Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nor Cal Trip Day 3...Bodega Bay & Sonoma

When Morgan and I were little we both read the Christie Miller Series...and we totally recreated a Christy Miller Momentby having Breakfast on the Beach in Bodgea Bay and watching the surfers. I absolutely LOVE this picture (as in Morgan may be getting it in a frame for Christmas)!!!
Had to do the Standard Picture to show off my ups and the FREEZING COLD, albelit beautiful, ocean (thank you boot camp for my vertical)
We met a very nice surfer who took our picture--capturing my laughter--which was pretty standard for the entire trip.
3 years ago in Balboa Morgan and I discovered our shared love for saltwater taffy... luckily Bodega had a fabulous saltwater taffy shop which was the perfect snack for Sunday :)

We ended up at a fabulous tasting room (Roessler Cellars) in Sonoma and were there for about 4 hours (equating to 2-3 bottles of wine each). Whoops.  We made SO MANY friends...had control of the music on the iPad--Morgan was playing a lot of old school country...and shared our saltwater taffy...It was the type of place that I'll 120% return to because the people who worked there were incredbile, the wine was phenomonal, and I wouldn't mind a repeat performance ;)

We ended the night back in Marin eating Rotissrie Chicken (one of our shared favorite foods), potato salad and cookie dough ice cream.  We polished off a bottle of Port we got at Coppola...and then some Sofia Sparkling Wine we also got at Coppola while playing "whoonu" a really fun question game.

I'm already Nostalgic Missing Morgie and the Incredible Trip we had...but definitely planning a repeat performance sometime soon. (Or crossing my fingers that for our family vacay we'll do wine country next summer since we went out of the country this summer).

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!!!


  1. i loved hearing about your trip and those are all great photos. Thanks for sharing and enjoy that saltwater taffy for me!

  2. What a great trip! The water there is SO BLUE; it makes for gorgeous pictures! Hopefully your vacay was nice and relaxing and enough to get you through the semester. : )

  3. So fun! That pic of you jumping is awesome! If that's from your bootcamp, sign me up! Love the first pic of you two! :)