Monday, November 7, 2011

Still Fighting It

(**WARNING-This Post Makes Me Sound Like A Cranky Old Lady**)

"Everybody Knows...It Sucks To Grow Up
And Everybody Does...
Let me tell you what...the years go on...
and we're still fighting it."

Friday Night 9pm
TMA and I are at the Ben Folds Concert at the university where I attend law school. 

Surrounded by undergrads.

Some hussied it up the extreme, even more were wastey-face, others were dancing all over their friends, life partner, significant other, and some even matched, like OMG!

By 1020pm both TMA and I yawned multiple times.
I've uttered "this is way past my bedtime," to which TMA wholeheartedly agreed.

TMA and I were in similar get ups in Fryes, Jeans, and Sweaters (we dressed for the COLD night as well as the venue). We didn't realize that it was the hip thing to wear (1) booty plaid shorts, (2) very tiny black dresses, (3) and sky-high heels. Oops.

We missed the memo that when Ben Fold's piano breaks so he ad libs, takes rap requests from the audience, breaks out a drum kit, and manages to make this a once in a lifetime experience...that you're supposed to leave the show.

We also missed the memo that Ben Folds music is 'grind-worthy'.
It's never has been, never will be, and there is never any situation in which it is appropriate to do so to.

And one of the best parts of the night--when I looked at TMA and started off with "You realize we can get into bars," to which she responded "and unlike most of the people we're observing...not pay for one drink."

It's the little things, or realizations, courtesy of Ben Folds, that make growing up a little less painful.


  1. Haha love this. I can relate on so many levels! Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week, love! :)

  2. Love the last song. I even just muted Full House to listen to it (big deal) haha! I'm still an undergrad but have already tired of going out late, getting gussied up (let's hope I never did that), and whatnot. I get tired at 9 sometimes and stay in for entire weekends. Granted I do have a fun out once in a while but I enjoy my boo and a dinner date much more! Sorry those lame sauces ruined your concert experience!

  3. Ohmygosh girls. I know I sounded so cranky when I wrote this--and I hope no one reads it and is like that Emily sounds like a real bish. Eeeek. Thanks for the feedback and for muting full house for ben folds. oxo

  4. Indeed. Growing up is rough, there are some good parts of it though like realizing you don't need to look like you walked out of Grunge World five minutes ago. :)

  5. Hahahaha This is too funny. To get in the mood of reading this post I turned on some Ben Folds and nearly died when you mentioned people were grinding mid concert. While I love his witty and clever lyrics they in no way conjure up nigtclub-esque behaviors although I can't imagine it wouldn't be funny to view at least.