Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nor Cal Trip... Day 1 (Napa)

One of my favorite parts of Friday was early that morning after Morgan and I went on a walk to a coffee shop in Marin County where she and her hubby live :) I had just finished showering and was wandering around her room in a robe and towel in my hair (we've been friends for about 22 she's seen this look before)...and Morgan was like Emmy (the only person other than the kids I baby-sit and my family who can call me this) is it weird that it seems like you wandering around my room like this is the most normal thing in it feels like you've always been here, in the sense we picked up where we last left off (analyzing my lack of a love life, gossiping, singing, and laughing hysterically). 
After we heated up my coffee (I only drink scalding hot coffee) on her stove we were off to day #1 of our wine tasting adventure!!!
We began at Domain Chandon in Napa...starting our day with champange around 10am was perfect (and the easiest way to ease into a few days of drinking)...small chance we contemplated buying a Magnum, we somehow refrained.
We then made our way to Paraduxx, who also makes Duckhorn...lounged in the sun, played bags (I dominated...sorry Morgan), and tasted some fabulous reds!!!

From there it was on to a tour and tasting at Robert Mondavi...I wanted to take all these barrels found in the cellar home with me :) (on a side note they buy these barrels for I believe 20,000 and sell them for 10)

After the tour of the some of the Mondavi vineyards and some of the cellars...we learned how to properly taste wine... The one thing I don't like about the proper way is that it turns my teeth and lips PURPLE.
After Mondavi we ended up at Alpha Omega where Morgan locked her keys in the car...thanks to AAA we enjoyed the scenery and some wine for a half hour before they came to the rescue!!!

We ended our wine tasting at sprinting through the vineyards at Cakebread Cellars (to get to our tasting on time)  their wine was fantastic--I'm already planning a repeat visit to Cakebread the next time I'm in Napa

We had dinner in the town of Napa at Michael Chiarello's "Bottega." We both ordered seperate entrees--morgan had the Pan Roasted Potato Gnocchi summer pole beans, root vegetables, golden squash pesto, 11 month Valley Ford Montasio  I had the Spice Fulton Valley Chicken Breast “Panzanella” tomato, cucumber, red onion, capers, confit potato, Olive oil croutons, arugula, sherry vinegar pan sauce and we split the most amazing truffle fries!!!
We then made our wan to Auberge du Soleil for some more drinks and dessert...and the most breathtaking view (yes, I realize it's pitch black in this picture--but there is a reason this place is so 'pricey' for lack of a better term)
Our server set this down in front of the two of us... looks back and forth, shakes his head, and goes "it's gonna be like Man versus Food...isn't it?" Thankfully because we had been drinking since 10am we found that statement amusing.

Needless to say, I had sweet dreams...and slept like a baby :)
I'll tell you about our Healdsburg Adventure Tomorrow!!!


  1. YAY! We went to Healdsburg when we were there recently! Looking forward ot hearing about your experience! :)

  2. Yum, yum, yum! Looks like you got to sample some awesome food and wine! California is just like a dream, but I haven't been in too long! Excited to read about your trip!