Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Whatever Happened To...(90s Edition)

Garth Brooks
Seriously.  This is something I've been pondering to the level of do I call the country radio station so they can maybe explain to me where in the world he went...?!

Jolt Soda
David and I used to get this when we would go to our grandparents lakehouse.  This was prior to the realization that high levels of caffeine for kids might not be one of the best life choices ever...

Jennifer Capriati
We would go to the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indian Wells Tennis Tournament(s) on a regular basis. One of the first autographs I got was Jennifer Capriati's... I know she had some personal 'issues' but she sure did fall off the face of the earth, or at least the tennis circut (on a completely seperate note hellooooooo Djokovic ;D)

There is a small chance I wore coupious a good amount of this brand growing up...and thought it was basically the coolest thing EVER.
R.E.M. "Nightswimming"

The Cranberries "Linger"

Soul Aslyum.The Proclaimers.Blackstreet.Coolio.Alanis.Arrested Development.R.E.M..The Cranberries...Ya know, just your typical 90s Music  groups?!


  1. Garth is selling out shows in Vegas! However, just last night I went in an Espirit store in a mall and I was like, Espirit, really?

  2. YESSSS I used to LOVE that Garth video! I'd be watching it on CMTs top 20 on Saturdays! Especially love it bc I love special olympics so much. I never really realized how dramatic it was til now haha. And yes loved me some cranberries (do ya have to? do ya have to?) Great post girl :)

  3. Arrested Development was the best thing ever. I'm still waiting on that movie to be made!