!  It stays on the entire day, and looks phenomonal by itself, or layered with the high beam.  My favorite part is that it smells like roses--which is always such a fun treat! You can purchase this at Sephora (Village Pointe) or online.

5. Sheer Rose Mentha Lip Tint.  This is the yummiest Lip Gloss Ever.  Plus it has just the right amount of color--where it's clear you have something on, but nothing distracting or bright.  I'm not even kidding--the times I apply this, just because it tastes (and smells) so good--is ridiculous.  Plus it doesn't get sticky, or fade, or go on uneven--and the price is just right.  You can get it at Bath and Body Works or online.

What are your favorite types of makeup for a natural look?  Any spring favorites that I should have mentioned?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Inspiration...

"I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn't resolve. But I was outside the Bagdad Theater in Portland one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes, and he never opened his eyes.

After that I liked jazz music.

Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way. "

This quote comes from the dedication page from one of my favorite books "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. (Sidebar--if you ever want to borrow it--let me know)!

Have you ever watched someone love something/someone which allowed you to love that thing or person???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #9

I'm not ashamed to admit I've seen Wedding Crashers too many times.  My favorite characters are the Grandma and the Gay Brother.  A phrase near and dear to my heart from that movie: "Stage Five Clinger."  At first I thought it was only directed at females who were crazy-person clingy but that was before I met Mr. Wrong #9, who we'll refer to as Scotch (the tape--that sticks to you--get it?! (insert me bursting into laughter)).

I had seen Scotch here and there, but never really thought twice about it.  He seemed nice, intelligent, kinda handsome-ish, and again--just nice. He had asked me out for dinner--but I made it clear--it was just as friends, nothing more, nothing less--just friends.  Dinner (Flemings) was delicious, my small talk was at an all time level of awesome, and Scotch was really sweet.  In fact, he was almost too sweet.  He agreed with everything I said.  After telling me what he wanted to do something highly altruistic with his life, I went in the opposite direction with what I wanted to do.  His response "Ohmygosh, me too--I think _______ is so awesome, I would love to do that." (huh?).  Or, telling him that I loved running and cardio after he had just told me he loathed working out, and and preferred video games (no, really) he stated "I love running and lifting--I do it everyday..."

These things, though highly amusing weren't where he got his status at stage five clinger.  Scotch decided to tell me how he had just gotten out of a messy relationship, how much he loved the girl, and then he looked deeply in my eyes, put his hand over mine (if you know me--this is a big no-no), and said "I'm ready to fall in love again." I pulled my hand away and started awkwardly laughing and saying 'I'm so glad we're friends, and you feel comfortable to share that with me--cause that's what friends do--listen...'  Unfortunately that message didn't get across.

The following day he had told numerous acquaintances that I was his girlfriend...Since our dinner (less than 24 hours) he texted me, called me, facebooked me, emailed me, and randomly shown up at one of my favorite places to study (I no longer frequent that coffee shop).  Even worse, he began to give me presents, and ask me on daily sometimes twice daily dates.  I (regretfully, ha) declined.  When he didn't get the message of me saying 'no, thanks' 'sorry I'm busy' 'I really need to take my goldfish for a walk...maybe next year,' I ignored him.

Guess what? He was persistent, which I suppose is some sort of a characteristic of a stage 5 clinger. He kept flooding my inbox (text, facebook, email, voicemail) asking me out--he began showing up to the law school to study in the law library because it is so quiet, and coincidentally we'd bump into each other... It got so bad that my parent's, friends and even I was really really worried.  But then it was Holiday Recess and we were all on break--I didn't hear from him except for the mass texts that everyone sends "Merry Christmas" "Happy New Year" etc...

But then I got an email.  An email apologizing.  Apologizing for not being in better contact with me throughout the past semester, promising that he would try harder to set up dates in advance, and telling me how wonderful I was (although that is normally awesome, in this email it was just depressing).  I showed my parents, a few friends, mainly because I was like 'uhhhh, what am I missing...'  I didn't respond.  Nor did I respond to any of his texts, calls, etc. following the email.

Word on the street: he's interested in a different girl. I'm thanking my lucky stars (and God too...). I've only seen him a few times this semester--and when I do, I turn and walk (all-out sprint) the other way.  Hopefully my next 'nice' guy will actually be 'nice' and not a stage five clinger in sheep's clothes.

Have you ever dated a clingy member of the opposite sex?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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...I put change in people's parking meters that are about to expire :)

What (secret) random act of kindness do you like to commit?