Friday, November 4, 2011


Tomorrow is the MPRE...that means that I won't complain for about a week or two until I go into full finals meltdown mode. No need to thank me for the warning.

I don't often talk about law related work (clerking) on my blog, but I have share that I'm doing a really cool research project right now.  It started and finished (or so I thought) as a project last April. Then this past Tuesday I stumbled on an article exposing me to an area that I never would have thought about in regards to the topic.  It's something I'm so excited about, I'm so lucky that I'm allowed to reopen this project and continue to work on it, and I think it could turn into something really big!!!

I spent a good 3.5 hours at Panera on Wednesday Morning and had this on repeat the ENTIRE time.

I found both of these Running Workouts via Pinterest

I'm really excited to try them both...especially because I had the running bug SO BAD last year, and this year I still LOVE running, but I've been incorporating boot camp, spinning, etc. into my workout routine--which hasn't left much time (or motivation) for running! (I'm going to do at least 1 this weekend, so I'll let you know about them).

It is my Handsome Ging's 89th Birthday on Sunday

I am really lucky to have such an incredible Grandpa he taught me to fish (yep, I can put the worm on the hook, thank you very much), how to speak my mind, how to drive a truck (while in kindergarten), how when you get close to a hearing aide, they 'squeak', (he would always give all his grand kids a good 'squeak' after a hug and kiss goodbye), a couple super inappropriate jokes, to believe in my intelligence and myself, to love Jesus, and to love others!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends :) oxo


  1. Have a great weekend. And Happy Birthday to grandpa.

  2. I hope your weekend was fabulous! And I hope your grandfather had a wonderful birthday!