Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I woke up this morning after 14 hours of sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was blog...I'm sick (as in I pondered in trying to take my sinuses out by myself the other night), finals are fast approaching, and people in general are just annoying me. My train of thought was the poor me--I don't have anything that I love today, wah wah wah. But I decided to have an attitude of gratitude...and that put a smile on my face.

Sobe lifewater "Pacific Coconut" with Coconut Water. I found this new fave at the gas station on sale for 2 for $2. Win. I've always loved coconut water--but it's so expensive and at times odd or chalky tasting. Sobe's version isn't chalky, tastes like coconut and at 80 calories for a 20 oz bottle...reads much better on the nutrition panel than most!

Omaha is finally getting a ChickfilA... I've never been, and I'm nervous that it's gonna be all hype and then a let down. Sigh.  But if I am going to stop by to try their Sweet Tea (just for you Lizanne) there anything else I need to try?

Remember how I was on a shopping hiatus (I'm still trying to be good). I had to pick up a couple stocking stuffers the other day...and shopping is my coping mechanism during finals I got this infinity scarf from Loft. I'm wearing it today--and it is much cuter on than it is in this picture :)

At my law school it's a tradition to give the Professors a round of applause after their last lecture. I think it's such a sweet tradition, and it is so much fun watching the Professor's different reactions to the applause.

Okay Bloggy Friends...Fill Me In, what is it that you're Loving today?!

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  1. So sorry you are sick. Sick at finals is the worst!

    You. Have. Never. Been. To. Chick-fil-a?!?! You won't be disappointed! I think their sweet tea is kind of sweet so I get mine 1/2 & 1/2

  2. Praying you feel better!! I know that must be super frustrating! Shopping and chickfila are definitely at the top for finals time destressing. I am in such a scarf mood, and I love that one! Oh CFA...the only fast food I eat because I convince myself it isn't fast food! :) They have the best service and even play Christian jams in the dining rooms:) Try the tea regular or with a little diet lemonade in it (if you don't like it you can change it!), and the chargrilled sandwich is delish (and not as bad as the fried stuff!) Whew ok sorry long comment! lots of love your way!

  3. I'm so sorry you're sick! Have you tried the netti pot? Or maybe you school clinic for some antibiotics? FEEL BETTER!!

    Also that coconut sobe water sound good! I like some coconut water, and some is gross, and it's mostly all expensive. I'll have to get some of this and try it!

  4. chick-fil-a is the BEST. They're waffle fries are amazing. chicken nuggets are amazing. chicken sandwich...amazing. iced tea, lemonade... amazzzing.

    i love it :) feeeeel better.

  5. Feel better fast, friend! Actually, I hope you're already feeling tons better since this post was last week! :) And I think it's really sweet and fantastic that you guys applaud after a professor's last lecture. What a cool tradition! The infinity scarf is awesome. I'm trying to not shop, buuuut having that mentality makes me really appreciate when I DO splurge on myself.. like how you got the scarf and love it! It's more special when it's a splurge, right? :) And girl.. I like your attitude of gratitude. This time of year is so happy and cheerful, etc, but it's also the time I get kinda in a funk on some days about random things, so I feel ya.

    And I loved your comment about being "too nice" sometimes and how you'd rather be underestimated, especially b/c you're a fellow lawyer. :) I totally and completely agree that I'd rather be underestimated... and therefore strike when they don't expect me to... haha.. My friends always used to say that I was just more calculated in my reactions...which scared them when I was mad. haha...

  6. I so love chic-fil-a. I like to get the plain fried, chicken sandwich. I add ketchup and sometimes mustard. Love them.

  7. I love the tradition of giving your professors a round of applause. Everyone always does it. Though not one person clapped on the last day of tax. Shows you how much we didn't like our professor! xo, LP