Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I woke up this morning after 14 hours of sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was blog...I'm sick (as in I pondered in trying to take my sinuses out by myself the other night), finals are fast approaching, and people in general are just annoying me. My train of thought was the poor me--I don't have anything that I love today, wah wah wah. But I decided to have an attitude of gratitude...and that put a smile on my face.

Sobe lifewater "Pacific Coconut" with Coconut Water. I found this new fave at the gas station on sale for 2 for $2. Win. I've always loved coconut water--but it's so expensive and at times odd or chalky tasting. Sobe's version isn't chalky, tastes like coconut and at 80 calories for a 20 oz bottle...reads much better on the nutrition panel than most!

Omaha is finally getting a ChickfilA... I've never been, and I'm nervous that it's gonna be all hype and then a let down. Sigh.  But if I am going to stop by to try their Sweet Tea (just for you Lizanne) there anything else I need to try?

Remember how I was on a shopping hiatus (I'm still trying to be good). I had to pick up a couple stocking stuffers the other day...and shopping is my coping mechanism during finals I got this infinity scarf from Loft. I'm wearing it today--and it is much cuter on than it is in this picture :)

At my law school it's a tradition to give the Professors a round of applause after their last lecture. I think it's such a sweet tradition, and it is so much fun watching the Professor's different reactions to the applause.

Okay Bloggy Friends...Fill Me In, what is it that you're Loving today?!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Who You Gonna Call...GHOSTBUSTERS

I would be happy to wager that most of my friends as well as family would describe me as logical and realistic.  Yes, as far as the super natural goes, I'm still waiting for my Letter From Hogwarts telling me that I'm a Wizard...but that's about it.

Well, that was about it.

Friday Night, (I was house/pet sitting) I went to bed around 10pm.  The dog was in bed, the cat in the laundry room, the doors locked, lights off and alarm on.

I woke up in the middle of the night, super hot (not looks wise--middle of the night is never good lookswise). So I tossed the down comforter off, opened my eyes glanced at the clock: 1.39am, and then looked straight ahead of me (I sleep on my side) and saw a man--outlined in fire with a scary face holding the hand of a child--not outlined.  They were by the bed, and then slowly moved away until they disappeared into the next room. Scariest. Thing. Ever.

I unlocked my phone (it was unlocked the next morning--clearly NOT a dream). Looked at the clock again--now 1.41am. Closed my little eyes and started praying, saying "Our Fathers" and "Hail Marys." I fell into a very unsettled sleep pry a couple hours later, only to wake up around 6am--still petrified.

Am I still scared? No. Am I unsettled? Slightly. Do I believe in ghosts/spirits now? Absolutely. Am I happy to be back in my own bed? Duh.

Have you even seen a ghost? What do you think of my ghost story?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I ran 4 miles this morning at the gym. That might not seem like a lot...but considering I haven't been running and I ran the entire time, and I was only planning to run 3 miles, I'm super proud of myself.

I'm Loving My New Blog Followers (Hi New Friends), My New Twitter Followers, and some new blogs I'm following...As a gentle reminder, I want to get up to 75 followers so I can do a really fun giveaway :)

I'm still doing really well at not spending money, I am withdrawing a small amount for coffee, etc. every week, and I'm donating all my leftover 'coffee' money each week to St. Judes Research Hospital during the Holiday Season.

No class for the rest of the week!!! Unfortunately I'm studying/working retail during the entire break...I may have a Black Friday vent sesh recap for all of you on Saturday :)

Thanksgiving with my Immediate Family Tomorrow...and my Extended Family (on My Mom's Side) on Saturday.

I get to spend some time with RCM on Saturday (studying then lunch at the Market Basket) while she is in town over her break :)

I slept 17 hours last night (I went to bed at 630pm). It was magical.

What are you loving today!?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Electronic Trail

My Last 5 Google Searches:

1) Is Toby Keith Married?
2) Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney Concert Dates + Summer 2012
3) Understanding the Geneva Convention
4) Symptoms of Mono (because WebMD wasn't thorough enough)
5) How To + Comprehend + Secured Transactions

The Answers?:

1) Yes to a nice lady named Tricia...Since 1984. I was shocked to learn this (slightly unrelated) lil tidbit...Toby Keith is a Grandpa.

2) Yep, it's happening. Yes I'm going. Country Music+Booze+Cowgirl Boots (Do I need to continue?!) You can learn all about the concert right here :)

3) Lucky for me there was absolutely nothing in layman's terms. Awesome. Also a good chance I sent this to my LOAC professor and asked him to incorporate it into the final.

4) One of my friends saw this google search and asked me to google hypochondriac. Rude.

5) I found numerous study aids to buy. Quite a few pictures of attorneys who specialized in secured transactions. And dental floss, images of dental floss.

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Started My Friday Off With LJ...Using The Buy One Get One From The 'Bux. We  Each Got The Skinny, SF, Peppermint Mocha, No Foam/Extra Hot. LJ Studied PR and I Tried To Comprehend Secured Transactions.

I registered for my classes...and I got everyone I wanted (this is my not so tactful way for apologizing for complaining on Friday about the lack of classes). Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Witness Exam Skills, Trial Practice, Business Associations, and Street Law (we go into local schools and teach about the law).

I then spent the evening playing football, making some amazing paper airplanes (seriously, some of them were pretty bad*ss), playing Guess Who, and Having a Harry Potter Marathon with one of my most favorite boys!
Oh...and we got Frosties from Wendys. DELISH.

Saturday involved sleeping in (9.45am), studying, shopping for a nerd costume for JK's sister, going to Taco Johns, making Rice Krispy Bars (this was a major fail), going to Red Mango (yes I will be telling you how my 'diet' is going on Thursday...hahaha), watching The Ant Bully (super Cute)...
And Going to Family Fun Center (Indoor Arcade/Laser Tag/Mini Golf Type of Place)...which JK totally kicked major butt at (like he got a bajillion tickets).
Which Equated to Some Awesome Prizes!!!

Sunday I didn't take any pictures...but it was another day full of studying, playing on the computer, watching a movie, sleeping in, Panera, and just hanging with some of my favorite kids :)

Definitely a Whirlwind of a Weekend. I can't believe finals are in 2 weeks. Sigh.
Happy Monday Friends!!! How was your weekend?

Friday, November 18, 2011


Uhhh Thanksgiving is in less than a week. Where in the world has this month gone?

Have I ever mentioned to you that I totally have a "Mean Girls" habit?
(Not like obsessively watching the movie and being really sad about how beautiful LiLo used to be and how she's declined due to her 'lifestyle' for lack of a better term...)

My Mean Girls habit follows their jeans only one day a week...Fridays are always my (only) yoga pants/sweats days. LJ participates too. We're such a Mean Girl Clique (with two people, obvi).

I register for my 4th Semester of Law School today.
That within itself seems CRAZY to me. I'm slightly bugged (as is the rest of my class) for a lack of a selection of courses. I'm crossing my fingers that I get into all the courses I'm hoping for!!!

Remember my post from yesterday...? Me neither :)

However if you do, and care to indulge in something delicious (as in plain water just isn't your thing, it's not mine either)...try adding these zero calorie babies to your water!!!
Oh, and I have a mini crush on Apolo Ohno. I think it's the teeth and the smile.
Mom and Dad have been lucky enough to meet him in real life--and have breakfast with him. I wasn't invited. Mom did fill me in that he was way better looking in real life than in pictures. Sigh.

As always...leaving you with a couple tunes that have been on repeat for me this week!
"Lost" by Coldplay
(on a side note, Chris Martin is pretty fun to watch too)

Brief Disclaimer--this video totally made me blush...a lot.

Hope you have the MOST Wonderful weekend :) oxo

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weight Loss, Inspiration, and "Livestrong"

The Limitless Potential of You

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I signed up for this (free) website the other day. My friend GL recommended this after she got this frantic text from me last Thursday night:
EHA: So what are your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on Alli or other appetite suppressants (or any legalized form of speed)?
EHA: Kidding about legalized speed, but serious on the first part...I'm so tired of being the funny, fat, nice friend. Le sigh
(*GL was lucky on Thursday with only a texting poor Dad had to listen to me sob hysterically for a good 30 minutes about this on Friday night (I'm blaming the concussion)).

I know GL from the gym.  She teaches Tuesday boot camp and Wednesday spin class, we share makeup and whatever else we forget to get ready in the morning, and she is seriously like the most positive person ever, her wedding anniversary is on my birthday.  Oh, and she is awesome enough to be an accountability partner and Thursday/some Friday Morning workout buddy for me :)

Why LiveStrong as my inspiration for this week? I'm utilizing it to track foods eaten under the myplate feature, calories burned under the fitness feature, and to read articles about working out, weight loss, and the like.  It's inspiring when I look at the calorie tracker, the calories burned, and the calories consumed. It is inspiring to me to think I can stay accountable (even counting the lifesavers I was eating in T & E yesterday), honest, and focused on a goal.

As you may have thought upon reading my above text, (like I knew when I texted GL) there is no magic pill, bullet or drink that is going to make me look like an itty bitty.  Instead it is desire, exercise and (my least favorite part of the trifecta) diet. I'm inspired that I'm motivated enough to do something about what I see when I look in the mirror, and that my motivation is for myself.

Oh and just to keep that motivation and inspiration going...GL and I weigh in on Thursday mornings--So I'll keep you posted on my progress--so my normal Thursday Inspiration is going to revolve around my weight for a bit ;)

Fill me in Friends...What is Inspiring You Today!?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

**I Broke Down and Bought a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch!!! I've been taking classes at my gym and am always curious about my Calorie Burn (which this will magically tell me!) and I'm always curious about the Distance of my outdoor runs (which this also magically tracks)...Now I just have to patiently wait for it to arrive :)**

**The Christmas Lights were up around my gym this morning. It made me happy.**

**I'm watching some of my favorite kids all weekend while their parents go to the Bears-Chargers game...and I couldn't be more excited!!!**

**Once I get to 75 Followers I'm doing a super fun hurry up and follow me already ;)**

**Winter Break in about 5 weeks!!!**

**Web MD. It's like a gross obsession of mine--I currently (just on one list of symptoms (according to WebMD)) could have pancreatic cancer, ulcers, mono, liver failure, ovarian cysts, or my favorite of this list: the common cold. wtf?!**

**I know so many have blogged about this...but...THE HUNGER GAMES trailer--I was literally bouncing up and down while watching it on repeat for about 7 times.**

**I haven't had a meltdown/panic attack/nervous breakdown/heart palpitations due to finals stress yet. I'm thrilled.**

Happy Hump Day Friends...What Are You Loving Today!?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Thank You?

I was recently emailed by a friend--who (like me) grew up with specific notions and ideas. Some may say they're outdated, but I find them timeless. There is something about hand writing a thank you note when you receive a gift, or are welcomed into someones home.  There is something about a gentleman who opens the door for you, walks beside you--not in front and not behind, and insists on giving you a coat when he sees you're cold. There is something about a hostess gift, a kind word just because, or even a handwritten note or card just because.

But I digress.  My friend and her boyfriend attended 7 Weddings This Summer...and have received 1 Thank You Note for their 100+ dollar gifts. As her email said: "I think it is interesting because I don't consider myself traditional, but I do think there are simple forms of common courtesy that are dying and young people don't think they matter.  Yet It Does.  Another thing, to add to the ridiculousness of this, in some cases I bought bachelorette gifts, bridal shower gifts, helped with their wedding (programs, took presents to the reception), and still no thank you note."

This email from my friend literally caused my jaw to drop. I suppose because it is so foreign to me. But also because it is such a slap in the face to my friend. When I was in PCH's wedding this summer and she was extremely prompt with her thank you notes. It was nice to know that she appreciated what I had picked out for her, she appreciated my presence at the shower, and that she has fabulous manners (and gorgeous stationary).

As a child, when I would receive birthday or Christmas gifts, or gifts just because, my parents would not allow me to play with them until I hand wrote a thank you note...and they expected each and every thank you note to be unique. I plan on doing the same thing when I have children. Even today, I try (though school, and life, sometimes gets in the way) to write a prompt thank you note when I receive gifts...this year at my Birthday Party I put personal notes in the party favor bags to cover my bases, because I knew post my birthday, life was about to get crazy busy--Emily Post would pry frown at this...but it's better than nothing.

Am I in the wrong here...or just the minority?  When did a quick text or email become appropriate as a Thank You, or even worse, when did not thanking someone become par...? Is an email thank you note acceptable (I personally shudder at evites to weddings)? Or am are Thank You Notes completely Outdated...and should I have a Stationary Burning Party?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Night was Particularly Eventful for me.  Those of you who follow me on twitter might already know...but for those of you who don't (but should)...but I was working my retail job and had a huge picture fall on my head. Which equated to immediate dizziness, a very painful bump, and a minor concussion.

I was sent home...and as you can tell from the picture felt as awesome as I looked.
(You haveta know I love ya when I show you a picture of me sans makeup...gross)

Saturday I worked for a good chunk of the day...and bought this fabulous sweater (but in an light brushed gold color) :)

Following work, I had some major negative energy (from a personal situation) I wanted and needed to burn I went on a super long walk...this picture is one of the many reasons I love Nebraska. Small chance I got extremely lost on my walk, and went a few miles out of my way, and had to GPS myself back to the place where I was house sitting.

I studied Evidence and did a couple Cali Lessons...
and made some of my drab bobby pins, quite Fab! (thank you OPI).

Sunday was a lot more studying, another long walk, and work...and then more studying :)
I did make some time to watch one of my Favorite Shows...
Once Upon A Time
Soooooooooo Good. Seriously. Hulu it if you haven't started watching it yet. Ah-Maz-Ing.

Pretty boring, albeit productive, weekend for this girl!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!!! oxo

Friday, November 11, 2011


T.G.I.F. Loves.
My weekend consists of some pet/house sitting, working the Friends and Family Event at Ann Taylor, and Outlining/Starting to Practice Exams. It's okay if you're jealous--I'd be jealous of the last part too.

First and Foremost, for those of you who are veterans, for those of you whose mamas and daddys are veterans, for those of you who have a spouse that is a veteran. Thank You.  What you do each and every day is indescribable, and simply unimaginable. Thank You For Your Service.

Okay, not to be weird. But when it comes to Skittles I'll only eat the yellow, green and occasionally orange.  I prefer the Blue and Green M & M's, but let's get serious, I'll eat them all.  I think I'm traumatized from eating a Orange Lifesaver--it tasted like an orange peel. Le Gross.  Then I tried the Purple flavor (grape) and it was SOUR.  So I'll stick to Green, Red, Yellow, and The Off White (pineapple?) Life Savers.

I've Craving An Apple Fritter... When David and I were little we would (on special occasions) go to Winchells with mom, and get Warm Apple Fritters...I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or what--but I'm totally treating myself to one this weekend!!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I found this on Pinterest. It is currently my computer background.

Would y'all do me a favor and help me decide on which sweater to get?
Option A OR Option B
I know they're BOTH so different...but I just can't decide :)

Oh, and just because I can be sappy--here is that sweet Blake Shelton song. Sigh.

Have a Wonderful, Safe, Warm and FUN Weekend Friends. oxo

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

Thanks to Lizanne for the I just need it to inspire me :)

Happy Thursday Friends!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Cinnamon Apple Orchard FroYo from Red Mango. It is To. Die. For. Normally I eat my Red Mango with toppings...but I feel like toppings would ruin the amazingness of this flavor.

Looooong walk with KGE tonight

Sephora V.I.B. Party Thursday (whooopie). Gift Bags filled with amazing goodies, 20% off everything in the store, yummy treats.

I've gone to bed at 8 (by choice) the past two nights. Best Life Choice Ever.

Because I went to the Ann Taylor Holiday meeting this past Sunday Night...I get 70% off a sweater!!!

Speaking of Ann Taylor, its our Friends and Family (40% off sale and regular...NOT the normal 30%) Thursday-Sunday...if you know me in real life and want a discount card let me know, if you know me in blog life and want a discount card--I will happily snail mail you one...or two ;)

I turn in my final paper for Trusts and Estates today!!! I wrote about a section of the Texas Probate Code that I disagree with. I hate to throw around the word "enthralling" so loosely, but that is exactly what my paper is ;) (hopefully).

I made a friend at Spinning. Seriously. Like someone who I don't mind talking to at 540am before we start working out.

Oh...and this song (I know it's older, but I've been listening to it while outlining)!!!

Fill Me In Friends...What Is It That You're Loving Today!?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I feel so special that Claire over at Life In The Sweet Virginia Breeze awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. I honestly feel as if, through being blog/email friends with Claire, that we would totally be Real Life friends too!!! You should definitely head over to her blog if you get the chance :)

Here Are The Rules:
1. Thank The Blogger Who Awarded You This. DONE :)
2. Tell 7 Things About Yourself
3. Award This To 15 Other Bloggers

1. One of the Easiest Karoke Songs Not To Butcher "Shoop" by Salt and Peppa. I've done this twice--the first time in Compton (seriously) with MBG, the second time in Omaha with a rando barfly.

2. Speaking of MBG, when she and I were in 6th Grade we dyed our hair Hot Pink. Our (respective) mothers were not impressed and wouldn't let us go to the club for swimming/tennis/golf until ALL the pink was out of our hair.

3. I'm starting Mandrin Chinese Lessons to make myself more marketable. Not Rosetta Stone, but real, live, in person lessons!!!

4. I've never ever had a pet, unless you count the goldfish I won at a 4th of July pool party that was promptly flushed upon my arrival at home.

5. At least once a week I'll buy the person in line behind me at Starbucks Drink and tell them to have a wonderful day.

6. I have a strange aversion to the word "Moist..."

7. I love the smell of books--like old books at a library, definitely not textbooks.

I'm going to go with Claire's example and award this to a smaller amount of bloggers intsead of the 15 stated in the rules:

1) It's the blawg, ya'll.

2) Rebeka's Reflections

3) Torts and a Tiara

4) Wheresoever You Go--Go With All Your Heart

5) Just Rainbows and Butterflies

6) Hines-Sight Blog

7) I Do Declare

Monday, November 7, 2011

Still Fighting It

(**WARNING-This Post Makes Me Sound Like A Cranky Old Lady**)

"Everybody Knows...It Sucks To Grow Up
And Everybody Does...
Let me tell you what...the years go on...
and we're still fighting it."

Friday Night 9pm
TMA and I are at the Ben Folds Concert at the university where I attend law school. 

Surrounded by undergrads.

Some hussied it up the extreme, even more were wastey-face, others were dancing all over their friends, life partner, significant other, and some even matched, like OMG!

By 1020pm both TMA and I yawned multiple times.
I've uttered "this is way past my bedtime," to which TMA wholeheartedly agreed.

TMA and I were in similar get ups in Fryes, Jeans, and Sweaters (we dressed for the COLD night as well as the venue). We didn't realize that it was the hip thing to wear (1) booty plaid shorts, (2) very tiny black dresses, (3) and sky-high heels. Oops.

We missed the memo that when Ben Fold's piano breaks so he ad libs, takes rap requests from the audience, breaks out a drum kit, and manages to make this a once in a lifetime experience...that you're supposed to leave the show.

We also missed the memo that Ben Folds music is 'grind-worthy'.
It's never has been, never will be, and there is never any situation in which it is appropriate to do so to.

And one of the best parts of the night--when I looked at TMA and started off with "You realize we can get into bars," to which she responded "and unlike most of the people we're observing...not pay for one drink."

It's the little things, or realizations, courtesy of Ben Folds, that make growing up a little less painful.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Tomorrow is the MPRE...that means that I won't complain for about a week or two until I go into full finals meltdown mode. No need to thank me for the warning.

I don't often talk about law related work (clerking) on my blog, but I have share that I'm doing a really cool research project right now.  It started and finished (or so I thought) as a project last April. Then this past Tuesday I stumbled on an article exposing me to an area that I never would have thought about in regards to the topic.  It's something I'm so excited about, I'm so lucky that I'm allowed to reopen this project and continue to work on it, and I think it could turn into something really big!!!

I spent a good 3.5 hours at Panera on Wednesday Morning and had this on repeat the ENTIRE time.

I found both of these Running Workouts via Pinterest

I'm really excited to try them both...especially because I had the running bug SO BAD last year, and this year I still LOVE running, but I've been incorporating boot camp, spinning, etc. into my workout routine--which hasn't left much time (or motivation) for running! (I'm going to do at least 1 this weekend, so I'll let you know about them).

It is my Handsome Ging's 89th Birthday on Sunday

I am really lucky to have such an incredible Grandpa he taught me to fish (yep, I can put the worm on the hook, thank you very much), how to speak my mind, how to drive a truck (while in kindergarten), how when you get close to a hearing aide, they 'squeak', (he would always give all his grand kids a good 'squeak' after a hug and kiss goodbye), a couple super inappropriate jokes, to believe in my intelligence and myself, to love Jesus, and to love others!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends :) oxo

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Pueblo Indian Prayer

"Hold on to what is good, even if it's a handful of earth...
Hold on to what you believe, even if it's a tree that stands by itself...
Hold on to what you must do, even if it's a long way from here...
Hold on to your life, even if it's easier to let go....
 Hold on to my hand, even if I've gone away from you."

"Hold On..." - A Pueblo Indian Prayer

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Oh Hey November. So Happy To See You Again...Especially Since You Came In Yesterday with Sunshine and 70+ Degree Weather. The vicious and inaccurate weather man rumor mill said we might see snow today. Le Gross.

Today I'm LOVING:

*All of your comments on my posts from yesterday. They really touched my heart, and gave me some much needed encouragement, and made me thank you all so much!!!

*HH with KGE . I swear the two of us could talk for about 38 hours without stopping. And Sitting On a Patio Drinking Margs This Time Of Year...Pretty Awesome!

*Gmail Has A New Look, which I love. I'm so used to Facebook switching, and being absolutely baffled and annoyed with Kudos to Google. Speaking of Gmail...if you ever want to email me, feel free :)

*Some Much Needed Sister-In-Law Time With KHA.

*T-Pain 5 O'Clock feat. Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen
I'm a huge fan of the original Lily Allen song--but this is pretty good

*Fall TV.  I'm obsessed. Its not normal. I truthfully don't have time to watch it all in one I usually Hulu my shows (Grey's, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser, Pan Am...) and watch 10 minutes and then study for a few hours...and then watch 15 minutes, etc.

*Ben Folds Concert on Friday with TMA!!! I absolutely love (as in I kinda have a crush on the 'sing-off' version/singer/nerdy dude/silver-ish fox) Ben!

So Fill Me In Friends...What Are You Loving Today!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Am I Still Single? Part 1

"I just don't get why you're still single..." seems to be the popular phrase or topic of choice in regards to me lately. The good news is I'm in the same boat as the person saying it to me, as in I don't get it either. Actually, I do...but it doesn't make that comment any less annoying amusing.

It's my choice. And gasp, it's something that, considering where I am in my is exactly where I want to be. (This isn't to say if I met Mr. Right, I wouldn't fall madly in love and stop being single...This isn't saying I'm opposed to meeting Mr. Right. Seriously. I have 2 wingmen. (Different story for a different time...) And, this isn't to say that I haven't been on some epically bad dates lately, I have.).

So why am I choosing to be single?  For a few reasons, but I'm only highlighting one this week:

1) I don't believe in settling.  Within the past year I've dated two separate guys (at two separate times). Guys who were perfect on paper. As in: they had secure, six-figure jobs they loved and they were both in their late twenties; they loved Jesus; loved to wine and dine me; wanted seriously relationships--both of them talked to me about engagements, houses, kids; both had advanced degrees; athletic; handsome; you get the point. 

When I was with one of them I was  completely devoid of emotion.  Not bored, but just drained.  I felt nothing in regards to him.  He would talk about how he L_ved me (which freaked me out) and missed me, etc. and I would literally feel nothing of that sort.  What I felt the most about this one was guilt.  I felt so guilty all the time that I didn't feel anything toward him, and so guilty that he felt this way about me...and the worst part was that I couldn't reciprocate.

When I dated the other one I felt stressed.  Not like the driven, competitive stress that I thrive on.  But the "oh, sh*t, I have to entertain you" type of stress.  He was, also incredible, but someone that made me feel that I had to somehow earn his praise, attention, etc. It was exhausting. Plus, there was absolutely no chemistry. Like when he kissed me for the first (and last) time, I called my buddy KM in tears asking him what was wrong with me.  Thankfully KM had no problem telling me that I was in fact a great kisser, and that being bored when you kiss someone for the first time is pry a red flag,  and that a kiss that made me cry was pry one of the funniest things ever.

Which brings me back to my original premise. I don't want to settle. I can't let myself settle for someone who has 'everything...but' or for someone that I don't feel anything toward.  Sure that may make me sound selfish, mean, or as one of them referred to me as a 'cold-hearted b*tch.' (he's still single if anyone is interested).

 As one of my friends from undergrad said in an email the other day: Emily, you're going to need one hell of a man to keep up with ordinary men allowed. So that's exactly what I'm going to wait for...someone who isn't "Everything...but," but someone who is "Everything."

November Accountability

Happy November 1st. 

Quick Post To Hold Me Accountable:

(1) I'm giving up Candy (yes my favorite food group) for a Week. 

(2) I'm not doing any sort of retail therapy (shopping) until Black Friday

(3) I'm going to try to blog each and every week day this month!!!

What are you doing to make your November Sweet!?