Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Cinnamon Apple Orchard FroYo from Red Mango. It is To. Die. For. Normally I eat my Red Mango with toppings...but I feel like toppings would ruin the amazingness of this flavor.

Looooong walk with KGE tonight

Sephora V.I.B. Party Thursday (whooopie). Gift Bags filled with amazing goodies, 20% off everything in the store, yummy treats.

I've gone to bed at 8 (by choice) the past two nights. Best Life Choice Ever.

Because I went to the Ann Taylor Holiday meeting this past Sunday Night...I get 70% off a sweater!!!

Speaking of Ann Taylor, its our Friends and Family (40% off sale and regular...NOT the normal 30%) Thursday-Sunday...if you know me in real life and want a discount card let me know, if you know me in blog life and want a discount card--I will happily snail mail you one...or two ;)

I turn in my final paper for Trusts and Estates today!!! I wrote about a section of the Texas Probate Code that I disagree with. I hate to throw around the word "enthralling" so loosely, but that is exactly what my paper is ;) (hopefully).

I made a friend at Spinning. Seriously. Like someone who I don't mind talking to at 540am before we start working out.

Oh...and this song (I know it's older, but I've been listening to it while outlining)!!!

Fill Me In Friends...What Is It That You're Loving Today!?


  1. how would you feel about our walk ending at red mango in downtown? good? okay thankkss! :)

  2. I am loving tht tomorrow is "Friday!"

  3. Ahhh going to bed at 8PM sounds heavenly! I'm loving that I haven't had a ton of work this week, so it's been a nice, non-stressful week! Hope you had a lovely day!

  4. Oooh, juts hinking about Red Mango's apple cinnamon yogurt is just making my mouth water. It's my new favorite part of Fall!