Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I love quotes. A sentence or two that I can relate to, a song lyric that reinforces something, or a phrase that totally shakes me to the core. My iPhone "notes" are filled with quotes, song lyrics, or proverbs that I love; and that are a go to when I need a pickmeup. Words I read and absorb to reinforce the positive--most are good rules to live by, or standards to have. 
Soooooo for my blog today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite "Pinterest" quotes from the past week or two. (Some are goofy, some are more serious, some are easier to relate to than others, but all have had some impact on me lately--whether that impact is putting a smile on my face, having an attitude of gratitude, or reminding me that the past is in the past for a reason).

With all of that being said, obviously none of it by me, I hope these words put a smile on your face (especially the Britney reference), make you think, or even made you feel special (even if just for a second)--like they tend to do for me. 

Have a great day & Thanks for reading!

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