Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15: Shufflin'

Today is the fifteenth day of blogging of Emily's (from Blue Dog Belle) thirty-one days of blogging challenge! The challenge for today is: "Turn your iPod on shuffle and share the first ten songs" (LOVE this!!!) I just did this at the gym--which made my cardio fly by since I was focusing so much on the music (and memorizing the order of the songs).  If nothing else, my taste in music can definitely be described as eclectic:

*Golden Slumbers--the Beatles
*Lost! --Coldplay 
*In For The Kill--Skrillex feat. La Roux
*Calling You--Blue October
*I Dreamed a Dream--Les Miserables
*Edge of Glory--Lady Gaga
*Hurt--Johnny Cash

Happy Saturday Friends & Thanks for Reading


  1. Love seeing Les Mis on here! I'm so excited for the movie!!! Are you going to go see it?

    1. Yes!!! And I'm so excited (it definitely took a LOT of willpower not to singalong while I was on the stairmaster). I think I'll pry see it with my mom and dad on Christmas day!