Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

*It's windy today (like 25-40mph gusts).  I stopped to get gas on the way to class--and I swear my hair looked like a beehive after standing outside--waiting for my car to fill up.  Not gonna lie, I worked that look for about 2 seconds...until I heard that little voice in my head that sounded suspiciously like my mom "you're not going to keep your hair like that...are you?"  So, mama, if you're reading this--my hair is side-parted and straight :)

*Finals are in 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks.  I think I'm officially to the point of 'hot mess'/'stress ball'/'ohmygosh' mode.  On the positive side after the two weeks of finals--I can become a fun person again...and I'll never have to be a 1L again--instead I'll just have 2 years of law school left.  On the negative side 2 weeks of finals, the final is our only grade for each pressure or stress at all.

* I'm really really really happy about something.  But I'm not ready to blog about it yet. But I just wanted to tell you that I'm really really really happy about something.

* I'm pondering buying a bike.  A used one, because I don't know if I'll love it enough to justify spending a kajillion dollars on a new one.  I looked at it yesterday, and it was really sweet.  I think I asked all the right questions (this part of being a grown up really freaks me out), and I didn't buy it on the spot (even though I wanted to).  It's a 'Specialized' Mountain bike, new tires, shimiano components, and it's a really pretty blue.  If/When I buy it, I'll post picttures :)

Happy Monday Friends and Thanks for Reading


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