Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. Wrong... Issue #14

My friend Erica is probably one of my most favorite law school people.  Not only is she extremely intelligent, hard-working, and so kind--she is also extremely witty...and she loves Red Mango (plus she and I think we would be fabulous talk show, really--we've discussed this in detail)!  I mean what an awesome combination!  I seriously could post about what a wonderful person she is--but instead I'll let you enjoy her Mr. Wrong Experience:

As college freshman we have all had our share of interesting experiences.  College wouldn’t be the same without them.  Well, my Mr. Wrong decided to follow me all the way from high school.  I went high school with…let’s just call him Logan (not his real name…I just like it).  Logan and I casually dated because we were in the same group of friends.  We had common interests: football, high school gossip, and trying to be popular (at the time all of these were life or death… one day I think we are all going to end up in therapy because of high school). 

Logan and I decided that we were going to go to our high school’s winter formal dance together.  We had a wonderful time but there just wasn’t that chemistry between us.  We were much better as friends than anything more. We continued to casually date until we realized things weren’t going anywhere since we were obviously going to different colleges in the fall.  I think part of the appeal was realizing it was not going to a serious relationship.  He accepted an athletic scholarship to play at a school in Oklahoma, which was multiple hours away from where I was going to school.

Once we moved to college our contact became infrequent if at all until one night.  Honestly not being a huge fan of the spot he played I never paid attention to the schedule of this sport at our own school.  Well little to my knowledge his school was playing my school in the fall of my freshman year.  I was busy and did not feel like going to the game and had honestly made other plans for that Saturday night. 

I had gone out with some of my girlfriends to do who knows what and later that night I got a very panicked call from my roommate.  She called to tell me an intoxicated male was banging on the door asking to let him in.  Granted in a college dorm in the wee hours of the morning being drunk isn’t exactly unusual but in this situation it was.  After some description I had the chilling realization it was Logan.  I realized he had played his game earlier in the evening and then gone out to have some fun. 

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do.  I don’t think freshman orientation tells you what to do in these situations.  So  I headed back to the dorms as my roommate decided she was going to call campus security.  As I was walking back I began thinking.  How did Logan know which dorm I lived in and how did he get in without and student ID, and finally how did he figure out which room I was in (later I found out he had to knock on every since door with the name “Erica” on it).  I was a little freaked out to say the least. 

Once I had gotten back to my dorm room a campus security officer was waiting for me and everyone living in my hall wanted to know what all of the commotion was about.  I was horrified.  I was told Logan had been taken to the campus security office and placed in their “jail cell” (read: closet with a half door).  I went and identified him and he was obviously mortified with the events that had transpired and after some awkward hellos I decided it was best to just leave and talk about this some other time.  Preferably once he was back in Oklahoma.  If that was not embarrassing enough campus police felt compelled to give me literature on stalking and psychologically abusive relationships.  Awkward. 

It was about a week later Logan got the guts to call me and tell me what exactly had happened.  Since that much time had past I thought it was funny and assumed it was a silly college prank, you know boys will be boys.  Well Logan thought something different.  He called explaining that he had a revelation realizing that we apparently were meant to be together
Fortunately we moved on with out lives and I was recently invited to his wedding (should I warn her?).  Later I also found out his mom called my mom (granted prior to this they had never really spoken) and explained the situation apologizing.  Why would you tell your mother about this!  You are in college. 

So as a Mr. Wrong I don’t know whether to classify this as run things through you mind before you travel cross country and potentially profess your love to someone or as making sure you define your relationship before you go and pull a stunt like this one. 

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