Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Faves

Happy Friday Friends!!!  It's supposed to be kinda chilly this weekend, which hopefully will keep me pent up, as I have lots of studying to do to finish up this semester.  However, this past week has been beautiful outside--and I've had plenty of time to not only enjoy the weather (okay from looking out a window in the library) but also a little bit of time to enjoy life!  Here are my favorite things from this past week!

Sorry for the Picture Quality (blame my Blackberry)!
* Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher.  I am obsessed with this (I'm actually drinking some as I write this)...I bought it last week and have used it compulsively since.  I've tried strawberries, oranges, and am  using pineapple this weekend.  Basically it gives water just a hint of flavor, it looks super pretty, and is such a fun way to enjoy water--especially with the warmer weather (finally) here!  I bought mine at Sugar Bakers --and it was a great use of money! I'm so excited to try cucumbers, mint, and mango, and other fun combinations throughout the summer!!!  Ps-if you haven't been to Sugar Bakers yet--not only is it a darling is a MUST visit--they have a ton of Lolita Glasses (which I collect), phenomenal Coffee and David Rio Chai (the sugar-free, decaf vanilla is BEYOND), tons of fabulous gifty type items (think Mother's Day), and some really delicious food mixes...and I swear that's just the tip of the iceberg!!! 
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* Noxema in a Jar:  I know I am old school with this :)  I'm very rigid about washing my face, keeping my skin clear, and maintaining a complexion where if I don't want to or need to wear make-up--I don't have to.  I've sworn by my obagi products (and still do), my cetaphil, and now this--I've found my skincare trifecta.  I needed a deep-cleaning product that I could use that got off my make-up, got off the sweat post-workout, and any impurities from the air without drying out, irritating, or breaking out my skin...and I found it.  I bought this at Walgreens for 3 dollars (seriously!) but you can learn about it here.

* Swedish Fish:  I love Swedish Fish...Since they're fish they have to be healthy, promote weight loss, and are full of Omega-3s, right?! (If you believe that I have some oceanfront property in the Sahara I've been looking to sell...)  Okay maybe not so much, but they're delicious, they bring me back to childhood, and lately they've been one of my most favorite snacks.   I prefer the original flavor (red) but I pry wouldn't turn down their assorted 'aqua life' version.  The one thing I dislike is once I start eating the little box of them (usually a dollar at walgreens) I don't want to stop!!!
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* Asics Running Shoes:  I went on a super long run this past Monday night--and by the end of my run, I realized that I need a new pair of running shoes immediately following the Lincoln Half.  I was slightly annoyed because the shoes I use are kinda expensive, however they are amazing.  While using the Asics Gel Kayano 17--I haven't gotten shin splints, they have wonderful shock absorbation for my longer runs (I do not sprint), and they are like little pillows for my feet!  The best part of the story--I had forgotten this until Tuesday night when I was putting my winter shoes away for the year, but--for some reason or another I decided to stock up on my Asics while substitute teaching last year--and I have not one, but two new pairs of running shoes just waiting for me in the back of my closet!!!

Hope you get the chance to try one or two of my favorites this week!!! What are some of your favorite things from this past week?  Is there anything you think I should try for the upcoming week?

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  1. Oh gracious, I have a total Swedish Fish addiction too! On my flight last week to Miami my youngest sister surprised me with a box to snack on. :)