Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings

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**My Friend RCM sent this to me and it is hysterical--as long as you grew up reading the Baby-Sitter's Club--then it's hysterical--I hope it adds some laughter to your Monday--it sure did to mine:

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**What is your favorite easter candy?  I've been craving rice krispie treats lately or angel food cake (I sure hope my mom is reading this post)...and they both just sound so springy and delicious and healthy, definitely, healthy :D

**I saw a lisense plate while I was on my way to church yesterday "Be Nice" was what it said--and what a wonderfully simple reminder for me to do just that.  I have no problem with the "Be Happy" or "Be Positive" but sometimes just being nice to that person (and there are quite a few) who drives me crazy, to the person ringing me up at the gas station (surprisingly they weren't the one who drastically increased gas prices...grrrr), or even to myself

**I've been listening to a hugely ecclectic mix of music lately--but this song is one I could (and I do) listen to over and over again :) I hope you all have something wonderful planned for this week--I'll be studying quite a bit--but I have a few fun things that I'm going to make time for! 

If you haven't followed my blog--you should (all you do is click follow in the right sidebar)!!! And to those of you who have, thank you so much, it really does warm my heart!  Thanks for reading.

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  1. ha, that babysitters club link is too funny and i WANT that rice krispy treat!