Friday, November 11, 2011


T.G.I.F. Loves.
My weekend consists of some pet/house sitting, working the Friends and Family Event at Ann Taylor, and Outlining/Starting to Practice Exams. It's okay if you're jealous--I'd be jealous of the last part too.

First and Foremost, for those of you who are veterans, for those of you whose mamas and daddys are veterans, for those of you who have a spouse that is a veteran. Thank You.  What you do each and every day is indescribable, and simply unimaginable. Thank You For Your Service.

Okay, not to be weird. But when it comes to Skittles I'll only eat the yellow, green and occasionally orange.  I prefer the Blue and Green M & M's, but let's get serious, I'll eat them all.  I think I'm traumatized from eating a Orange Lifesaver--it tasted like an orange peel. Le Gross.  Then I tried the Purple flavor (grape) and it was SOUR.  So I'll stick to Green, Red, Yellow, and The Off White (pineapple?) Life Savers.

I've Craving An Apple Fritter... When David and I were little we would (on special occasions) go to Winchells with mom, and get Warm Apple Fritters...I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or what--but I'm totally treating myself to one this weekend!!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I found this on Pinterest. It is currently my computer background.

Would y'all do me a favor and help me decide on which sweater to get?
Option A OR Option B
I know they're BOTH so different...but I just can't decide :)

Oh, and just because I can be sappy--here is that sweet Blake Shelton song. Sigh.

Have a Wonderful, Safe, Warm and FUN Weekend Friends. oxo


  1. Goodness I love that Blake Shelton song. I watched the CMAs last night (had to record it because of studying) and I wanted every single song on my iTunes right now! Happy Weekend!

  2. So I have a love/hate relationship with Blake's song. My favorite artist, Dave Barnes actually song and wrote this song first and then Blake took it and make it popular. I still love it, but the original is better. :)

  3. Sweater B! Totally with you on warm apple fritters. SO DELICIOUS!