Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Faves

Happy Friday Friends!  I'm not sure if you've seen the weekend forecast yet--but the sun and slightly warmer weather have put a huge smile on my face!!!   Here are my five latest and greatest that I've enjoyed this week--I hope that you've already enjoyed one--or maybe will be able to enjoy some of them after reading today!   As always--Thanks for reading :) xo Emily

1. Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More"--I first heard of Mumford and Sons** with their hit song "Little Lion Boy," and then a few weeks later when they won a Grammy for "Best New Artist" beating out the likes of Gaga, Bieber, etc.  My friend Doug bought their CD--and was nice enough to let me borrow it--I don't want to give it back (I'm going to though).  The music is indescribable, I have rocked out to some of the songs, and the lyrics on each song are so beautiful.  This is a must hear, must buy, must download--or a must find Doug (who is a very handsome and eligible law student) and borrow it :)
**The link to their website lets you hear a lot of their songs on the album**

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 2. Dylan's Candy Bar Lip Saver--This is probably the most delicious lip stuff ever.  Along with that after using it my lips are soft, moisturized and slightly shiny.  Since I tend to forget to put my lipgloss in my purse--this has become my go to--and I love it. I'm currently using (and almost out of) Chocolate Cupcake...and the next one I'm trying --Strawberry licorice!  I bought this at Sephora, but you should head on over to Dylan's Website--it is adorable!

3. Panera's Thai Chopped Chicken Salad--To use love to describe my feelings for this salad might be slightly extreme, but it's close.  This has become one of my favorite treats at panera...  It's made with roasted edamame, red peppers, carrots, cilantro, cashews, wanton strips and tossed in a thai chili vinaigrette, topped with chicken and drizzled with peanut sauce.  The BEST part--it is HUGE and for the big salad it is only 390 calories--the half size only has 200.  Oh, and it's less than 8 dollars.  All the ingredients for a winning salad (pardon the terrible pun that I found extremely amusing).

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4.  Clif Bars--these have become one of my favorites for a quick fix meal paired with a piece of fruit--or something that I keep in my purse or backpack and snack on all day.  I tried the "carrot cake" flavor and the carrot pieces (yes, really) freaked me out.  I then tried the "chocolate brownie" which was my lil mama's favorite for awhile--very chocolaty, and good, but almost too sweet for a meal.  I finally discovered "maple nut" which I was hoping would taste like maple brown sugar oatmeal--guess what?! it tastes BETTER!  I believe these are pretty inexpensive (99 cents)--and are sold at hy-vee, wal-mart, trader joes, etc. I tend to purchase mine from Whole Foods!  (If you've had clif bars--are there any that you absolutely love or hate?!)

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5. Sonic Low-Cal Diet Lime Limeade--I'm not sure if Sonic is a Midwest thing--or if it's all over...but for the $1.09 route 44 diet lime limeade (with 'easy' ice and extra limes) I get once or twice a week--is amazing--and lasts forever.  Luckily, sonic is pretty close to campus, and when I got lost in my neighborhood the other day, I stumbled upon a sonic a hop, skip and a jump away from my house (insert me jumping up and down). With this statement,  I know I may sounds like a bit of a weird--but Sonic's ice is probably the most amazing ice ever.  Actually this drink is the best ever, it's 15 calories, super refreshing and it lasts me all day.  I feel like this is a weird thing to be one of my favorite things for this week--but I absolutely love my sonic 'treat' time! 

What are your favorite things from this past week!?  I love the feedback that I've gotten on my Friday Five Faves--are there any areas you want me to focus on for the next few weeks?

Enjoy The Weekend :)

PS--I talked about my obsession with Red Mango last week--and today, Dan Kim (the FOUNDER of Red Mango) has THIS picture of me and my friend Laurel on his facebook wall!  (We're considering dropping out of law school to make a movie based on our love for red mango, or for autographs--because people will recognize us all over now)!!!

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  1. I'll have to try out that Panera salad! I do love the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad .... ohhhh, divine. But it's about time I tried something different :)

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