Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue and White

I've been in a Blue mood lately. Actually, I've been in a blue and white mood... I love the delicate floral pattern of a deep blue fading into a softer blue atop a white background. I think pieces for any home with this pattern are not only timeless, but can really "make" a room.

Since some of the pieces can be expensive, I started my "collection" off with this shirt from Forever 21...that I'm sporting today :)

I found this Dominique Vorillon room (on my Pinterest Account) from 1st Dibs . I'm not crazy about the artwork, however I love the little touches of blue and white (the pillows and the tablecloth underneath the vases) that seem to bring the entire room together while making sure the coral color isn't too overpowering.

This place setting was also a Pinterest find. I love the different patterned Blue and White chargers underneath the plates. I also think a bright solid color, or a gold would be stunning as well. I also love the contrast between the tablecloth and votives compared to the flatware, settings, crystal, and vases.

This was another pinterest find, from The Pink Pagoda. I would LOVE to come home to this look on a regular basis... although (and maybe this is because I'm craving warmer weather) I would love some bright beautiful hydrangeas filling the vases instead of the above flowers.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you own any of these pieces, or pieces similar to the above ones?

Have a great day & Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Loving this. That was my Grandma's absolute favorite, she left quite a few pieces to me, but they're all sitting in the attic at my parents house. maybe one day once I buy my own place I'll be able to pull them out!

  2. I love blue and white! I'm hoping to have a set of blue and white china one day--so pretty!

  3. Timeless is a good way to describe that print. I really love that shirt (good forever 21 finds are my favorite) and the second picture with the corals and blue/whites is so pretty!

  4. I love the mix of blue, white and coral! I also love the look of a cabinet filled with blue and white goodies!

  5. It's gorgeous. I am immediately reminded of this dress: http://tinyurl.com/ahol9bf (yes, I have a bit of a girl-crush)