Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Check Yes or No

You know those relationships?  Not quite a friendship...not quite a relationship?  That statement question sums up my track record...for forever the past few (okay 5 or 6...or 24) years.

I'm in a constant balancing act, lately with a certain person, where I'm precariously teetering between you're my closest (guy) friend...and I like (like really like) you.

It's exhausting.  Just when I make a decision to be this person's best (girl) friend; their actions or their words throw me completely off balance, and I'm second guessing everything I thought I knew in regards to us.  Or when I decide, after I incorrectly assume their feelings are crystal clear in a wanna be more than friends way, that I'm ready to like them more than a friend... I get a dose of reality from them about our friendship.

I don't want to lose this person; I'm the best version of me when I'm with them.  But I can't keep up this this everchanging line drawn in the sand.  

Why can't we go back to elementary school with the Notes that made everything so much simpler (but at the time seemed like a hugggge deal):
I like you.  Do you like me too? (Check Yes/No)

I know this might seem like a silly post...I don't know if I'm looking for a concrete answer (a lightening bolt from God would be nice) or just a place to vent... Thanks for reading.
Be Blessed. oxo


  1. ha! I SO understand! It's so hard too b/c when you're that close to someone, there's so much to lose! I was like that with my best guy friend for a long time. We ended up just being friends (after a YEAR of crazy back and forth) and it's all good, but I so understand. A foundation of friendship is magical when you're dating someone. But, it can also be so so hard. I'm not helping am I? :)

  2. Oh, the simpler times of the "check yes or no" letter. Maybe you should just give him one anyway. : ) Or, just bite the bullet and ask him on a date, just to try it out. Be brave! That's my vote. : )

  3. I don't think this is a silly post at all, I think we have all saved this question at some point in our lives... Probably at several points.

  4. I was never attracted to my male friends until I met my husband. He started out as a friend, but it didn't take long to move to a new category.

  5. This is the million dollar struggle and the defining one that makes us girls. We will constantly be in this conundrum as long as we produce estrogen.