Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Started My Friday Off With LJ...Using The Buy One Get One From The 'Bux. We  Each Got The Skinny, SF, Peppermint Mocha, No Foam/Extra Hot. LJ Studied PR and I Tried To Comprehend Secured Transactions.

I registered for my classes...and I got everyone I wanted (this is my not so tactful way for apologizing for complaining on Friday about the lack of classes). Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Witness Exam Skills, Trial Practice, Business Associations, and Street Law (we go into local schools and teach about the law).

I then spent the evening playing football, making some amazing paper airplanes (seriously, some of them were pretty bad*ss), playing Guess Who, and Having a Harry Potter Marathon with one of my most favorite boys!
Oh...and we got Frosties from Wendys. DELISH.

Saturday involved sleeping in (9.45am), studying, shopping for a nerd costume for JK's sister, going to Taco Johns, making Rice Krispy Bars (this was a major fail), going to Red Mango (yes I will be telling you how my 'diet' is going on Thursday...hahaha), watching The Ant Bully (super Cute)...
And Going to Family Fun Center (Indoor Arcade/Laser Tag/Mini Golf Type of Place)...which JK totally kicked major butt at (like he got a bajillion tickets).
Which Equated to Some Awesome Prizes!!!

Sunday I didn't take any pictures...but it was another day full of studying, playing on the computer, watching a movie, sleeping in, Panera, and just hanging with some of my favorite kids :)

Definitely a Whirlwind of a Weekend. I can't believe finals are in 2 weeks. Sigh.
Happy Monday Friends!!! How was your weekend?


  1. Yay for getting the classes you want! ALSO I totally watched mean girls on Saturday after reading your post and it was amazing! Ha!

    We have Street Law here at Seattle U too and I've heard really good things about it! I hope you end up liking it!!


  2. Such a fun weekend you had!!! Mine was a whirlwind too but it was nice not to be completely bogged down/trapped in my house doing homework for once!! Good luck on upcoming finals!

  3. What a fun day--now I am craving a Frosty!