Friday, November 18, 2011


Uhhh Thanksgiving is in less than a week. Where in the world has this month gone?

Have I ever mentioned to you that I totally have a "Mean Girls" habit?
(Not like obsessively watching the movie and being really sad about how beautiful LiLo used to be and how she's declined due to her 'lifestyle' for lack of a better term...)

My Mean Girls habit follows their jeans only one day a week...Fridays are always my (only) yoga pants/sweats days. LJ participates too. We're such a Mean Girl Clique (with two people, obvi).

I register for my 4th Semester of Law School today.
That within itself seems CRAZY to me. I'm slightly bugged (as is the rest of my class) for a lack of a selection of courses. I'm crossing my fingers that I get into all the courses I'm hoping for!!!

Remember my post from yesterday...? Me neither :)

However if you do, and care to indulge in something delicious (as in plain water just isn't your thing, it's not mine either)...try adding these zero calorie babies to your water!!!
Oh, and I have a mini crush on Apolo Ohno. I think it's the teeth and the smile.
Mom and Dad have been lucky enough to meet him in real life--and have breakfast with him. I wasn't invited. Mom did fill me in that he was way better looking in real life than in pictures. Sigh.

As always...leaving you with a couple tunes that have been on repeat for me this week!
"Lost" by Coldplay
(on a side note, Chris Martin is pretty fun to watch too)

Brief Disclaimer--this video totally made me blush...a lot.

Hope you have the MOST Wonderful weekend :) oxo


  1. I have had on replay the Beyonce "I Was Here" video!!! Happy Friday!

  2. I love Mean Girls (the movie)! Water sweetners are the best. Good luck with your subjects - hoping you get all the ones you want. We're lucky here in that we only have about 300 law students, and certain optional subjects are offered only to first/second/third year students, so you get to do what you want. What are your options?

  3. I've had "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Thompson Band on replay all week! Ahh your 4th semester of law school! So exciting! I hope you get all of the classes you want!

  4. Haha my friends and I have dinner on Wednesdays and make lots of mean girls references ("on Wednesdays we wear pink" - but we don't actually wear pink because I'm kind of ginger and pink isn't cute on me haha). I love that movie. You have me wanting to watch it with some wine tonight!
    Also yay for registration! I just registered for my last semester of law school! You'll be there before you know it! So exciting!
    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. haha! i went through a whole year of college obeying the cardinal denim rule. but then again, i hate wearing pants, so it's usually dresses for me anyway.

    just started following your blog! follow mine too if you fancy, miss.

  6. I want to try those iced tea things! And ps...your recent comment about secured transactions had me laughing out loud. Gosh, I hated that damn class. One time we were running WAY over.. and our teach was super old. So, I kindly pointed at the clock. He liked me, sooo whatever. He said "Ms. Wells, I am well aware of what time it is. If you want to leave, get out." I was SO embarassed! But, yeah, I hated the material in the class, too... haha...

  7. I can't believe you only wear jeans once a week.

    Hope you are well.