Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weight Loss, Inspiration, and "Livestrong"

The Limitless Potential of You

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I signed up for this (free) website the other day. My friend GL recommended this after she got this frantic text from me last Thursday night:
EHA: So what are your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on Alli or other appetite suppressants (or any legalized form of speed)?
EHA: Kidding about legalized speed, but serious on the first part...I'm so tired of being the funny, fat, nice friend. Le sigh
(*GL was lucky on Thursday with only a texting poor Dad had to listen to me sob hysterically for a good 30 minutes about this on Friday night (I'm blaming the concussion)).

I know GL from the gym.  She teaches Tuesday boot camp and Wednesday spin class, we share makeup and whatever else we forget to get ready in the morning, and she is seriously like the most positive person ever, her wedding anniversary is on my birthday.  Oh, and she is awesome enough to be an accountability partner and Thursday/some Friday Morning workout buddy for me :)

Why LiveStrong as my inspiration for this week? I'm utilizing it to track foods eaten under the myplate feature, calories burned under the fitness feature, and to read articles about working out, weight loss, and the like.  It's inspiring when I look at the calorie tracker, the calories burned, and the calories consumed. It is inspiring to me to think I can stay accountable (even counting the lifesavers I was eating in T & E yesterday), honest, and focused on a goal.

As you may have thought upon reading my above text, (like I knew when I texted GL) there is no magic pill, bullet or drink that is going to make me look like an itty bitty.  Instead it is desire, exercise and (my least favorite part of the trifecta) diet. I'm inspired that I'm motivated enough to do something about what I see when I look in the mirror, and that my motivation is for myself.

Oh and just to keep that motivation and inspiration going...GL and I weigh in on Thursday mornings--So I'll keep you posted on my progress--so my normal Thursday Inspiration is going to revolve around my weight for a bit ;)

Fill me in Friends...What is Inspiring You Today!?

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  1. Girl, you are too hard on yourself! You are definitely not fat! Funny and nice, yes, but definitely not fat! I know how hard it is to stay on track with working out and eating. Keep us up-to-date with your progress--I know you can do it!

  2. Ugh. Law school does absolutely nothing for diets. Mine is always thrown out of wack. Stress eating, or stress starving. It never seems to get balanced. (and I never seem to get thinner!) Glad you've found some motivation though. Just remember to stay healthy through these rough weeks! Eat well and be good to yourself! : )