Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Open Forum on Mr. Wrong

A well meaning friend commented (via facebook) about a Mr. Wrong post.  "Do you ever wonder if the need to write about Mr. Wrong will lead you to labeling Mr. Right as another Mr. Wrong because of some small flaw? just a thought..."   Initially when I read his comment I pondered deleting it.  But the more I processed it, I realized there could be some truth to his statement...and then I start to wonder--is this how people who read my blog or people who know me in real life see me?  Flitting from (bad) date to (bad) date...or even worse going on dates that I know will end in destruction just so I can post about being hurt, confused, bemused, insulted or just sad?  I'm sorry if that is the opinion that you've gained from reading my Mr. Wrong Wednesdays.    I would never toy with someone's emotions, get their hopes up, or go on a date with them if I weren't genuinely interested in them.  I wouldn't use someone just for a blog post, or for a story that I could get some laughs about, the bottom line is I wouldn't use someone.  And, I hope no one would use me. 

Here are a few things that you may not know about me on my quest to find a Mr. Right:

*Only One out of the Thirteen Mr. Wrong's I've written about has been during the time I've been in Law School.  I desperately wish I had the time, effort, and energy to speed date--but I don't.  The other twelve that I've shared have been over the past few years.

*I'm not opposed to finding a Mr. Right, in fact I really I hope I do, (actually I hope he finds me :-D) or maybe I have one right now...which could very well be one of the reasons I haven't blogged about anyone that may be my Mr. Right.

*I have a very specific list of what I'm looking for in the opposite sex, and I won't amend any of the items on it.  I started it when I was really young. I would pray for my future husband and certain qualities would come to mind--so I would jot them down.  I still do the same thing, but through trial and error (okay, lots of error) there are even more qualities (and most are more specific than they were at a younger age) that I've found that are extremely important for me to have in a someone I'm dating, and then a future spouse.

Last night, I pulled out my prayer journal from when I was younger, and my journal from now, and found some of the qualities I'm looking for in a Mr. Right and thought I would just share a few with you:

*(5th grade) I hope he prays for me too...

*(8th grade--hello awkward stage) I hope he holds my hand when no one is looking...and has had braces too so he has good teeth (to this day teeth are one of the first things I notice)...and loves Jesus.

*(10th grade) I hope he sees me as beautiful, so one day I can do the same.

*(12th grade) I want him to laugh at my jokes, even if they're not funny but know that I'm trying to be funny.

*(Freshman Year of College) I wonder if he's out there.

*(Junior Year of College) I want someone who wakes up before me (my friend Emily B coined this term during the summer after our freshman year of college) not only literally but figuratively.  Someone who motivates me to be the best me--drives me to succeed--and is even more ambitious than me!

*(Student Teaching) I hope he wants to travel, wants to have 2 kids...and has good taste in shoes, purses, and bling (what can I say--champagne taste on a beer budget).

*(Last Month) I want butterflies, chemistry, and heart-pounding love.   I also hope that he'll always think I'm the most beautiful girl in the room...and I'll think the same about him.

 I guess I posted this with the intention of showing you a different, more honest, less cynical side.  I know my true love is out there...but until then I'll keep praying...and posting.



  1. I haven't been a blog reader of yours for too long, so I'm not totally familiar with all your Mr. Wrong Wednesdays, but what I can say is that your journal entries are too adorable. I love that your 5th grade self hoped that your Mr. Right prayed for your too. I can't imagine a sweeter thought at that age, or really, any age. I love the idea of two souls praying that they'll be united at some point. :)

    I'll be happy to read about your journey to find Mr. Right (and once finals are over hopefully I'll have more time to backtrack and learn more about you!). Everyone's love journey is their own, so blog away and don't worry about anyone else's comments!


  2. I have never thought of your posts in a negative way, they're funny, and I find it reassuring to here other Mr. Wrong shows I'm not the only one experiencing it. I love your list..isn't it funny how some things change over time, but others stay the same? I think it is so important to reflect on the key qualities you want in a future husband and make a point to never accept anything less-- you're worth the best!

  3. I love those journal entries...