Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 8-Short Term Goals

It's Day 8 of Emily from Blue Dog Belle 31 Day of Blogging Challenge! Today is all about sharing with you my short term goals for the month of December.

Considering finals end for me this coming Thursday (the 13th), I only have a couple weeks to make and achieve goals for this month--so luckily this post is about short term goals. 

*Get on a regular & consistent gym schedule.

*Grow my nails and keep polish on them (after finals are over...I'm trying to be realistic here, ha ha)

*Get on a regular sleep schedule (this is also contingent on finals ending)

*Cook one new item per week. (I'm counting the cookie bars I made today as my new item for this week!!! (they're sooooooo good, like melt in your mouth good)

*Remember to take my multi-vitamin and fish oil on a daily basis.

Nothing too exciting and nothing too earth shattering here, but a few things that I want to accomplish prior to the month end, and I think they're realistic enough for me to accomplish without spending too much time and energy trying to attain them. 

Thanks for Reading! oxo

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