Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sob Story

My Friend Clay called me last night.  He is pry one of the sweetest, best looking, funniest, caring boys from Texas that I know (the manners and accent don't hurt either)!!!  Clay is one of my friends who takes a genuine interest in my life--he wrote down when my finals were last semester so he would remember to pray for me, remebers the little comments that I make (i.e. I once told him a guy w/no ambition was a deal breaker in a relationship for me--when we were talking about what we look for in the opposite sex--he remembered that and reminded me of it (which may or may not have gotten rid of a Mr. Wrong), and he believes in me--which empowers me to do the same. 

Here is the clifnotes version of our phone call:

C: hi...it's 10--I can't believe you're awake?
E: funny, i just brushed my teeth...so i'm barely awake (there may have been a pause to take my retainer out).
C: How are you? How was your day?
C: That bad?
E: No...It was good.  It's just that sometimes (start sobbing again) I think people forget to ask me that--or if they do they don't wanna know (continue sobbing)...and you actually do.
C: Oh, Em. Wow. 
E: (Sobs are slowing subsiding) I'm so sorry...I can't believe I started crying...I'm mortified.
C: But don't you feel better?  I think we should laugh and cry everyday. Then tells me to watch this speech (Jimmy Valvano's 1993 ESPY speech) which I did this morning and it resulted in more tears.

I really don't normally cry or get emotional.  If I do, it isn't a public event.  Also, I normally don't go so in depth in coversations with a guy friend (i.e. people don't normally want to know about my day when they ask)...but I'm glad I did.  I'm so lucky to have someone like Clay in my life.  Someone who genuinely cares about me without wanting anything in return.  I wish I could be more like him in respect to friendships...and I wish I could cry and laugh a little more.

Tearfully Yours,


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