Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Electronic Trail

My Last 5 Google Searches:

1) Is Toby Keith Married?
2) Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney Concert Dates + Summer 2012
3) Understanding the Geneva Convention
4) Symptoms of Mono (because WebMD wasn't thorough enough)
5) How To + Comprehend + Secured Transactions

The Answers?:

1) Yes to a nice lady named Tricia...Since 1984. I was shocked to learn this (slightly unrelated) lil tidbit...Toby Keith is a Grandpa.

2) Yep, it's happening. Yes I'm going. Country Music+Booze+Cowgirl Boots (Do I need to continue?!) You can learn all about the concert right here :)

3) Lucky for me there was absolutely nothing in layman's terms. Awesome. Also a good chance I sent this to my LOAC professor and asked him to incorporate it into the final.

4) One of my friends saw this google search and asked me to google hypochondriac. Rude.

5) I found numerous study aids to buy. Quite a few pictures of attorneys who specialized in secured transactions. And dental floss, images of dental floss.

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

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  1. 1. Did you know that Keith is Toby's middle name, not his last??

    2. I am also ALL over the Tim + Kenny tour - coming to DC in August.

    3.I have nothing for you on the Genevea Convention - haaaaa

  2. Toby Keith is a grandpa?! Crazy! I want to see Tim and Kenny so badly! It sounds fabulous!

  3. I LOVE Tim! He's like the king of country music (of our time)! I need to look up my last google searches- I bet they are hilar!

  4. Tim McGraw and Toby Keith are awesome.
    Secured Transactions is not awesome. It isn't even cool. It totally sits at the geek table and has that 1980s wears a headband retainer on its teeth look going on. Good luck with learning it. I learned it for the bar and I would have been better off taking the class.

  5. Whew. I cannot help you here at all. I don't know anything about the Geneva Convention, nor Secured Transaction. But, I can tell you that country music is good, so at least you're doing something right! : ) Good luck with all your studying - you will do great, I'm sure!

  6. That's so funny about your last Google searches. I hope you don't have mono! Hey, thank you so much for commenting on my lamp question. :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. OK. If you continue going to bed at 6:30 pm. You may need to read more about mono.

  8. I had no idea Toby Keith was married! Hmm, it's amazing what a good ol' google search can turn up. Also the mono thing is too funny. Around the Thursday of every week I end up WebMd-ing mono to make sure my sleepiness/sheer laziness isn't somehow medically induced.

  9. You are too funny!! Toby is a grandpa!? WHO KNEW!!?