Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

*Friday Night I had a much needed girls night in complete with Wine, Blue Cheese Stuffed Bread from Le Quartier (they daily sell out of this within hours of opening--I'm really trying to refrain from buying any til finals are over), Artichoke--Tomato--Black Olive Tampanade, Blue Cheese and Almond Dip, Pears, and some Yummy Treats.  I tried to be artsy (see picture) but it didn't really work out!  It was such a treat to just sit and talk about boys (okay, one in particular), growing up, our obsession with the Real Housewives, our families, etc.  After indulging in one of these nights I always wish I did them more frequently...but I suppose they wouldn't be as special or wonderful then.
*Tomorrow (Tuesday), two weeks of finals begin.  That might not sound too bad...but if you'll indulge me, I'd love to explain why my life will be miserable for two weeks.  Law School Finals:  During our first year, each law student takes the exact same classes (contracts, property, constitutional law, civil procedure, torts, and legal writing)...we don't get grades in those classes, we don't have assignments in those classes (although the Socratic Method lends to intense preparation for each and every class), and we don't have quizzes, midterms, etc.  Enter final exams.  For every class our final is our only grade for our class.  Scary, huh?  Yep, one grade per class per semester.  And if that wasn't fun enough--each Professor looks for a different writing style, some what the rules stated out of the restatement, others want our interpretation of the law...some want us to spot only their issues, while others want us to go on a wild goose chase and spot any and every issue.  Some of our 3 hour exams (Yes, 3 hours per exam) are 85% multiple choice, others are 100% essay...This little diatribe--doesn't even begin to cover the anxiety (I have 2 pimples...okay 4ish), the worry, the intense preparation, the fear, and the relief when it is all over (only to realize that I'll have 2 more years of this...then the bar exam, fml).  So, if you're a praying person--please send a prayer my way--otherwise I'll take ANY and ALL positive thoughts.

*And what am I doing today?  Holing up at a coffee shop where no one can find me and Studying Property and Civil Procedure all day long (Luckily it's rainy, windy, cloudy, and chilly today).  My friend Laurel who is also a 1L and I are going to meet up later on today to discuss an entire semester of Property...and the Erie Doctrine.  If we do well discussing, we decided on the perfect reward: Red Mango :) (I'm guessing if we don't do well discussing we'll need some Red Mango to make us feel better too)!!!

Happy Monday Friends

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  1. It gets better, I promise! You'll never have to take that many finals again (unless you CHOOSE 5 classes with finals. But then you're doing it to yourself and I dont feel sorry for you.). Althought I'm not sure if this is why it gets better... it could be that your "give-a-shit" levels are depleated your 1L year and you just stop caring 2L and 3L years. Plus, just think of how much fun our girlie wine night will be when it's all finally over! Love ya!