Thursday, January 31, 2013

this and that.

It's Thursday Morning...I have nothing coherent to say. I've been staring at a blank screen (sporadically since last night) trying to decide what to blog about. Photo Shelves for walls (target, IKEA, or Pottery Barn), my almost miraculous eye cream, or just  this and that. I figured this and that was the best bet since I'm still half asleep...and don't think that'll be changing anytime soon. 

This article about a group of men who have played a game of tag lasting 23 years. Every February their nationwide game goes "live" for a month, and the lengths they go to in order to tag each other is pretty crazy, albeit awesome. It's kind of a long article--but reading it made me want to play 'grown-up tag' as well! 

My Vitamin String Quartet Radio Station on Pandora is awesome. As of late, this station is all I've listened to at work and while I study. It's basically classical, electro strings, piano covers of popular songs, oldies, and some legitimate classic pieces (Beethoven, Bach, Chopin). Plus, I'm comfortable playing it in my office without worrying about offending any attorneys with my exquisite taste in music (Teeny Bopper Pop, Hip Hop, Country...).

I've been off the workout wagon for about 6 weeks. Although, I've gotten in sporadic workouts I'm to the point where I can tell that I haven't been working out--just based on how I feel, the fit of my pants, and overwhelming sense of guilt I have about lack of cardio...(all of these factors are coupled with no lack of sugar and carbs). I honestly don't have the time, or desire to wake up at 4 something to get to the gym (however, I know when I do it, I feel amazing the rest of the day). I'm so frustrated with myself in this I'm trying out Title Boxing Club this weekend, which will hopefully inspire me to get back on track (and I just bought a month worth of classes and gloves from living I better like it!). I also found the pictured February Ab Workout on Pinterest this morning, so I'm going to start incorporating that into my day tomorrow.

This was also a Pinterest find that made me giggle...a lot.Especially since I'm a huge grammar snob or fanatic, and may or may not judge grammar errors. (*Even though I do make my fair share, as this post proves).

Okay, that's enough of this and that. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday, and as always, Thanks for Reading =D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

We made it to Wednesday (which always feels like an accomplishment). I'm embarrassingly sore from shoveling snow at 6 this morning. It was cold, the snow was heavy, but on a lighter note (ha) it was so peaceful. However my normal 30ish minute commute was anything but peaceful. My drive turned into a 90 minute commute--it was ugly. So, I'm going to focus on the pretty today =D Here are just a few pretty things I'm wishing for today:

A Cole Haan Village Satchel in Aster Purple. I love the structure and size of this bag...along with the color, and I'm normally not a color person. Also, and I realize this just might be specific to me, but I have always been partial to the leather Cole Haan uses for their bags and shoes. Drool. 

Dior Addict Lip Glow. Word on the street is that this sheer lip balm reacts with the natural pigments in your lip and turns your lips their very own, and very perfect shade of pink. Even better...the shade lasts all day long. It's something that I'm dying to try...but 40 dollars for lip balm is just a little excessive in my book.

The Kate Spade Lucie Wedge. I love everything about this shoe--the details, hardware, and mix of materials. I'm also a wedge girl (I'm wearing heels today--and remembering all the reasons why I prefer wedges, boots, or flats). Plus the Lucie just screams to me that warmer temperatures are surely on their way...

A Keurig Platinum Plus Brewing System. It is rare that I'll start my day without coffee, and I think having this would make waking up so much easier. Plus, I'm a flavored coffee lover...and there are so many different flavors to try. (Does anyone have a Keurig? Thoughts?!)

The Maxine Bar Cabinet from Crate and Barrel. I love everything about this cabinet--the different colors of wood, the storage space, the fact that it opens up into a bar, and the 16 bottle wine rack. I never really understood or appreciated bar cabinets until a few months ago--and now I'm coveting about 9 different ones...the one I'm sharing with you is my favorite.

What are you wishing for today?
Thanks for reading =D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's the first Monday in the LAST week of January. (This month has been an absolute whirlwind--buying my house, starting school, pet/house/baby sitting almost every weekend--and I've loved every second of it... except the bleeding money part when it comes to the house).
My weekend was no exception to the whirlwind, although it was a more of a 'grown up' whirlwind that I'm used to. Studying on Friday and Saturday night til midnight or later, working on briefs and motions for work, drinking a tiny bit of Spanish wine, Jessup practice on Saturday and Sunday morning, and the pet/house/baby-sitting thing too.

I might be smiling so big in the picture with J & O because "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3" just finished... Or because we didn't make a huge mess finger painting.  On a side note, I think finger painting is an extremely underrated form of art, and I probably had just as much fun...if not more than J & O did finger painting. 

Along with baby-sitting on Saturday, I spent my weekend with sweet Bella (my favorite Golden to pet sit) Quick Soapbox: do not take dogs on long long long walks wearing Fryes (or any boot) that aren't broken in. My Texas Sized blister thanks you for listening. 

I got a replacement (new) iPhone, saw Zero Dark Thirty, drank copious amounts of coffee, did a little bit of part-time work, found the perfect coffee and end tables from Pottery Barn, and spent an hour last night trying to schedule my week. I gave up after Wednesday. 

Have a Great Monday & Thanks for Reading!
How was your weekend?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I love quotes. A sentence or two that I can relate to, a song lyric that reinforces something, or a phrase that totally shakes me to the core. My iPhone "notes" are filled with quotes, song lyrics, or proverbs that I love; and that are a go to when I need a pickmeup. Words I read and absorb to reinforce the positive--most are good rules to live by, or standards to have. 
Soooooo for my blog today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite "Pinterest" quotes from the past week or two. (Some are goofy, some are more serious, some are easier to relate to than others, but all have had some impact on me lately--whether that impact is putting a smile on my face, having an attitude of gratitude, or reminding me that the past is in the past for a reason).

With all of that being said, obviously none of it by me, I hope these words put a smile on your face (especially the Britney reference), make you think, or even made you feel special (even if just for a second)--like they tend to do for me. 

Have a great day & Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Happy Hump Day!!! 

I've been enjoying posting about my "wish" list the past couple of Wednesdays, so I figured I'd continue the same song and dance til you, or I, get bored with it.  Since I've been furniture shopping (Anthro, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen) the last weekend or two this wishlist might be a little heavy on the interior design pieces that I'm coveting (and hoping that Target may replicate in the very near future).

These Rhodes Canisters from Pottery Barn. I stumbled on to these because I was searching for monograms instead of the practical things (couch, bed, barstools, etc.) and, I fell in love because Pottery Barn is able to monogram them (where the written words are in the picture). I love that! I also like the option to not monogram the canisters and use them for whatever treats I want (candy)...or even utilize them in different rooms (bathroom for cotton balls, etc., laundry room for...?)

This Kate Spade Spring Street bedding set in Cream and White. I stumbled onto it at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day, and fell in love with the neutral colors, (that can be complimented with fun accent pillows (or as the picture shows...SHOES!)). It also made my bed bath and beyond trip less terrifying overwhelming. 

A Steamworks Pro Steamer by Singer. Ironing, actually laundry in general, will never be described as a strong suit of mine. With that being said, wrinkled clothes, are a huge pet peeve for me. So, I figure a steamer would be the perfect edition to my laundry room, and if nothing else will make ironing foolproof (or really fun)!

And last but not least...Restoration Hardware's 1940s French Upholstered Barrel Back Counter Stools. These are exactly what I need on a Maslow hierarchy level, want. Like most pieces for the home that I like, they are neutral, classic, and I can use them forever (this is the point where I'm hoping my parents read my blog). 

So those few things are what I'm wishing for today... What are you wishing for?
Thanks for reading =D

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue and White

I've been in a Blue mood lately. Actually, I've been in a blue and white mood... I love the delicate floral pattern of a deep blue fading into a softer blue atop a white background. I think pieces for any home with this pattern are not only timeless, but can really "make" a room.

Since some of the pieces can be expensive, I started my "collection" off with this shirt from Forever 21...that I'm sporting today :)

I found this Dominique Vorillon room (on my Pinterest Account) from 1st Dibs . I'm not crazy about the artwork, however I love the little touches of blue and white (the pillows and the tablecloth underneath the vases) that seem to bring the entire room together while making sure the coral color isn't too overpowering.

This place setting was also a Pinterest find. I love the different patterned Blue and White chargers underneath the plates. I also think a bright solid color, or a gold would be stunning as well. I also love the contrast between the tablecloth and votives compared to the flatware, settings, crystal, and vases.

This was another pinterest find, from The Pink Pagoda. I would LOVE to come home to this look on a regular basis... although (and maybe this is because I'm craving warmer weather) I would love some bright beautiful hydrangeas filling the vases instead of the above flowers.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you own any of these pieces, or pieces similar to the above ones?

Have a great day & Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday and Martin Luther King Jr. day. Which means my weekend isn't quite over yet, although with an early morning oil change, personal training, home inspection, classes, and an evening Jessup practice. Today (coupled with the weekend) doesn't quite feel like the relaxing long weekend I was hoping for. Regardless, here is a quick recap of a low-key, albeit productive, weekend.

Saturday Morning was spent at Jessup practice formulating and outlining oral arguments.

The rest of Saturday was spent studying and working out...all done under the supervision of Sweet Bella (one of my favorite puppies to spend the weekend with).

I made 3-step Double Chocolate Caramel Truffles...
and then had a mini spa night, treating my hair to a shine treatment (more on that later this week), nails to a manicure, legs to some sunless tanner, and face to a deep cleansing orange bergamot mud mask. Bliss

I grabbed coffee with a girlfriend Sunday morning, worked retail, studied, and then had some "friend therapy" as one of my girlfriends so aptly called it.
We went to pitch...where we had Brussel Sprouts and the craziest pizza (we told our serve to use his imagination) that turned out to so delicious that we almost ordered another one, b ut decided against it, which was probably a good thing since we had some Creme Brulee with rumchata stirred in--ohmygoodness. 

I think our laughter and conversation may have amused the entire bar... especially with the sangria (dragon fruit, passion fruit, pear, and mango) flowing! (I think one of my favorite lines was in regards to one of my friend's relationship, where her mama recently told her, "Honey, even Lance Armstrong apologizes...")

Happy Monday Friends & Thanks For Reading =D

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back To School

Today marks my last first day of school. 

I just added it up... Between preschool, 7 years elementary school, 2 years middle school, 4 years high school, 4 years college, and 3 years law school. That's more than 20 years of my life that I've been in school. Crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'm really excited about my final semester of law school... I have a fantastic schedule which will permit me to clerk all the time at the job I love, and focus on the subjects I love. I'm taking Appellate Litigation, Pretrial Litigation, Defense of Criminal Cases (on the Federal Level), Civic Organizing and Democracy, and I'm the captain of, and an oralist on, our traveling International Appellate Litigation team.

What I am  looking forward to the most is the unknown (this is coming from the type-a planner). What comes after I graduate (other than the Bar Exam). The great adventures I'm ready to have, changing the world, all the things I want to, and am so excited to, accomplish during my lifetime. I have to couple my ambition with gratitude. It amazes me that I have been blessed enough to, and live in a place that allows me to, have an incredible education and all the opportunities that it has presented me. I can't wait to see what my (years of) education is going to allow me to do in the future. 

Happy Thursday & Thanks for Reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House & Home

I alluded to a "big girl" purchase recently.
Emily from Blue Dog Belle guessed a Chanel Bag (sigh), one of my girlfriends texted me asking if it was a Porsche Cayenne (double sigh coupled with laughter), another one emailed me and asked if it was Europe (crossing my fingers on that). Clearly my friends think I have much better taste than I can actually afford at this point in my life... =D However, I have to hint say any and all of the above would be fabulous law school graduation presents. (Now I'm sure you're laughing).

I. Bought. A. House.

Like my very own, real life, I still can't believe it, house.
(The above picture is from Pinterest...definite dream house)
I signed my end of the Purchase Agreement and put my Ernst Money down on Thursday...and Friday afternoon, I found it it was Mine (!)

My calendar now has things including "Service One," "Home Inspection," "Deep Cleaning Day..." My to-do list suddenly includes "price furniture," "setting up a security system," and "bidding painters." My outings and shopping are now done with things like "mortgage," "utilities," "HOAs," and "taxes/insurance" in mind. 

With all of these new and unknown things, I have to tell you, I could not be any more happy, excited, or scared for this adventure to start. Initially, I was going to wait to buy a house and wait to move until after the Bar Exam at the end of July.  However, the timing, price, location, size, and rates were perfect. I truly believe my Realtor finding this place for me had to be directed by Divine Intervention.

(Another Pintrest Dream with all the wood floors)

I don't have any idea what I need to know, to buy, to do...and that's where you come in! What are your hints for moving, that must have item that you never thought of, and things to scrimp on and things to splurge on...

Can't wait to hear your tips, suggestions, & ideas!

Happy Hump Day & Thanks For Reading

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vent Sesh

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Actually my bed is pushed against a I can only wake up on one side of the bed. But, with the mood I'm currently in, I think I could make Medusa look like Mother Theresa. 

I started out typing an uncharacteristically cranky post, actually a post of mini rants/vents. That's one thing (of many things) about my blog that I love. I can be honest, I can be myself, and I don't have to apologize for it. After I wrote my rants, then minimized my screen, and re read them...I deleted the entire post. 

So I'm going to tell you 5 things that are making me smile through my foul mood:

1) I have a delicious salad for lunch... Spinach with Blueberries, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, and fresh Mozzarella. 

2) My local coffee shop (which is my daily morning stop for a flavored coffee with half and half in my travel mug) was serving my favorite flavored coffee ("Highlander Grogg") this morning.

3) This Picture:

4) My January Birchbox was shipped last week, and I just checked the shipping status and should be getting it today or tomorrow (!!!)

5) I'm making myself take a dance class at Lifetime tonight.

Okay, what's making you smile today...I'd love to hear!
Happy Tuesday & Thanks for reading 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Monday (I rolled my eyes when I wrote that). I cannot believe it is already the middle of January. My final semester of law school begins on Thursday...I have started to wonder where these past three years have gone. My weekend flew by...and this week is already promising to be an extremely busy , so hopefully (the first half) flies by as well.

Friday night AB and I went out for Sushi (the roll is smothered in guac...combining two of my favorite food groups, mildly questionable, but surprisingly delish) and a Fishbowl...I promise it looks super imposed in the picture, and that it took us a really long time to finish it. The bottom picture is after the fishbowl. Success.

Saturday involved retail (work, not therapy), pet sitting for two of my favorite puppies (Bailey and Zoey), meeting my Godfather for coffee, and a little bit of fun...Moscow Mules, Curry Fries & Spicy Kabob, and spending some time with some of my favorite dudes while watching the Packers/49er's Game and schooling them at darts. 

Sunday again involved retail (again, work, not shopping), a trip to Costco with Dad--where he bought me their soft serve ice cream for breakfast (no wonder he and I are best friends), spending time with the adorable Bailey and Zoey, a coffee date with my Godmother (I had so much fun...we talked for 2 hours), watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet with my parents...and working on our Jessup International Moot Court Memorials (Briefs) that are due this coming Tuesday. 

How was your weekend? Any big/exciting plans this coming week?

Happy Monday & Thanks for Reading

Friday, January 11, 2013

Confessional Friday

T.G.I.F. Friends. This week has felt so so so long. I'm not sure if it was the "holiday hangover," where working full time at my law clerk job, and then adding on hours at my retail job, and then working out every day (yep patting myself on the back right now) caused me to be a zombie...or if it's just because the hubub of the Holidays has worn off and it's back to reality. Anywho, I have lots to say today, so I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.

I confess that I didn't quite know what to do myself during the 'winter break' for all of my favorite television shows. I am so so so happy that my tv shows are back. For example, I heard "Change Your Mind" (lyrics found here) sung by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio this week on Nashville. Ohmygoodnessgracious. Aside from being obsessed with almost everything (wardrobes, hair, home decor, and the guilty pleasure drama...) about that show, now this song. 

I confess that I'm terrified by the ads that are popping up on Facebook and Gmail. I really dislike how my recent searches are suddenly infiltrating my sidebars.

I confess that after I heard the forecast for this weekend (frigid temperatures and high winds), I contemplated (like typed out text messages) cancelling my weekend plans.

I confess that my daddy has never ever used the terms mature or wise to describe me, or my decision making capabilities...and this past week he has used those terms numerous times.

I confess that I ate a bowl of puppy chow for dinner last night (and may have had some Hershey's Kisses for dessert)...and it was worth. every. last. bite.

I confess that I'm bursting with excitement to tell all of you about a really big girl purchase that I'm making...but need to wait just a little bit longer :)

TGIF & Thanks For Reading!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be Yourself

The title of the post, is something that I've discovered to be much easier said than done... To be perfectly honest, it is something that I've struggled with over the years. Even to this day, I have to remind myself to well, just be myself. It's easy to adapt to your surroundings and emulate those you surround yourself with. Becoming a chameleon, or wallflower so you don't have to decide who you want to be is another option (this is never my go to)... or on the other end of the spectrum creating a larger than life personality that outshines so many different attributes of the real you. 

Over the past few weeks, I've had a handful of people (friends, colleagues, acquaintances, who all have a completely objective view of me) inform me that something has changed about me, and they like this version of Emily better (actually, a lot of them have used the phrase "old self"). At first I was completely baffled and slightly hurt by their unsolicited opinion(s)... but then after this subject kept coming up with different people, I realized  that they are all correct. Something has changed. I'm not only being myself, but I'm loving who that is turning out to be. 

I've been trying to put my finger on the catalyst, and I have a couple ideas what might have prompted a change, but when it comes down to it--it wasn't someone or something--but the ultimate change was within myself. The something that has given me insurmountable confidence, renewed my ambition, made me wake up each and every day with a huge smile, excited and thankful, to be alive. 

Thanks for letting me share this newfound or renewed happiness and confidence with all of you. I know it's much more personal than I normally blog about. But, it was on my heart...and since I have the propensity to wear my heart on my sleeve... I figured why not!  

Happy Thursday & Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List

Making a wish list last Wednesday was like opening up a can of worms. I've been dreaming about $17,000 tufted couches from Restoration Hardware since...but on the plus side the shower curtain I was coveting from Anthro is on sale now!!! And it was so much fun to share with you the things that I've been drooling over (figuratively drooling, I swear), so I figured why not, I love wishful thinking, so I'll do it again :)

Le Creuset's Signature Collection 6-Piece Set in "Caribbean Blue." I absolutely love Le Creuset, they have so many fun pieces...and they last forever. I'm obsessed with this shade of blue, maybe because it's the middle of winter, or maybe because it would distract from my cooking. Who knows, but I LOVE it.

This is more of a "need" than a wish... I need a new gym bag, and I really want the Do It Up Duffel from Lulu Lemon. I love the quality of each and every Lulu product I own,  I appreciate the functionality and practicality of this bag, along with the fact that it can hold so much, and that it is in black  (although they have a couple others with really fun colors and prints). I also think that this would transition really well for a weekend getaway what am I waiting for, right?

During the winter and summer months, I use a sugar scrub almost religiously (I recently stocked up on some of my favorite at Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale). After seeing so many recipes for homemade scrubs on Pinterest, I've started to research different types of sugar scrubs. I've read really good reviews about the Trish McEvoy Body Polish Sugar Scrub... like you literally glow and it smells like heaven type of good things. So I think this would be really fun to try, and compare, to what I normally use!

Farouk Touch Screen Hair Dryer. Okay I'm sure you're laughing while reading this, and I'm almost embarrassed for posting that I want this... But, like the gym bag, I really need a new hair dryer. And this one seems like a robot,  dries hair in less than half of normal drying time (hello 5-7 minutes of extra sleep)...and is super quiet. I can't quite figure out the cost, and I'm sure I don't want to...but seriously--a robot hair dryer--amazing!

I realize Valentine Candy just came out...and that I'm writing this post at 8 in the morning. But I really really really would love some of the Reeses Pieces Eggs. 

What are you Wishing for today?

Happy Hump Day & Thanks for reading =D