Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Faves

TGIF Friends.  This week, like the last few, has simply flown by.  I can't believe it is Easter on Sunday, two weeks of finals starts for us law students on Tuesday, and I run a half marathon with my sister-in-law in 9 days, C comes home in 9 days, and in 14 days my first year of law school is DONE (Just typing all of that sent me into a slight panic)!!!  Here are my latest and greatest from this past week--I hope one (or more) of them will become some of your favorite things too :)
1. David Rio Chai:  Specifically David Rio Sugar-Free Vanilla, Decaf Chai.  I know I mentioned this in passing last Friday when I was blogging about Sugar Bakers---but since I'm obsessed with it, I figured it deserved it's own paragraph.  I buy myself this decadent treat at Sugar Bakers (so far Sugar Baker's is the only place in Omaha that I can find it), and I'm not even kidding, I actually look forward to spending money on this so I can enjoy it at home!  I usually have a tiny cup before school--when I waking up, getting ready, and trying to remind myself that law school is only three years of my life...and then every once in a blue moon (like if I go on a long run) I'll let myself have another tiny cup in the evening.  I prefer it hot, but you can actually do it on the rocks, or as a smoothie (which I totally want to try with some Red Mango Yogurt this summer)!  If you're a chai drinker, or want to notch back your caffeine intake--this is the definite way to go!!!

2. Electronic Sticky Notes:  I'm a chronic note writer whether writing reminders on a napkin or my legal pad during class, writing down appointments on gum wrappers or on my hand, or sending myself an email after email from my blackberry.  Thankfully one of my friends welcomed me to the 20th century by showing me the "sticky note" program on my laptop.    I now 'jot' things down in a much more sophisticated manner when I (constantly) think "I need to remember this", or someone (mostly my mom) emails me about a family dinner, a dentist appointment, or picking something up--I put it on my electronic "sticky note" and then transfer it to my paper calendar AND my blackberry calendar.  On a side note--I love how I can make them different colors (For me: yellow for school, green for workout/misc, pink is to email/call, blue is blog/making bank (work)).  I also love the font--cause when I literally write out a post-it--my handwriting is NOT near as cute!

3. Adele:  Okay, I know that I'm a little (a lot) late on this one...but I'm on the bandwagon now.   Adele is an incredibly talented 22 year-old British singer,  she first gained widespread attention in the US when she performed on SNL when Sarah Palin was the guest star (17 million viewers that night)... Currently I'm obsessed with all of her songs on her album 21--but I wanted to share two of my favorites:  "Someone Like You" and "Turning Tables."  I'm very excited to see her continue to succeed, inspire, and grow as an artist...and if she ever comes to Omaha--you can bet I'll be there!!!

4. Coach "Barrett" Sneakers:  I can't pull off the athletic shoes with jeans look.  The few times I've tried I've heard a few things (a) "Oh, did you forget your shoes after you worked out?" (b) "OMG, you totally look like a soccer mom...cute." or (c) the overt stare.  Luckily, I  learned from experience that Coach has super comfortable dress shoes, and the price point is never too bad... So I decided to look for some grown up sneakers from Coach. I found these sneakers which are not only super comfortable, but they're adorable for the spring and summer, and I can wear them with jeans (among other things--I'm super excited to wear my pink pair with some white shorts or a white skirt when my legs get tan this summer), and they don't even come close to breaking the bank!!! I bought a couple pairs so I could have different colors, and I wish I would have bought duplicates because I love them that much!

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 5. Phone Calls:  I'm a chronic texter and emailer.  I'll admit it.  With about 97% of people I know, I would much rather have a conversation over text, BBM, or gmail.  However, this past week I've made a point to call instead of text...and just thinking about it while writing this is putting a huge smile on my face.  I got to actually hear vocal inflections, laughter, shock, and sarcasm--instead of reading a text or email a couple of times and trying to decipher it.  Most of the people that I called, I haven't been in the best touch with--so it was a lot more special than a text--and it allowed us to let the conversation go all over the place, instead of the structure and confinement of 160 characters.  Am I going to stop texting and only calling now?  Heck No!!!  However, my goal for the summer is to make at least 1 phone call a week to someone I was about to throw out a 'catch up' text to...will you try this with me!?

Hope you all have a great weekend in front of you and a very happy Easter!!!

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  1. Ah, I just love a good "phone date" with a friend! And man, I'm feeling overwhelmed by my schedule these next few weeks too-- We'll get through it though!!

  2. Hi there! I love finding fellow law students on blogger, so I will be excited to keep up with you! :)

    I jumped on the Adele train late too, but I'm happy I finally made the jump - isn't she great!? "Set fire to the Rain" is my power jam. And, I second the Coach shoes comment. I have a green pair (of all colors!? Green!?) but it looks great with jeans!

    I'm sure you're heading into finals too - good luck!