Friday, January 11, 2013

Confessional Friday

T.G.I.F. Friends. This week has felt so so so long. I'm not sure if it was the "holiday hangover," where working full time at my law clerk job, and then adding on hours at my retail job, and then working out every day (yep patting myself on the back right now) caused me to be a zombie...or if it's just because the hubub of the Holidays has worn off and it's back to reality. Anywho, I have lots to say today, so I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.

I confess that I didn't quite know what to do myself during the 'winter break' for all of my favorite television shows. I am so so so happy that my tv shows are back. For example, I heard "Change Your Mind" (lyrics found here) sung by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio this week on Nashville. Ohmygoodnessgracious. Aside from being obsessed with almost everything (wardrobes, hair, home decor, and the guilty pleasure drama...) about that show, now this song. 

I confess that I'm terrified by the ads that are popping up on Facebook and Gmail. I really dislike how my recent searches are suddenly infiltrating my sidebars.

I confess that after I heard the forecast for this weekend (frigid temperatures and high winds), I contemplated (like typed out text messages) cancelling my weekend plans.

I confess that my daddy has never ever used the terms mature or wise to describe me, or my decision making capabilities...and this past week he has used those terms numerous times.

I confess that I ate a bowl of puppy chow for dinner last night (and may have had some Hershey's Kisses for dessert)...and it was worth. every. last. bite.

I confess that I'm bursting with excitement to tell all of you about a really big girl purchase that I'm making...but need to wait just a little bit longer :)

TGIF & Thanks For Reading!!!


  1. oh... I'm excited about this big girl buy! If it's a channel bag can you get me one too? k. thanks.

  2. I changed my FB settings so it can't track me. It's a bit of a pain because now I can't "Like" articles and share on my wall right from an article, but I hated that ppl could see which articles I was reading (let's face it, I gotta get my gossip columns in!) so I changed my privacy settings on "Apps" and "Ads".

    Excited to hear about this purchase!

  3. ooh, i'm a fan of that puppy chow too!

  4. you have me craving puppy chow! I love Nashville too- I have a major girl crush on Connie Britton- she is just SO cool!