Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Accountability

Happy November 1st. 

Quick Post To Hold Me Accountable:

(1) I'm giving up Candy (yes my favorite food group) for a Week. 

(2) I'm not doing any sort of retail therapy (shopping) until Black Friday

(3) I'm going to try to blog each and every week day this month!!!

What are you doing to make your November Sweet!?


  1. I've caught up on all your posts, but I'll comment on this one.

    Take it from someone who didn't get married until they were 33, you have plenty of time.

    Good luck with that blogging every day thing. :) I'll try to keep up.

  2. I was just thinking that I DEFINITELY need to give up candy for a week. I usually don't eat it. But I've started this past week and it's all I want now. I WANT ALL THE CANDY IN MY MOUTH! Omg. Detox is sooooo necessary right now.
    And yayyy I'm looking forward to all your posts! So exciting!

  3. Very bold of you! (Word I really wanted to use was ballsy)I cannot give up candy because I just pilfered a huge amount from my parents' leftover Halloween candy today and what a sin to just let that go to waste right? Good for you for trying to blog every week day!!! And ready for this? My retail therapy is over until Christmas- at which time I shop for everyone but myself. I literally have to stop. My mom's rule has always been Halloween is the cut off point and I'm trying it myself this year! YIKES!

  4. @Leigh It's so refreshing to hear the 'you have time' from someone as awesome as you!!! I'm nervous about the blogging every day...I'm going to try to keep up too. hahaha

    @Rebeka I don't know why I can't stop eating it. I'm on day to right now...and I'm in the midst of studying, and I keep reaching into my purse and tote bag looking for candy. Then I can't find it, and I'm like why do I torture myself like this. bahahah. I want to do a detox soon--I have a really good one from Whole Foods--do you want me to email you about it!?, mainly to flatten my Halloween tummy. Gross.

    @Claire--Not gonna lie, super jealous (cause that's normal) of your pilfering your parents candy. I definitely think it's a sin to waste it, and you're definitely helping them out by eating it.
    SHUT UP. on the no shopping until Christmas. I wish I could be that good. Maybe I will be...as in I'll be happy when I start to make more (save more) money. I like your mom's rule (I think she'd be friends with my mom)...and I think that I should try it soon. With finals fast approaching I pry shouldn't let myself shop because I make completely irrational purchases. Annoying. Oh, and I have a super awesome idea in regards to your running!!!