Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faves

It's that time again...Friday. I'm going to try to be much more regimented with my blogging (at least for this month).  Here are my favorite things from this week--I hope that they're already a favorite of yours or quickly become one of your new favorites!!! Have a fun, safe, and wonderful weekend friends. Be blessed!!! oxo

1.) Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub:  I swear this is probably one of the best parts...if not the best part of my post-workout routine in the morning.  It smells amazing, the scrub part doesn't irritate my skin, and my skin is noticeably brighter after using (yes...I've actually gone sans makeup a few times because of how refreshed my skin looks).  I bought mine on a whim at Walgreens when I was in a pinch and I'll definitely be a regular consumer of this from now can get yours (or learn more about it) right here!!!


2.) Vick's VapoInhaler:  I don't know about you; but when the temperature starts to change--hot to warm; warm to cool; cool to cold; and vice-versa my sinuses/allergies are out of control.  Like sneezing, sniffling, drainage, sore throat and pounding headache.  Unfortunately I'm not sick, it's just that I don't feel very good.  A few years ago my friend SS introduced me to this miracle!!!  I haven't looked back since.  It's basically a tiny nasal inhaler that is super inexpensive, smells great, and helps give some relief with congestion and stuffy noses.  I picked up mine at Walgreens on Tuesday Morning after blowing my nose through my boot camp class; and the relief was immediate!!!  Plus with my regular use of this product--I really am breathing a lot easier...and didn't have to blow my nose through my Friday Morning Barbell Class ;)

3. Revenge: Hello new tv guilty pleasure that I watch on hulu in about 10 minute increments when I have time.   (and I'm always annoyed when its over because I have to wait for the next episode-gross). I'm not sure what about this show makes me so happy--maybe because it deviates from the stereotypical gossip girl-esq story line that makes me 'yawn' now...or maybe because the fashion is East Coast/Hampton Chic...or maybe because the main character's name is Emily ;)  Have any of you watched this yet...? What are your thoughts!?

Happy Weekend Friends!!! Fill me in on your faves from this week :D


  1. Emily, popping in, and am catching up.

    Your Northern Ca trip looked fabulous, and your Sunday boyfriend post is hysterical. Any luck with that yet?

    I don't have time for shows like Revenge any longer in my life because I have to find shows that my husband and I will both watch. The kids and TV take up so much of our time. I used to be a big CW person in the 90's and early 2000's.

    I think we've added "Person of Interest" to our list this year, and I have to admit that I liked Charlie's Angels, but I think I forgot to DVR it this week.

    Oh well!

  2. Came over here from Legally Lovely. That Vapo Inhaler looks AWESOME! I had no idea such a thing existed, must get some of that ASAP!