Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Did you have a wonderful weekend?  I did...  I went to bed super early  (like 7.15pm) on Friday night (which is actually pretty typical--don't judge), then I worked at the coffee shop on Saturday from 6am-2pm, got in a fabulous outdoor workout, prepped for some tutoring, went to church, studied and skyped.  On Sunday I grabbed coffee with my mom and then studied all day (it wasn't warm outside--so I was okay with being indoors in front of my laptop outlining and practicing essay exams...really).

*My friend RCM is a genius--last week she sent me the Baby-Sitter's Club Gem that I shared with you...This week she sent me a thought provoking, albeit witty article on how Facebook could be ruining relationships.  What are your thoughts on this issue--after reading the article--or even prior to reading the article?

*Speaking of facebook...This lovely gentleman (rawr!) was on the right side of my newsfeed the other day (sandwiched between an advertisement for Running and another for Lilly). When I saw the advertisement I just about died... Fill me in of some of the advertisements that the book has targeted you with :)

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*On a random note--I've been playing "words with friends" with C while he is out of town--and it's like the coolest game ever.  Okay, maybe not the coolest--but it's fun, it involves solving anagrams in the form of a giant scrabble board (totally dorking out right now),  you can take as much or little time as you want to play this game, and winning (which I've yet to do--but the prospect of it is pretty exciting).  If any of you have this game on your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, etc. and want to play with me--if for no other reason than winning--let me know :) 

*Finally, does anyone else visit Some E Cards--Just for a laugh, or find something completely random and/or slightly inappropriate to send to a friend, family member or significant other?  I picked this gem in honor of tax day, and because it was blog appropriate! 

Happy Monday and Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. Love the FB article you shared - I feel the same way so often! If I weren't such a Nosey Rosey who cared about seeing other people's photos, etc., I would probably delete my FB account, b/c mostly I just get frustrated by people when I log on. At the same time, it's still hard to resist! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I love Some E-Cards and facebook ads crack me up! Some of them are on target, but others are just so weird and off!