Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Boyfriend

I'm currently taking applications/actively searching for a Sunday Boyfriend.   This may sound a little amusing, ridiculous, or (like it does to me...) amazing (pry depending on your gender, relationship status, and views on the opposite sex). 

I first learned of a Sunday Boyfriend when my frind BH told me he wanted a Sunday Girlfriend--someone who would hang out all day Sunday (in his words) usually in bed post hangover: movies, eating, copulating...and then come Monday they wouldn't see each other or hear from each other until that next Sunday. Bliss.

Thanks to BH I've decided that I want a Sunday Boyfriend.  Someone who I don't have to deal with during the week, someone who doesn't want to/need to/or care to know where I am and what I do with my time (i.e. not calling and texting to hang out/ask who I'm with/what I'm doing--how I'm thinking and feeling, how I'm feeling about what I'm thinking--just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate), someone that I don't have to expend time, effort, emotion, money and energy on, (because trust me law school has zapped all of that and more) and someone who wants the exact same thing--who of course meets up with my (I've been told ridiculous) standards*.

So how do I go about finding a Sunday Boyfriend?  Is this idea even feasible?  That's where you come in dear readers--have I just reached crazy level already this semester...? Or is it a stroke of genius? (I'm clearly leaning toward the latter).  Do any of you have a Sunday Boyfriend? And of course all of you gentleman readers, who normally secretly give me feedback, are any of your friends single and looking for a Sunday Girlfriend?

*Standards might need an entirely seperate post but include and are not limited to: taller than me, good teeth, loves Jesus, thinks I'm entirely adorable, highly motivated, educated, funny, golfer, I prefer dark hair, good manners, loves his family., athletic, likes food and booze, laughs at my jokes..(tolda ya--this isn't even the tip of the iceburg).


  1. Ooooh, a Sunday boyfriend sounds like a good plan! I think you should do this, just so we can find out if it really works. I'm having a hard time thinking that it would, but I am needy in a relationship. I would be like, "let's hang out wednesday! and thursday! brunch on saturday?"

    But, my boyfriend lives 4 hours from me, and that seems to work out. I miss him like crazy, of course, but in law school, it'd would be so hard to balance a relationship with schoolwork. So, maybe you just need a long-distance lovah. ha!

  2. GARTHvader is all of the above. Should I have him put in an application :)? What a perfect idea though!

  3. This sounds like the perfect plan. Now where shall I find one….hmmmm

  4. @legally lovely...I wouldn't mind a long distance lovah--as long as he lived somewhere simply fabulous for me to visit (is that asking too much?! haha). I giggled when I read your needy commentary--I think when I meet the right person that I'll be just like that (actually that's how I know it'll be the right person)...

    @Sara...Maybe Garthvader should come out with us for a drink over fall break, since I apparently deserve a thank you drink for rekindling that romance between the two of you. hahahahaah.

    @sSe...let me know if you find one--I haven't yet. But I may have been sans makeup EVERY day this week... (whoops) which makes it super difficult for me to spit my mad game.

    @Andrew...next time you're in the 402 I'll get you an application ;)

  5. haha, hmm...I think I'll stay here inthe 808!