Friday, September 2, 2011

True Statement

I found this on Pinterest...such a true statement, and one of those annoying wake-up calls that God sometimes decides that I need.

Sometimes I get really frustrated (seriously, this is something that I'll vent about or wax eloquent on because other people's love languages that aren't compatible or similar to mine baffle me). I'm lucky in that a lot of my friends love each other, their significant others and life in a way parallel to how I do...ya know that 110%, whirlwind, generous, drop everything, let you know how incredible you are way.  This quote was a much needed reminder, that I can't make someone (there are about4 names I could insert here) love me how I want them to, or how I think I deserve to be loved... Plus I think when I meet someone who loves me in a similar way to how I love it'll be all that more special :)


  1. Love this quote. It's such a great reminder of what's important.

  2. Great food for thought, Emily! Have a good Labor Day weekend!

  3. I have ALWAYS loved this quote! Fabulous. And I love how you mentioned "love languages"-addicted to that whole theory!