Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 7: Gym Bag

Is it really day 7 of Emily's 31 Day of Blogging Challenge? I cannot believe how quickly this past week has gone, nor do I have any idea where the week went. My weekend is filled with house/pet/baby-sitting, studying for my 2 finals next week, putting the finishing touches on my take home finals, doing some promotional work, working out, and trying to finish the to-do list I made for myself on Monday. 

The post today is about "What is in your bag..." My purse is currently in finals mode (I would be really embarrassed to show a picture til after finals due to the large amounts of candy and outlines inside of it), so I decided to show you what I always keep in my gym bag. 

I always use some sort of cleansing face wipe prior to my workout because I don't want to clog my pores while I'm working out, plus no one can really pull off the looking good with makeup running down their face look (or no one that I've seen anyway). My dermatologist has made me believe that this is one of the most important things I can do to my face prior while working out. Since I can't quite use Oxy wipes on my eyes, I always keep Baby Wipes in my bag for removing my eye makeup prior to working out. Finally I love using a facial scrub post workout--getting a deeper clean than I would with a face wash.

I always have some sort of shampoo and conditioner...Which is one of those things I'm saying and wondering if you're reading you're thinking "Thank you Captain Obvious!" I also keep a wide tooth comb, since I'm usually using it for wet hair. I keep hair ties (it surprises me how easy it is to forget these), a Lulu Lemon Flyaway Tamer headband for my workouts...and Finally, my secret weapon favorite: Miss Jessie's Quick Curls which I'll put in my wet hair--put my hair and a bun--and wake up, or end my day with amazing, shiny, non-frizzy curly hair. 

Body Wash, Lotion, a Disposable Razor. In regards to the first two, I really try to have moisturizing body wash and lotion because my skin gets so dry in the winter (ick!). My must have to shower at the gym: Flip Flops.  I've found that my Havanas last the longest, and are pretty "slip proof." 

I've forgotten my shoes before, so usually keep my shoes next to my gym bag "airing out...", I am almost obsessed with my polar heart rate monitor. It's one of my favorite things in my gym back, also it keeps the most accurate count of my calories when I work out--which is such a great motivator for me. Finally deodorant...Duh!

Oh, and if you can believe this--everything (minus the shoes) goes in my little reusable bag from Lulu Lemon. I use this because it's easy to carry into the shower areas--I don't mind if it gets wet, etc. and because it does such a great job of keeping all my gym things organized.

So, what's in your gym bag?!

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