Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I think everyone can remember their first...second...third...millionth crush. I can. I think if I wrote ever single one out that would be funny (like cute guy with brown hair at the gym who always wears under armor and has the same heart rate monitor as me). I think it's even more surprising that at 25 I still get crushes--some have the shelf life of Britney Spears' first marriage, some last a bit longer...and some, well I'm just hoping they'll end soon. Sigh.

Funny story about crushes:  Christmas Eve (so just a couple days ago) I was at work at Ann Taylor, helping a nice man buy a few (fabulous) outfits for his wife.  While I was ringing him up I recognized his last name and asked him if he by chance knew or was related to a boy named "Alex" to which he replied with a simple "Yes." I took that as an invitation to keep going...and I may have gushed about how I used to have the hugest crush on this boy (Alex) in 6th grade...he was my Cotillion Dance partner (we would always get in trouble for laughing during class or miscounting the waltz step), and he was so cute, etc.  The sweet man (grinning ear to ear by this time) informed me Alex was his son, and he was home for Christmas, and he couldn't wait to tell this story at their Christmas dinner. It's been a long time since I've blushed that bad...or been at a complete loss for words.

I may have been a little "Crushed" (Get it!? hahhahahah)--I don't think I'll ever live this down (my manager witnessed the whole thing)--but it made me laugh, and hopefully makes you laugh (or at least your hump day a little more amusing).

Thanks For Reading!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Happy Friday!!! I hope most, if not all of you are going to enjoy a very long (4 day) weekend...

So far this week I've worked at my law job...and my retail started house/pet sitting. I really wish money grew on trees (Santa, if you're reading this I would like a money tree...Please)

Since Monday, I've been obsessively checking my grades online (does anyone else do this or is just me being weird?). I have 2 of my 6 classes I suppose I'll just keep checking every hour, on the hour, to see if any of my other grades were posted.

I signed up for a half marathon (this will be my third...which doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm super proud that I have two under my belt) :) yay! I've run it before, and it is super flat (!), there are so many fans (!!), and so many of my friends have signed up to do this as their first half marathon ever...and I'm so excited for them (!!!). RKW and I are going to do our long runs together on Sunday you guessed it, Christmas morning we're starting that 'habit' and going on a super long (okay like 5-6 mile) run!!!

Tonight, we have our immediate (Mom, Dad, David, Kathryn, and yours truly) family Christmas, and I'm really excited. I don't like the Holidays very much--but I really love the celebration aspect, the religious aspect (see yesterday's post if you're curious about that aspect), giving presents, and spending time with those I love the most...

Merry Christmas Friends :) Sorry for the Random Post, I'm literally falling asleep as I'm writing this... What are you doing on your long weekend? How was your week?

Thanks For Reading!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

-Luke 2:8-14

Remember the Reason for The Season
Merry Christmas Friends!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mr. Wrong #18

It was a perfect late summer/early fall day. I had my books, computer, large flavored coffee, iPod, sunglasses and a perfect table outdoors!!!  It never fails (I'm gonna blame it on my friendly face, although it could be the law school textbooks) that people around me seem to want to talk to me.  That day was no exception...I noticed the guy at the table next to me talking to his computer (I talk to Siri on my iphone, so I can't judge too much)--or at least getting frustrated with it by the increasing volume of his voice.  At one of my attempted snotty glances over (hoping to get him to STFU) I happened to catch his eye--and he, without missing a beat, stopped talking to his computer...and started talking to me. (Yes, my iPod was in at this point).

Him: "I promise I'm not crazy, it's just that this girl that I have a skype date with, who I've never met...isn't answering my skype you think I mixed up the times...I've tried to call her 8 times already--do you think I should try again?"
Yours Truly: "No, I think she doesn't want to talk to you...or thinks it's weird that you're skype-ing without meeting."
Him: "Oh, no...we met."
Me: "Okay, well maybe something happened when you met that she didn't care for..."
Him: "We didn't meet in person (looking at me incredulously) we met in a special online dating service."
Me: "That's old are you?" (I don't think online dating is weird (I wouldn't do it), but this guy was surprisingly attractive--and looked young-ish).
Him: "25"
Me: "Still that's really weird...why are you dating online, you're young and cute enough... why can't you just meet girls at the gym, at church, work, volunteering, or at your bar of choice...?" (tact isn't always my strong suit)
Him: "Well, I'm just looking for a certain type of girl that I can't meet anywhere else...I want her to be Catholic."
Me: "Seriously...that's it? Just start spitting game at mass, or you could wait til after the homily is shouldn't have any trouble finding love."
Him: "It isn't so simple, I've been called by God (I meet all the crazies in my city) just like George W. was...and many other great leaders be the President of the United States."
Me: (laughter...then seeing his stony glare) "Oh, shit, you're serious...why do you need a certain type of Catholic girl for this?"
Him: "She needs to be my rock, understand how the public will love me--and not be jealous of their admiration, she needs to support me and my decisions, be someone the country will love, and of course be beautiful and a devout Catholic."
Me: "That sounds simple...that's kinda embarrassing that you haven't been able to find someone yet."
Him: (Not picking up on my sarcasm) "What about you...are you single? I really feel like this meeting could be orchestrated by a higher power. Why don't you tell me about yourself."
Me: Well, I'm 24, I'm in law school...and I have political aspirations myself.
Him: (Grinning like he won the lottery) "Doesn't this feel like it could be (no joke--he looked and pointed at the sky) Divine?"
Me: "Well I do believe that God puts people in our path for a reason, but I don't believe this meeting is Divine in the sense that you do...I'm planning on being the President as well."
Him: "You're way too outspoken...are you always like this? Because I don't think that you'd make a very good First Lady by my side...Can't you understand why I like to meet girls online now?"
Me: (beginning to pack my bags up...biting my tongue) "Thanks for making online dating an even scarier place that I'll never visit...Happy Tuesday!!!"

7 Minutes Later My Phone Buzzes...Facebook Friend Request...Denied.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Well, my complaining (in regards to finals) is officially over... As of 11.30am yesterday, I handed in my 5th exam (my trusts and estates take home final) and I became a free woman!!!

Apologies in advance if this post is more incoherant than normal. I swear I have no brain cells left after the past two weeks of exams.

So what am I doing over break?

Working at the Law Job...Working at Ann Taylor...Spending Time With Friends Who Went To The Back Burner This Semester...Working Out...Sleeping...Talking To All of You Everyday...Taking Over The World...Nothing Out Of The Ordinary ;)

Post Finals LJ and I Went Out To Celebrate Being Done For The Semester.
Yep, bottomless Soup and Salad at Olive Garden.

Today (Friday the 16th) Remember Burger King has FREE FRENCH FRIES all day.

This may have happened in the middle of finals, thankfully it's tradition and obviously has to be documented.
(Also, I promise. even though it probably doesn't seem like it, I do have more than one law school friend...hahaha)

Can I Brag On A Friend For A Second...One of My Really Good Friends, RKW, has been working really hard to get into a Masters program, and she found out this past week she was accepted--I couldn't be more proud of her!!!

Oh, this afternoon...I'm going to the public library and picking up some trashy romance novels non-intellectual brain candy (any suggestions prior to 3pm would be much appreciated)!!!

Since It's's some Ear Candy (that's gotten me through finals--I hope you like it!!!)

Stevie Nicks "For What Its Worth"
It's not necessarily upbeat...but I really like the lyrics

Florence + The Machine "Shake It Out"

And of course no December Blog would be complete without  the "Christmas Vacation" theme song ;)

Happy Friday Friends!!! Fill me in on your weekend plans, and with some book suggestions. oxo

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

"I may sound old-fashioned, but I want to think all women should be treated like I want my wife, daughters, and granddaughters to be treated. I notice today that good manners—like standing up when a woman enters the room, helping a woman with her coat, letting her enter an elevator first, taking her arm to cross the street—are sometimes considered unnecessary or a throwback. These are habits I could never break, nor would I want to. I realize today a lot more women are taking care of themselves than in the past, but no woman is offended by politeness."

—Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What NOT To Say On A Date

When Studying with a group of guys the other night, one asked when I was going to start blogging about my misadventures in dating again. The others chimed in mentioning since they were so obsessed with my blog they too had been wondering where my bad date and Mr. Wrong stories had gone. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I responded I had stories, but I needed to wait for a bit before posting them--mostly to protect the Mr. Wrong's identities :)

I figured this week I'd let you in on a humorous (but true) list of what NOT to say to your date, and if you're wondering how I possess this wisdom!? Because Every. Single. Statement. On. This. List. has been said to me.

1) I'm ready to settle down, have kids, and get married.
(First of all, wrong order. Secondly, considering this was said on a second date, I majorly freaked out, and was totally weirded out...I know I'm a catch (ha!)...but seriously, make sure we're on the same page before you throw statements like this out there).

2) You remind me of my mom
(and yet you still try to kiss me. you're weird.)

3) You're Going To Pay For This Right?
(uh, you asked me out...I believe in chivalry, so no I'm not paying for you...and if you really want to go out with me but don't have money for dates--guess what...creative (and free) dates are some of the best dates I've been on).

4) Do you mind driving me home...? I really can't get another (3rd) DUI.
(Again the concept of chivalry comes to mind.  Also, unless you're really comfortable with someone--don't get wastey on a date...And if you're getting drunkie on a date with someone you barely know that's kinda a red flag--plus you look like a lightweight. Another DUI?! Where do I even start with that comment--oh I know, running for the hills and not looking back).

5) What Date Is Your Magic Number...? (When Asked To Elaborate, He Explained The Date That Would Get Him Some Mind-Blowing _ _ _).
First of all, a lady never tells. Secondly, what a hussy if you're asking that. Seriously, as much as I'm dying to be a notch in your bedpost (along with the rest of the female population), gross. Third, this made me laugh hysterically--which wasn't my date's intent--but hey, bold move on his part.

6) My watch cost $12,000, and this isn't even my most expensive watch...
I'm glad you're over compensating for "something" by telling me that. Since I know that, I won't feel any regret ordering an expensive bottle of wine to take home for dinner. Also, I'm a big fan of confidence in guys I date...but that statement is the furthest thing from confidence, instead it is just downright insecure, snotty, and not classy.

7) I hope we don't run into my girlfriend
Well, I hope we do, cause that would be so much fun. I suppose this is better than you telling me you hope we don't run into your 'wife' or 'fiance.' And not to be a 'playa-hater', but I really like the idea of fidelity even if your girlfriend is the worst person in the world...all I can think is if you end up breaking up with her, and dating me, would you do the same thing to me?

8) I'm so over my "Ex," but then happen to mention her another 234897 times
You're not over her. I am not going to be a rebound. I begin to wonder if this is in order to make yourself more attractive by proving you were indeed desirable (at one time) to another female...If you're going through the stages of grief and you haven't reached acceptance...or if it's worked in the past to let a girl see how wounded you are and want to fix you.

9) Any Sort of Political Soapboxing
I don't care if you told me everything that I love about my Political Party, or everything I dislike about the opposing political party, or told me all about your plan to legalize the weezie, or even your 20 year plan which includes you being President...I don't want to hear it on a date. Sure, if we're in a relationship--I'd love to know about your political views--but don't try to change or influence mine if you don't even know them...especially if you're bashing my political party, then it's just awkward.

10) In My Past Life I Was An Mayan God Of War
I'm assuming this means you expect to be treated as such. I'd like to counter that with In My Current Life I'm A Princess. But seriously, in my past life...uhhhh, I can barely deal with my present life so dealing with your current and past life might be a bit much. I suppose it's better than you telling me you were a horsefly or something, but really.

As Always, Thank You For Reading :) (Please Follow Me If You Don't!) AND Fill Me In...What Are Some Of The "More Interesting" Statements You've Heard On A Date?!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday...If Nothing Else, We're One Day Closer To Friday :)

I spent some time (6hrs) at Panera on Friday working on Evidence (highlighting, tabbing, adding notes).

I did give myself a hot second of retail therapy (Anthropology) and pick up some Alexa Pulitzer Monogrammed Stationary, and I'm thinking absolutely have to stock up considering it's classic, monogrammed, oh and it's on sale for $4.95!!!

I woke up early early on Saturday morning so I could have a full day of studying. The frost on the trees in our backyard was breathtaking
(I took the first picture around 7am, and the others about 9am)

Saturday Day involved Secured Transactions, which may have included making a tabbed and color coded Table of Contents for my outline.
(On a super rando note, while I was studying I put This Argan Oil Restorative Masque In My Hair...It Made My Hair So Soft and Shiny!)

Saturday Night Was Lots More Fun :)
I baby-sat my cousin.
We went and saw a live Nativity scene...

Ate Some Five Guys Burgers and Fries :)

And when he asked me a very hard question about Santa, I told him
"I believe...

...And Shouldn't We Practice Our Cookie Making Skills...?
...So they would be Perfect for Santa on Christmas Eve!!!"

Sunday involved LOTS of the Uniform Commercial Code for my Secured Transaction Final this morning.

As a study break, I washed my car...and I had an experience, the rinse only spit out SOAP, so I went to a different stall (mentally cussing)...ready to pay to wash my car again. I get out of my car, locking the doors (leaving my phone, purse, etc. in my car), and there is a man in the back of the stall waiting for me smoking a cigarette.  I'm sure my face was more priceless that the 'Ohmygoodness' that came out of my mouth. Thankfully, this man (Matt) was the manger and (logically) assumed when I drove a soapy car into a different stall...I had a problem. He saved the day, gave me a free wash to get rid of the soap, and kept apologizing for scaring me. He introduced me to his bff the owner (Tony) who also apologized for the broken wash, and for me being scared...and then Tony gave me a really generous gift card so I can come back :) (They definitely got a customer for life the way they handled the situation).

This may or may not have happened too...hello major finals coping mechanism otherwise known as retail therapy (do you see a pattern here?!)...but only because I had a $20 coupon off a $50 or more purchase, and on top of that I had some gift cards to it's like I basically got paid to shop at Sephora.

Fill me in reader friends and friendly was your weekend?!

Oh...and I'm 9 followers away from doing my first if you don't follow me already, you definitely should :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

TGIF and a fun game

T.G.I.F Friends.... And Since you asked: Finals End Next Wednesday For Me.

The "Ambulance Chasers": Our Law School Running/Cycling Club (which I'm somehow the President of) held our First Annual Christmas Lights Run Last Thursday...It Was SO COLD, but so much fun!!!

Since you asked I'm 40% done with my finals (I took my Professional Responsibility and Law of Armed Conflict Exams this past week) I have a Final on Monday (Secured Transactions), a Final on Wednesday (Evidence), and a take home Final I've started to work on (Trusts and Estates). Don't be fooled by the word take home, I'm definitely pulling my hair out with that one ;)

When I sub, I play a game where I put random trivia on the board, and have the students guess the answer...if they're correct, they get candy (jolly ranchers). The game ensures they think I'm a super fun teacher (I'm not), it also ensures that they'll stay on task because I'll tell them the answer about half way through the period, and then they all focus in hopes that they'll get some of the winners candy, or that I'm nice and will give them all candy.
  The sixth graders today ROCKED my let's play: Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader?! (oh, and they couldn't use any outside NO googling (said in my teacher voice of course))

(a) The Person Who Invented Popsicles Was ______ Years Old
(b) The Persians Used To Use This Animal (way back in the day) As A Shield:
(c)This Video Has The MOST Likes and Dislikes On Youtube
(d) "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" was originally named:
(e) Any and All Apple Products Don't Have This Feature? (Bonus: Why?)

(a) 11 years-old
(b) A Cat. Me-ow...(get it!??! Me-'OW')
(c) "Baby" by Justin Bieber
(d) The Mysteries Five
(e) An on/off switch, Because Steve Jobs was afraid of death

How many did you get right friends!? Any big weekend plans?! Keep Those Prayers Coming For My Finals  (I'm praying for a lot of you going through finals as well)!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

“God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better.”

-Rev. Billy Graham

I googled Billy Graham quotes after I heard he had been hospitalized again. This quote appeared for me at the top of the results (when I googled it a couple days later--this was more in the middle of the results), but I'm glad it did.

So often I ask or wonder why God does what he does, usually thinking exactly what I would do instead. I don't remember this moment down the road when everything turns out the exact way it was supposed to.

I think this concept is hardest for me to wrap my head and heart around in regards to the irreplaceable. Like all of you I've experienced tragedy, suffering, heartbreak, and pain. And some of those emotions still run high because I know I'll never get the irreplaceable thing or person back. Furthermore, in certain cases I wonder what can be better than that fact maybe some of those irreplaceable things have been divinely replaced, and I'm looking at the replacements goin--you've got to be kidding me.

But in the end the joke is on me. I've come to realize (I'm working on accepting the principle) God doesn't give anyone anything they can't handle...which would include losing something or someone, literally or figuratively. That isn't necessarily a punishment--but something which would make me stronger, something to make me a better Emily, something that could change someone else's life down the road. Pretty Awesome, Huh!?

thanks for reading friends!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oh hey there hump good to see you again. While you're reading  this (if it's between 8am-11.30am CST) I'll be taking my Professional Responsibility Final, which is my FIRST (of five) Final of my 2L Year. Meaning that I'm officially 20% done with finals at 11.30. Boom.

Today I'm Loving:

*Oh the fact that I found out I passed the MPRE yesterday (!!!)

*I finally was able to say "yes" to a 'sub call' and get to substitute for middle school language arts on Friday (soooo excited)

*Found This Gem On Pinterest Last Night. Could You Imagine?!

*I'm taking a belly dancing class at lululemon on Thursday night with some friends for a "study break", I'm sure if nothing else, it'll prove to be entertaining.

*Oh, I kinda have a mini crush right now, and that's all it is...but it's fun getting tounge-twisted, even more awkward than usual, and some butterflies.

*And Just Because It's Christmas Music Season (Duh!) I'm Loving these tunes:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo"

Morman Tabernacle Choir & The King's Singers "Oh Holy Night"

Mariah Carey/Bieber "All I want For Christmas Is You"

Happy Wednesday Friends...And Fill Me In, What Are You Loving Today!?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sunday Was A Good Day...Dad Gave Me This:

(**Which I Immediately Opted To Purchase Insurance For Since My Cell Phones Typically Last As Long As Kim's Marriage**)

I'm officially done with finals on Wednesday 12/15...which means I'm gonna download apps, talk to Siri (more than I already have), use facetime, and do any and every other cool thing my new phone does.

There is a very good chance that I've already ordered a case (or two) because Mom and I decided we needed matching (dont judge) Kate Spade Cases --we were both impressed with their durability, and how inexpensive they were :)

I've always been a blackberry fill me in friends...what Apps are Musts, and any/all advice for an iPhone newbie would be much appreciated!?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Blow Dry Bootcamp

When it comes to my hair, competence, talent, and skill are the furthest words I would use to describe my styling skills.  Instead I would throw out fear, annoyance and a couple four-letter words.  Which was why (in my mind) I was the perfect candidate for boot camp...blow dry boot camp.  An hour (drinking wine and eating yummy snacks) (okay, my fabulous instructor Zeb spent 2 with me) to teach me how to correctly blow dry and style my hair so I can have that "just walked out of the salon look" on a daily basis.
I was immediately impressed with the ambiance Bungalow/8 presented: inviting, upscale, and timeless. I'm so often turned off by salons who are trying so hard to be "so cool," that this was immediately refreshing...and got me super excited about the evening.

I was paired with Zeb: a recent transplant from Houston, Paul Mitchell Educator (even though he now works at a Bumble and Bumble Salon), and Hair Stylist Extraordinaire. Zeb also, after baby-sitting me for 2 hours, should be nominated for sainthood due to his patience. The fact that he is an educator along with a stylist really impressed me in that he was able to explain everything in layman's terms, and then made me try the various techniques to make sure I was comprehending his advice.

Zeb washed and conditioned my hair (see picture--you know I love my blog readers when you see me with soaking wet hair and NO makeup)...and then explained to me that there is a huge difference between various sizes and types of brushes and combs. He then showed me which ones to use with wet hair...and how to use them to comb out my wet hair to achieve my styling goals (smooth, silky hair with lots of volume)!

Zeb then explained to me which Bumble and Bumble products I should apply prior to studying, and if I chose to apply such little I would need to use (!).  Since volume was a goal of mine he sprayed a thickening spray, while my hair was wet, on my roots all around the crown of my head, and then texturized the roots with his fingers...he also put a smoothing cream on my hair so my hair wouldn't frizz (think of The Princess Diaries BEFORE the makeover) like it normally does.

We then went into a upper arm workout. Not even kidding. I mean the portion of the night where I learned how to blow dry my hair using a round boar hair brush, and discovered that I might just be ambidextrous.
Zeb explained to me that I should start at the top of my head focusing on the roots, pulling a small 2-inch section of my hair up with my fingers, blow drying the roots and then laying  the hair in the opposite direction instead of letting it fall naturally...which helps to create the much desired volume. 

Zeb then had me use the round brush to create a smooth, silky, polished look that I can wear every day... One tip Zeb gave me was to start drying below the root because that area is already dry and further drying would cause it to frizz and dry out the hair cuticle and then work down my hair in sections. He also explained the benefit of a nozzle or diffuser on the hair dryer, again fighting frizz, and focusing on one section at a time instead of all over your hair--the already dried sections, and the wet--unbrushed--sections.

All in All, Blow Dry Boot Camp Was a Resounding Success :)
oh, and my hair today...MUCH better than normal, thanks to Zeb's advice!

oh and PS--Remember (if you don't) to follow my Blog so I can do a giveaway when I hit 75 people!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I woke up this morning after 14 hours of sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was blog...I'm sick (as in I pondered in trying to take my sinuses out by myself the other night), finals are fast approaching, and people in general are just annoying me. My train of thought was the poor me--I don't have anything that I love today, wah wah wah. But I decided to have an attitude of gratitude...and that put a smile on my face.

Sobe lifewater "Pacific Coconut" with Coconut Water. I found this new fave at the gas station on sale for 2 for $2. Win. I've always loved coconut water--but it's so expensive and at times odd or chalky tasting. Sobe's version isn't chalky, tastes like coconut and at 80 calories for a 20 oz bottle...reads much better on the nutrition panel than most!

Omaha is finally getting a ChickfilA... I've never been, and I'm nervous that it's gonna be all hype and then a let down. Sigh.  But if I am going to stop by to try their Sweet Tea (just for you Lizanne) there anything else I need to try?

Remember how I was on a shopping hiatus (I'm still trying to be good). I had to pick up a couple stocking stuffers the other day...and shopping is my coping mechanism during finals I got this infinity scarf from Loft. I'm wearing it today--and it is much cuter on than it is in this picture :)

At my law school it's a tradition to give the Professors a round of applause after their last lecture. I think it's such a sweet tradition, and it is so much fun watching the Professor's different reactions to the applause.

Okay Bloggy Friends...Fill Me In, what is it that you're Loving today?!

ALSO, remember to follow me so I can do my Fun giveaway at 75 followers!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Who You Gonna Call...GHOSTBUSTERS

I would be happy to wager that most of my friends as well as family would describe me as logical and realistic.  Yes, as far as the super natural goes, I'm still waiting for my Letter From Hogwarts telling me that I'm a Wizard...but that's about it.

Well, that was about it.

Friday Night, (I was house/pet sitting) I went to bed around 10pm.  The dog was in bed, the cat in the laundry room, the doors locked, lights off and alarm on.

I woke up in the middle of the night, super hot (not looks wise--middle of the night is never good lookswise). So I tossed the down comforter off, opened my eyes glanced at the clock: 1.39am, and then looked straight ahead of me (I sleep on my side) and saw a man--outlined in fire with a scary face holding the hand of a child--not outlined.  They were by the bed, and then slowly moved away until they disappeared into the next room. Scariest. Thing. Ever.

I unlocked my phone (it was unlocked the next morning--clearly NOT a dream). Looked at the clock again--now 1.41am. Closed my little eyes and started praying, saying "Our Fathers" and "Hail Marys." I fell into a very unsettled sleep pry a couple hours later, only to wake up around 6am--still petrified.

Am I still scared? No. Am I unsettled? Slightly. Do I believe in ghosts/spirits now? Absolutely. Am I happy to be back in my own bed? Duh.

Have you even seen a ghost? What do you think of my ghost story?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I ran 4 miles this morning at the gym. That might not seem like a lot...but considering I haven't been running and I ran the entire time, and I was only planning to run 3 miles, I'm super proud of myself.

I'm Loving My New Blog Followers (Hi New Friends), My New Twitter Followers, and some new blogs I'm following...As a gentle reminder, I want to get up to 75 followers so I can do a really fun giveaway :)

I'm still doing really well at not spending money, I am withdrawing a small amount for coffee, etc. every week, and I'm donating all my leftover 'coffee' money each week to St. Judes Research Hospital during the Holiday Season.

No class for the rest of the week!!! Unfortunately I'm studying/working retail during the entire break...I may have a Black Friday vent sesh recap for all of you on Saturday :)

Thanksgiving with my Immediate Family Tomorrow...and my Extended Family (on My Mom's Side) on Saturday.

I get to spend some time with RCM on Saturday (studying then lunch at the Market Basket) while she is in town over her break :)

I slept 17 hours last night (I went to bed at 630pm). It was magical.

What are you loving today!?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Electronic Trail

My Last 5 Google Searches:

1) Is Toby Keith Married?
2) Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney Concert Dates + Summer 2012
3) Understanding the Geneva Convention
4) Symptoms of Mono (because WebMD wasn't thorough enough)
5) How To + Comprehend + Secured Transactions

The Answers?:

1) Yes to a nice lady named Tricia...Since 1984. I was shocked to learn this (slightly unrelated) lil tidbit...Toby Keith is a Grandpa.

2) Yep, it's happening. Yes I'm going. Country Music+Booze+Cowgirl Boots (Do I need to continue?!) You can learn all about the concert right here :)

3) Lucky for me there was absolutely nothing in layman's terms. Awesome. Also a good chance I sent this to my LOAC professor and asked him to incorporate it into the final.

4) One of my friends saw this google search and asked me to google hypochondriac. Rude.

5) I found numerous study aids to buy. Quite a few pictures of attorneys who specialized in secured transactions. And dental floss, images of dental floss.

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Started My Friday Off With LJ...Using The Buy One Get One From The 'Bux. We  Each Got The Skinny, SF, Peppermint Mocha, No Foam/Extra Hot. LJ Studied PR and I Tried To Comprehend Secured Transactions.

I registered for my classes...and I got everyone I wanted (this is my not so tactful way for apologizing for complaining on Friday about the lack of classes). Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Witness Exam Skills, Trial Practice, Business Associations, and Street Law (we go into local schools and teach about the law).

I then spent the evening playing football, making some amazing paper airplanes (seriously, some of them were pretty bad*ss), playing Guess Who, and Having a Harry Potter Marathon with one of my most favorite boys!
Oh...and we got Frosties from Wendys. DELISH.

Saturday involved sleeping in (9.45am), studying, shopping for a nerd costume for JK's sister, going to Taco Johns, making Rice Krispy Bars (this was a major fail), going to Red Mango (yes I will be telling you how my 'diet' is going on Thursday...hahaha), watching The Ant Bully (super Cute)...
And Going to Family Fun Center (Indoor Arcade/Laser Tag/Mini Golf Type of Place)...which JK totally kicked major butt at (like he got a bajillion tickets).
Which Equated to Some Awesome Prizes!!!

Sunday I didn't take any pictures...but it was another day full of studying, playing on the computer, watching a movie, sleeping in, Panera, and just hanging with some of my favorite kids :)

Definitely a Whirlwind of a Weekend. I can't believe finals are in 2 weeks. Sigh.
Happy Monday Friends!!! How was your weekend?